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Full of revolutionary optimism and joy we greet the Communist Party of Peru on this new anniversary of its foundation. Founded by José Carlos Mariátegui, as a Party opposed to and different from all the others. With the objective of taking the power through the revolutionary violence for the class and the people. Reconstituted by Chairman Gonzalo, after a long and tenacious struggle against revisionism, as a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo thought, principally Gonzalo thought Party, militarized, to lead the people’s war in order to culminate the democratic revolution and immediately go on to the socialist revolution, the dictatorship of the proletariat, and through successive cultural revolutions arrive at communism, together with all mankind.

The Communist Party of Peru, since more than 25 years ago, leads the victorious and invincible people’s war in Peru. Chairman Gonzalo is the Great Leader of the Party and the revolution. He has defined Maoism as the third, new and higher stage of the ideology of the international proletariat, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism; he has initiated and personally led the people’s war, and since September 1992, when he was taken prisoner by the repressive forces of the old Peruvian state – under the leadership and direct participation of the Yankee CIA – the Party, solving the problems of leadership that appeared, continues leading all-embracingly the people’s war under the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo. This can never be stopped, it is just, necessary and appropriate.

The people’s war, in spite of the more complex and difficult conditions it entered through the bend in the road that the fall of our Great Leader meant, has not only been maintained without stopping for a single moment, but is developed powerfully and victoriously. And today, the Party develops the campaign of celebration of the XIII anniversary of Chairman Gonzalo’s masterful Speech and of the LXXVII anniversary of its foundation, with actions of great repercussion in the country and abroad, standing out among them for its importance and significance the “little great march” carried out by the People’s Liberation Army, in the sphere of the Principal Regional Committee, with red banners with hammers and sickles, calling the people to rebellion, acting as a true sowing machine of the revolution. Thus with people’s war, the Party defends Chairman Gonzalo and blows up into a thousand pieces the hoaxes of the reaction – and denounces, repudiates and condemns the sinister montage of the “trial” to which the old landowner-bureaucratic state subjects our Great Leader, Chairman Gonzalo.

About the “trial” there are three points that need to be put forward at the moment:

1. About the so-called marriage of Chairman Gonzalo and Miriam: it is propaganda spread by the reaction for her to finally be “responsible for the Party” and continue with the “peace accord”. With this of the marriage they are aiming for when Chairman Gonzalo dies, as they know that as long as there is people’s war, the tomb of this system of oppression, exploitation and genocide is secured. This propaganda is directed at breaking Party members that are not firmly anchored in the ideology, in Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thought. We reject, condemn and crush this aim of the reaction and of the ROL, and close ranks with our Great Leadership and the whole system of Party leadership, the Central Committee and the Comrade that currently leads the whole Party – this is the only leadership that we recognize and to this we submit now and always.

2. The trial will have to have a sentence before February, because if more time passes without a sentence this would be an “excess”: without the press. They are accelerating in order to have a sentence before February 2006; the international instance (the Interamerican Commission and Court of Human Rights) is putting pressure on them. This time they are doing a trial behind closed doors, without direct transmission of the press, only with indirect and manipulated news; it is in violation of all the rights of prisoners and of the very norms of the old state and its international agreements on this matter. Like the whole reactionary press, El Comercio lines up to justify the secret trial.

3. In which Feliciano would be the one who “demythologizes” Chairman Gonzalo. El Comercio, on September 25th of 2005, publishes Feliciano’s supposed answer to a questionnaire of a journalist of this newspaper. It consists of a series of answers to a questionnaire, in which there are some things that are true and others that are not verified, along with gruesome lies, disgraceful falsehoods. In this they try to use the simple reasoning that many apply, according to which “if this thing that they say is true, the other thing too may be true”. Thus, through the “reasonable” doubt they try to subliminally put - in the heads of those at whom this propaganda is directed – the questioning of the principles on which all of our actions are sustained, the Party life itself. The enemy bases itself on the nazi propaganda principle “lie, lie, so that something sticks”. For this reason, before all this, we have to make a great Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo thought propaganda. For this reason, we close ranks with our Great Leadership, the Basis of Party Unity, the heroic combatant, the Communist Party of Peru, its system of Party leadership, the Central Committee, Political Bureau and Permanent Committee, with the Comrade that leads the whole Party – a proven and recognized leadership – and with the principles: The command never dies! Once the banner has been hoisted, it must never again be lowered! and People’s war until Communism!

