Proletarians of all countries, unite!



Having been reconstituted as a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought, under the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and personally led by him, the Communist Party of Peru initiated the People´s War in Peru on May 17, 1980, whereby we, the Peruvian proletariat and people, under the leadership of the Party, as part of the international proletariat and the peoples of the world, become protagonists of history, conscious, organized, armed protagonists; the great rupture was concretized, and we began to create the future, the communist revolution.

The People´s War was initiated in 1980, never to be stopped for a single moment until we all reach communism; today we understand its stature - at that moment only Chairman Gonzalo; looking decades into the future, grasped its great historical significance.

Twenty-five years of People´s War in Peru show the justness of Gonzalo Thought and we see that the Communist Party of Peru, with the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo, is concretizing the democratic revolution, it is concretizing a joint dictatorship of workers, peasants and petty-bourgeois, under the hegemony of the proletariat, respecting the interests of the middle bourgeoisie, destroying thirteen centuries of reactionary state, in order to wage the democratic revolution until the end, so as to culminate it with the countrywide conquest of political power, establish the People´s Republic of Peru and thereby immediately, without any interruption whatsoever, go over to the second stage, which is the socialist revolution, the dictatorship of the proletariat, in order to proceed through a series of cultural revolutions so as to reach communism, serving world revolution, for into communism we either enter all together, or nobody enters it.

In the name of the Peru People´s Movement, the organism generated by the Communist Party of Peru for the work abroad, we on this solemn occasion of the celebration of the XXVth anniversary of the People´s War, express our greeting, recognition, gratitude and unconditional and voluntary subjection to our Great Leadership, Chairman Gonzalo, Great Leader of the Party and the revolution, who has defined Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as the third, new and higher stage of the development of our ideology, who by applying it creatively to our concrete reality has given us Gonzalo Thought, he is the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist on Earth, center of Party unification and the guarantee of triumph that beings us to communism; likewise, to our all-powerful ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, mainly Gonzalo Thought, all-powerful because it is true; to the heroic combatant, the Communist Party of Peru that leads the People´s War; to its system of leadership: the Central Committee, Politburo, Standing Committee and to the Comrade who leads the entire Party, a leadership that has been recognized and forged in the midst of hard struggle, in the image and likeness of Chairman Gonzalo; to the I Congress, son of the Party and the People´s War, a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought congress, the first milestone in Party life, which has given us the Party Unity Basis with its three elements: our ideology, our Program and our General Political Line with its center, the military line, and its core, the people´s war; to the III Plenum of the Central Committee, historical and of far-reaching importance, the second milestone in Party life, which approved the plans of victory and to Chairman Gonzalo´s masterful Speech of the 24th of September 1992, which makes a synthesis the III Plenum and, in the conditions of his arrest, he calls us to continue fulfilling our tasks because of what we are; to the VI Military Plan and to the IV Strategic Plan of Development of the People´s War, and within these to the plan currently in application, and within this, to the current campaign of celebration of our victorious People´s War, a plan being carried out in Peru and abroad; we salute its brilliant and shaking actions.

We greet the People´s Liberation Army (PLA), which under the all-embracing leadership of the Party makes up the backbone of the new political power, without which our people would have nothing. It is an army of a new type, which is no burden for the masses, which mobilizes, combats and produces, an army that carries out the political tasks of the revolution, today more hardened, more steeled, more tempered in combat and more filled with the desire to combat, forged in Gonzalo Thought and in simple life and hard striving. We greet the actions of the actions of the PLA, across the length and breath of Peru, such as the armed agitation and propaganda, sabotages, selective annihilations, guerrilla combats, etc., as well as the mobilization of the masses in city and countryside to carry out mass protests with roadblocks, confrontations with the armed forces and police forces, led by Yankee imperalism´s elite forces, the expulsion of authorities and spies, the destruction of installations of the old state and of imperialism, principally Yankee imperialism, uniting the struggle for demands with the struggle for power. These shaking and brilliant actions are the best refutation of the enemy propaganda, saying that “the People´s war has ended by defeat”, that “there are only remainders”, that “they are hired killers”, etc., a propaganda orchestrated on the national and international level, carried out by the mouthpieces of imperialism and of reaction, with the despicable service of revisionism, especially of the rats of the revisionist and capitulationist right-opportunist line (ROL) and of the revisionist petty party RCP-USA and its chieftain Bob Avakian, who pursue the black and vain purpose of isolating the People´s War, in order to annihilate it.

