Proletarians of all countries, unite!

"The old Peruvian society and its evolution only gives, and will only give, the people more hunger, exploitation, oppression and genocide, while the youth is denied the future… The people only has one road: develop the people's war and conquer the power in the whole country. Combat and resist for the people's war!"

Chairman Gonzalo


The Peru People's Movement, generated organism of the Communist Party of Peru for the work abroad, expresses its greeting, recognition and subjection to Chairman Gonzalo, Great leader of the Party and the revolution, the greatest Marxist-Leninist-Maoist living on the face of the earth, on the occasion of celebrating on the 3rd of December another anniversary of his birth. And it also expresses its greeting to the glorious People's Liberation Army (PLA), without which the people would have nothing, that is the backbone of the new power, a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo thought army, to celebrate this 3rd of December another anniversary of its foundation. The PLA is a powerful army of a new type, all-embracingly led by the Party. Created and forged by our Great Leader, incorporating the people's militias into the PLA, its creation is a step towards the armed sea of masses, going from unorganised to militarily organised masses. Today, more steeled and proven, realizing overwhelming actions that shake the whole rotten order, sweeping away piece by piece the old state and building the taking of power in the whole country.

And we address the international proletariat and the peoples of the world to denounce once more the sinister farce of the "new trial", that the old state - the decrepit dictatorship of the big bourgeoisie and the landowners, subject to imperialism, principally Yankee, a rotten bureaucratic-military machinery, the more oppressive and bloodthirsty, the more impotent it presents itself before the development of the people's struggle; and because the people's war is sweeping it away piece by piece in 25 years of victorious development - is carrying out against Chairman Gonzalo, Great leader of the Party and the revolution, with the following objectives:

The process that the reaction and imperialism has staged - with the servile collaboration of revisionism, especially the rats of the ROL - that they intend to present as a penal trial, is a political trial. The foundation of their arguing is similar to that of the Nazi criminals and their henchmen until the present, that, not being able to deny their barbaric crimes, try to diminish and justify them. This is also the origin of this tedious refrain that has been repeated so much against the PCP, that "the people is put between to fires". The Nazis tried to justify their crimes, the genocide, as "excesses in facing the Bolshevik threat" - in Peru, imperialism, reaction and revisionism, resorting to a similar argument, try to present their barbaric genocide as "excesses in facing the terrorist barbarity". This has never taken place, except in the accomplice fantasy of the so-called Truth and Reconciliation Commission (CVR), that in service of and paid by Yankee imperialism, principally, and other imperialist countries, in its report considers that 69.280 have been killed until the year 2000, thus inflating with more than 40 thousand dead the real number, which is considered to be close to 29 thousand dead, to try to put the blame on the Party(1). The truth is that the genocidal barbarity has been committed by the old state, by the decision, agreement and full knowledge of those who lead and represent it, by those responsible, the governments of Belaunde, Alán García, Fujimori, Paniagua and the present one of Toledo, of the highest political, military, judicial, ecclesiastic etc. hierarchies, through its armed forces and police forces, against the members of the Communist Party of Peru and the masses of the people that support them, mainly the poor peasantry. Genocide committed with all the means that this state possesses besides the help of imperialism, mainly Yankee(2), that has participated since the start of the war in 1980, going over to lead directly the counterrevolutionary war with the self-coup of Fujimori, as "low-intensity war" (LIW), as secret war, concealing its major intervention as war against drug trafficking. Genocide that has the objective of annihilating the members of the Party and those who support it, as well as brutalizing the unarmed masses. The criminal dimension of which is expressed in the details of the plans, directives and manuals of the antisubversive war(3) with which they execute this perverse genocide, that since the end of the '80s responds to the so-called strategy of the "low intensity war". It is planned genocide. They are not excesses or "lack of experience" in the armed forces, or of unhinged characters like Fujimori and Montesinos, the Yankee spy. The genocidal will, intention and objective that has guided them and guides them was expressed in the beginning of the eighties by one of the highest leaders of this old state, the general Cisneros Vizquerra, like this: "Kill a hundred to secure in this way that you can kill at least six terrorists". The originality of the genocide, refers to the causal link - the enemy says that it has been a reaction to the "terrorist barbarity", which is absolutely false, because there is no such causal link, when until today not one single act of barbarity has been done by the Communist Party of Peru in the more than 25 years of people's war. Furthermore, the cost of the great achievements concretized for the Peruvian people and the world revolution (Party, People's Liberation Army and new power) has been low, because it is a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought, principally Gonzalo Thought people's war, and because of the Party's and its Great Leadership Chairman Gonzalo's wise and correct leadership. We also know, and in the development of the people's war it is verified, that this demands a cost for the communists, combatants and masses, and these deploy all their heroism and spirit of sacrifice, even giving life itself to reach victories for Chairman Gonzalo, the Party and the people's war. We know that the people's war is long, bloody and protracted but victorious. Comparing the cost during more than two and a half decades of people's war and its achievements with those of El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, etc, which are more than double, and for nothing - revisionism there made the masses labour in vain. And even more so, the Peruvian people has always struggled and has always been bathed in blood by the reactionaries. There are many genocides, innumerable genocides committed by this state and those preceding it, in its historic continuity as class dictatorship, of a minority over the immense majority of the people. This genocide, now as part of the counterrevolutionary war waged by the landlord-bureaucrat state, with its backbone the armed forces and police force, against the people's war all-embracingly led by the Communist Party of Peru, is the continuation of the previous genocides, but on a higher level, of a criminal dimension without precedent in the history of the class struggle in contemporary Peru. Because with the people's war and its development, the real and concrete perspective has been opened for the Peruvian people of conquering the power in the whole country and put an end to this system of oppression, exploitation and genocide. Therefore no one can legitimize the perverse genocide of the old state and its civilian, military, ecclesiastical, etc, authorities, that are already historically, politically and militarily condemned. They are an unburied cadaver that the people's war will bury once and for all.