These points lead to one question: to secure a “docile” Party that is on good terms with the reaction and doesn’t let the reaction down, thus securing a coexistence with the old state, reaction and imperialism.

What would be the mission of Feliciano? That of demolishing the image of the Great Leader, of “demythologizing” Chairman Gonzalo, saying that he has oppressed “poor” Feliciano, that he is obsessed with women. This propaganda aims at breaking Party members, combatants and masses. We draw the line, we reject and condemn this whole clumsy propaganda from the CIA factory of psychological warfare, and we reaffirm ourselves in our Great Leadership, Chairman Gonzalo. It is not his personality - which by the way is above all doubt and is that of a Great communist Leader - but his all-powerful Gonzalo thought, that gives solid foundation to his Great Leadership. Before all these idiotic schemes of the enemy (imperialism, mainly Yankee, reaction and revisionism) we take firm position for Chairman Gonzalo, the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist living on the face of the Earth, teacher of communists, center of Party Unity and guarantee of triumph that takes us all the way to communism. The opposite leads to a Party that goes hand in hand with the reaction and looking for posts within the old state. This is what the rats of the revisionist and capitulationist ROL do. Combat inseparably and implacably imperialism, reaction and revisionism!

The judges of the Court of the old Peruvian state, responsible for carrying out the closed political trial against Chairman Gonzalo and the people’s war, have arranged the confrontation between Chairman Gonzalo and Montesinos, supposedly “to see how the ‘peace accord’ was structured and the facilities that they obtained from the business”. The reaction has bred the peace accord, they have created it, and now, in the trial, they want to “unravel” it. This creates disturbances and bursts in their very faces. The question is that the reaction “wants to know” on what terms Montesinos participated in the configuration of the “peace accord” – this implies the responsibility of Morote and his group and how they used the name of Chairman Gonzalo and Miriam and the contradictions with Feliciano, contradictions between Feliciano, Morote, Cox, for clinging to the old state. Miriam is for the “peace accord”, and concerning Feliciano there is nothing more than his interventions in July.

For these reasons, we demand that the trial is aired in public, and directly, not manipulated. We stress that there is no public joint position of the miserable rats of the ROL, because of their own contradictions. With so many times they could have done it, not once have they said “peace accord”. We insist; there is no public joint position – they are considering seeing how Montesinos structured the “peace accord”, contradictions in the leadership, they take the name of Chairman Gonzalo. The struggle is emphasized in the ideological; it implies a more invisible work of the reaction, like what we have seen with the publication of El Comercio to which we have referred. For this reason we assume the promise to disembowel each one of the hoaxes, lies, supposed truths that the reaction raises with the collaboration of the rats of the revisionist and capitulationist ROL to show their wickedness before the world. Our strength, like Chairman Gonzalo teaches us, is in our ideology; we are strong in politics, which is why we are firmly convinced that once more we shall crush them and conquer greater victories for Chairman Gonzalo and the Party.

And we finally point out that today it is more urgent than ever to demand the public presentation of Chairman Gonzalo, live and direct, before the national and international televised press and that he may make a pronouncement. The people’s war being the principal form for defending him.

Today on this new anniversary of the Party, we reaffirm ourselves, with the highest revolutionary optimism and fullest joy, in that we have a Communist Party that is the heroic combatant that leads the revolution, that leads all-embracingly the people’s war and maintains the course, solving with Gonzalo Thought all the new problems that the revolution faces.

Long live Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful Gonzalo thought!
Honor and glory to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!
Long live the people’s war in Peru!
People’s War until Communism!
Long live the LXXVII anniversary of the Communist Party of Peru!

Peru People’s Movement
October 2005

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