We greet the new political power in its six forms, especially the Open People´s Committees that shine defiantly before the sun, their red flags with the hammer and sickle waving, as a most clear expression of the advance in the relative stability of the new political power and the destruction of the landlord-bureaucrat state, subjected to imperialism, principally Yankee imperialism. The People´s Committees are the organs of the joint dictatorship of the revolutionary classes under the hegemony of the proletariat through its Party, they are expressions of the new state that exercise power through the Popular Assemblies in which everyone gives their opinion, elects and judges or sanctions, applying true democracy, and they do not hesitate to use the dictatorship, coercion, in order to maintain their power and defend it from the exploiting, oppressing classes, from the gamonales or lackeys. Here, there is no place for the representatives, parties or organizations of the enemy, nor for its NGOs, much on the contrary, being part of the old state and of imperialism, they are targets of the democratic revolution, it is on the ashes of these that the new power is built. This is why we say to those comrades from other countries who would want to make new-democratic revolution and might be considering some kind of participation of reactionary parties or representatives in the Committees, that they do not understand even a bit of the class character of the People´s Committees as organs of the new power, that they do not understand a whit of the Marxist theory of the class character of the state in general, for that is not the way to build new power, nor to destroy the old state; in this way, you are only making the old state evolve, giving it a broader base than it had before, propping it up where its power is the weakest. In Peru, in the midst of the fluidity of the war and of the process of re-establishment and counter-re-establishment, the People´s Committees are not only being maintained but develop, defended by the PLA, that defeats all the enemy´s campaigns of encirclement and annihilation, from where the enemy´s forces have run away like chickens and do not even dare to approach by air, proving how the anti-aircraft defense of the PLA has developed, proving how the transfer of modern armament from the enemy takes place, all this costs blood, the blood of communists, combatants and masses, principally of the poor peasantry, against all of what is being disseminated by imperialism, reaction and revisionism, and within the latter, by the rats of the ROL and this revisionist chieftain Bob Avakian, who together with other miserable ones of his ilk want to deny they existence of the People´s Committees. But the People´s Committees cry out their truth before the world and they exist trough-out the country, not only in the wildest and most inaccessible parts of our geography, but in the valleys themselves, in the immediate vicinity of the large cities, and inside them, in the neighborhoods where the poorest live.

This has grown out of the barrels of the guns, henceforth all good will come from the direct action of the Party among the masses. It will come from the People´s War, which is summed up by: With Gonzalo Thought materialized in people´s war, the Party solves all new problems that come up on the road of revolution! The people´s war provides us with everything! With people´s war, the Party generates the men the revolution needs!

These are twenty-five years of victorious and invincible people´s war in Peru that act like a sowing machine for revolution in Peru and in the world, with deeds hammering home our ideology in people´s heads.


The people´s war is a war of the masses, led by the Party. In our country, the countryside is the center of the people´s war and its movement to the cites in order to conquer countrywide power, which demands a great leap in the incorporation of masses in the People´s War. The process of twenty-five years of people´s war shows us the direct action of the Party among the masses, because incorporating the masses, the people to the people´s war, extensively and in an organized form, is key to the Countrywide conquest of power, especially for the insurrection and for the defense of the People´s Republic.

The people´s war is a protracted war that has three stages. The process of twenty-five years of people´s war to date comprises two stages of the people´s war; the first stage, which was that of the our strategic defensive and the enemy´s strategic offensive; the second stage, in which we find ourselves since 1991 and in which we are unfolding, is that of the strategic equilibrium. “The strategic equilibrium and the preparation of the counteroffensive: for the enemy, recuperate positions in order to preserve its system; for us, preparing the strategic offensive by means of Building the Conquest of power. Therefore reaction is faced with the need to annihilate the People´s War, and the Party and the people with building the conquest of power”.