2nd. THE OLD STATE WANTS LEGITIMIZATION TRYING TO ADAPT THEMSELVES WITH THE "NEW TRIALS" TO WHAT HAS BEEN ARRANGED BY THE INTERAMERICAN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS; BUT IT IS JURIDICALLY IMPOSSIBLE AND BEFORE THEIR OWN INTERNAL AND INTERNATIONAL LAW IT IS ALREADY CONDEMNED: Because like any illusionist it has brought "new laws", "new judgments" and "tribunals" out of the sleeve, that not only are not in line with the internal and interamerican or international norms of a proper process, but constitute a whole macabre joke against its own juridical order. Thus:

1. It is a process carried out by "special judges" that make up a "Special Tribunal", that is, they are not the natural judges and the appropriate juridical organisations, but are chosen with political criteria, to be managed by the CIA through the Peruvian navy. It is carried out in a building that is under the authority of the navy, in a navy base. It is this genocidal navy, that has the control of who can or can not enter the courtroom, where the trial is being held as a closed trial - it is not public and open, as demands the procedural law itself, that they themselves have dictated and are obliged to respect.

2. It is a process carried out with an invalid penal law, without fulfilling the requirements of legality. That is, the penal law that they intend to apply to the case has been passed after the facts of the matter of the judgment. A law that gives a posteriori validity to the "evidence" and to the police statement, both of which have been made in violation of all the rights of the prisoner.

3. For these reasons, since there is no penal law that typifies the crime and establishes the penalty, i.e., there was no existing penal law that was valid at the time, Chairman Gonzalo is taken to court and detained for more than 12 years without a valid arrest warrant and without being subject to regular process. Thus all the rights of the prisoner are violated - he has not only been detained excessively, without valid sentence, but his very detention, from the first day, is arbitrary.

4. In this farce of a process the conviction is already dictated in advance. Toledo, referring to Chairman Gonzalo, has said: "No convicted terrorist will be set free", "what this is all about is to adapt the sentences to what has been established by the Court and the Interamerican Commission of Human Rights".

5. The whole process is carried out with extreme cruelty, cynicism and nerve by the fascist, genocidal and country-selling Toledo regime, that like its predecessors, Fujimori and Paniagua, keeps Chairman Gonzalo in absolute and perpetual isolation, preventing that the "accused" himself expresses himself in the "oral trial", depriving him of the most basic right to defence.

These hand-picked judges fulfil the will of the regime, to convict Chairman Gonzalo in order to then annihilate him; preventing that Chairman Gonzalo expresses himself publicly, in a public and open trial, because he would smash to bits all the hoaxes plotted against him; and to present him as the author of the "peace letters" to defame him as a revisionist and capitulator. Hoaxes fabricated by the Yankee CIA in collaboration with the rats of the revisionist and capitulationist ROL. Because if Chairman Gonzalo may make a pronouncement it would be like what took place with his masterful Speech of the 24th of September 1992, a great political, military and moral triumph for the people's war and the world revolution.
Listen carefully! These judges, like any miserable traitor that dare to raise their hand or even their finger, make any attempts against the integrity of Chairman Gonzalo or try to defame him, will get what they deserve! Sooner or later, the revolutionary justice will come!


1. The public presentation of Chairman Gonzalo before the national and international televised media, live and in person, and that he is allowed to make a pronouncement. Against the sinister farce of this closed political trial against Chairman Gonzalo and the people's war we demand that it be open and public.

2. The respect for Chairman Gonzalo's health, life and integrity, as corresponds to the most important prisoner of war in the world.

Finally we reaffirm ourselves in our promise to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo, Great Leadership of the Party and the revolution, whatever it may cost, giving the very life for this and in that the principal form for defending him is like the Communist Party of Peru is doing with more people's war.

We call, as part of the international campaign to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo and on the occasion of his birthday and the day of the People's Liberation Army, to internationally carry out all types of public activities and mobilisations to denounce the sinister farce of the trial, demand the public presentation of Chairman Gonzalo and elevate the international campaign. The defence of Chairman Gonzalo's Great Leadership and of his all-powerful thought has become the principal question for the people's war and the world revolution!

Long live the 3rd of December, Chairman Gonzalo's birthday and day of the People's Liberation Army! Long live Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful gonzalo thought! Long live the Communist Party of Peru! Long live the People's War! Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Peru People´s Movement
December, 2005

(1) Over 40 million dead more, that never existed, according to what the Institute of Legal Medicine of Peru itself confirms in declarations by its own director, Dr. Broomley Coloma, thus confirming what the journalist Wiener put forward, when he denounced the methods applied by the CVR and its adviser, the Yankee spy that served as its adviser in manipulating computerized statistical data and making projections without any factual or technical foundation. These non-existing dead, according to the CVR, would be victims of the Party, with which the Party would have caused more deaths than the military, police, and auxiliary forces (Rondas and Self-Defence Committees) of the landlord-bureaucratic state. When the reality is that they account for more than 80% of the dead, and the great majority of them are prisoners, disappeared, women, elderly and children that were cruelly murdered when they were in the hands of the enemy.

(2) That is, of the governments of Reagan, of the old Bush, Clinton and Bush Jr., of Pentagon and the CIA, of their embassy in Lima, of the OEA, of the AID, FMI, BM, BID, etc. and of the ONU itself through the ONUDI (that is the one that, in secret payrolls, also pays the civilian and military executioners and spies). All the other imperialist powers, in collusion and conflict, from Soviet social imperialism and thereafter Russia, to Germany, Japan, France, England, China, etc., have lent their military, economical, and political support. The intervention of imperialism has taken place since the beginning of the war in 1980, and from 1992 until today, starting from the "self-coup" of Fujimori, Yankee imperialism is leading it more and more directly; an intervention that does not cease, but is greater and greater, as we see at the moment with the installation of a new Yankee military base in Ayacucho, in the Principal Regional, covering it up as a police base for the anti-drug struggle; thus they go on with their "low-intensity war", as a secret war, concealing its greater intervention as war against drug-trafficking.

(3) The Joint Command of the Armed Forces, in order to intervene in the countersubversive war, expressly asked the Belaunde government to give "carte blanche" to the head of the Military Political Command to end the subversion, and Belaunde met with the Political Committee of his Party, Acción Popular, consisting of himself, Alva Orlandini, Manuel Ulloa, Paniagua, the druggist Pecovich, Zelada Elorreaga, that gave this authorization. This has been repeated with each government until today, centralizing more and more in order to grant such permissions to the militaries.

The manuals used to intervene are those elaborated by the Yankee Pentagon for the countersubversive war, and the last one handed over by Mayor Santiago Martín, the Yankee spy, to the heads of the Armed Forces of the old Peruvian state, is an application of the manual for the "low-intensity war" made by the South Command of the United States with the participation of the Peruvian militaries in its service.

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