It is in this moment of the people´s war that we unfold, a more complex and more difficult situation, not only because the war has been becoming more and more complex with its development, but above all because of the Great Leader having fallen into the hands of reaction. Reaction has Chairman Gonzalo in their hands and seek to use this situation to their own favor. Keeping the Chairman in absolute isolation, reaction pursues the aim of slandering him as a capitulator, sling mud on him by portraying him as a revisionist, in order to divide the Party and annihilate the People´s War, to finally consummate his annihilation. In this way, they want to demoralize the class, bereave us of our soul and rip our heart out by attacking Chairman Gonzalo and Gonzalo Thought.

Against this sinister plan and the use of the situation in which Chairman Gonzalo finds himself made by imperialism, reaction revisionism, principally the rats of the ROL, we condemn this monstrous and cynical plan that pursues the aim of assassinating Chairman Gonzalo. Just like the Chairman declared in his speech of September 24, 1992, his arrest is nothing but a bend in the road of revolution, what must be done is therefore to continue fulfilling the plans and tasks, with the People´s War, because of what we are. With people´s war, we demand the public presentation, live and direct, before the national and international press, of Chairman Gonzalo and that he be allowed to speak. This is the just and correct form of defending him.

The arrest of the Great Leader is not a simple thing, but thanks to the fact that the Party counts on the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo, sustained by his all-powerful thought, it continues applying it, in a brilliant way, in the very course of the war, solving the problem that has presented itself to the leadership; but solving this key problem takes time and it is being overcome with more people´s war, for everything good comes from the people´s war, the war itself provides us with the men it needs. What is to be done is to firmly maintain the course of the war and hold on to the principles with an iron grip, the rest is a question of hard and tenacious struggle and more people´s war, just as it is being done by the Party under the leadership of the Central Committee and of the Comrade who leads it. The Party is thus, with people´s war confronting the enemy´s hoaxes, it solves the problems that present themselves to the leadership, practicing what Chairman Gonzalo teaches: “The people´s war cannot be stopped. See even this far: the leadership may be made to disappear, in part, not all of if, but the leaders who remain must and can pursue the plans, the struggle, the people´s war; we are forged in that revolution cannot be detained, it cannot be paralyzed, Chairman Mao taught “gather our dead, heal our wounded and continue fighting”. With people´s war, the Party crushes the rats of the ROL who say that “you cannot go on without proletarian leadership”; at the same time, it unveils the revisionist pus of those who, like Bob Avakian and his cronies, like cowardly sibyls spread out that “since the PCP centered everything on one person and did not apply collective leadership, the fall of Chairman Gonzalo lead to the defeat of the war”. Much to the contrary, the fall of the Great Leader and part of the leadership, would for any movement, and much more for a revolution, have meant the death of the movement and the endless fractioning of those who remain, but it is precisely because of having a Great Leader, like the one we have, based on Gonzalo Thought, who has forged the Party and his continuers in his image and likeness, that the war has not only been maintained, which is already a great triumph, but has continued to develop, which is a worth twice as much. Applying Gonzalo Thought and more people´s war to solve the new problems that present themselves to revolution, the Party is overcoming the bend in the road. The entire process of twenty-five years of people´s war thus confirms that everything depends on having a just and correct ideological and political line, that this is what is decisive, that this determines everything. We therefore, on this solemn occasion, once more reaffirm ourselves in our Great Leadership and in its solid foundation, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought and we close ranks around the Comrade who leads the entire Party and around its system of leadership. The command never dies!

The people´s war is protracted.- Difficulties do not frighten us, nor does the time it may last scare us, even more so if we are for communism, for the protracted character of the people´s war derives from the correlation between three situations: 1) ours; 2) the enemy´s; and 3) the international. Concerning the first, the Party, overcoming the inflexion, is progressively coming out of the bend in the road and advancing in building the countrywide conquest of power, with the quantitative and qualitative growth of the Party, the army and the new power, developing mass work through and for the people´s war via the PLA. Concerning the last situation, we have entered the new great wave of world proletarian revolution, with revolution more concretely expressing its being the main trend, spurred on by counterrevolution itself, the problem lies in the lagging behind in the fulfillment of the pending task, the task of constituting or reconstituting Communist Parties of a new type, militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties that initiate and develop people´s war to impose Maoism as sole command and guide of world proletarian revolution; we are in favor of basing ourselves on our own forces and, by seizing power, serve the development of world revolution, in order to in turn continue developing our own socialist revolution, building socialism and the dictatorship of the proletariat, on the inexorable march towards communism.

Concerning the second situation, that of the enemy, none of the governments that have been at the head of the old state, one after the other, had any success in the three reactionary tasks, and the Toledo government has even more spectacularly failed in giving a new impetus to bureaucrat capitalism, restructuring the old state and annihilating the People´s War. Today, they propagate a GDP growth based on foreign trade, on the exportation of primary products with very little added value, where the main products remain being the exportation of minerals, totally dependent on the prices on the international markets, on the needs of imperialism. The exports and imports represent more than 30% of GDP. At the same time investment growth remains below the government´s own expectations and industry remains in recession, which is expressed by the favorable foreign exchange balance, which reveals that there is no renewal of the productive infrastructure, which is expressed in the fact that less than 50% of the existing capacity is being used, wherefore you cannot even talk of a renovation of capital goods. Even less so can you speak of a promotion of national industry by the state. State investment is almost null and what little from this famous surplus that does not go to paying the foreign debt is being wasted for demagogical ends in view of the elections in 2006. At the same time unemployment and underemployment are increasing, as a total making up more than 75% of the economically active population, which is why the immense majority of the youth who join the labor market, approximately 360,000 young persons per year, do not find any workplace or only in inadequate ways; the rate of poor people in the cities are over 50% and in the countryside, they reach up to 75%, which gives an average of 54,3% of the Peruvians who live on an average of 2 dollars a day, or in the case of those in extreme poverty, on 1 dollar; this gives a deficit in basic consumption of over 56,900 million soles (INEI – Peru´s National Institute of Statistics). The country does not produce enough to feed its population, and is obliged to have recourse to the importing of foodstuffs and to “aid” (4,500,000 Peruvians depend on this “aid” for their livelihood), something that even further crushes the agricultural and fishing production, during the last three years, the foreign debt has increased by 5,604 million dollars, the public debt making up 45.2% of GDP; all of this is with perfect clarity expressing the worsening of the condition of being semifeudal and semicolonial, subjected to imperialism, principally Yankee imperialism, where a bureaucrat capitalism develops. All the promises made by this fascist, genocidal and country-selling Toledo government, like those made by its predecessors, that they were going to develop the country, solve the problems with poverty, with employment, with hunger and misery, are thus only unfulfilled promises, it is once more demonstrated that this is only demagoguery, that the people cannot expect anything from the old landlord-bureaucrat state, subjected to imperialism. It is thus only the democratic revolution that can solve the problems of the masses, the hunger and misery, doing away with the system of oppression and exploitation and with the old state that sustains and defends it, by means of its backbone, the reactionary armed forces and police forces. The same thing happens with their restructuring of the state, the unfold in the midst of collusion and contention and do not even have a valid Constitution and are unable to come to an agreement even on this question, and they will even less so be able to do it now, when they are in the midst of an election period, in which disputes surface concerning the so-called macro-regions, the bicameral system, the electoral system itself and concerning the election law, dissimulated between the discussion on the obligation to vote. They make serious accusations among themselves and all of them use the District Attorney´s office and the judiciary organs to get their rivals out of the way. One of the more clever among them, aware that they are all covered with mud from foot to toe, has asked for an amnesty to be given to all those having committed election offenses. The conditions therefore do not allow them to carry out an election process together with the “legal process” against Chairman Gonzalo, this is why it will take time for them to carry out the latter. And above all, in this scenario, there is the threat of the “coup” hanging over their heads, a “coup” that they will make when Yankee imperialism so commands. What is certain is that the development of these twenty-five years of people´s war and, even more so, the strategic equilibrium, has sunk the old state even deeper down, making their own contradictions bolt out and letting the sickening stench of this unburied corpse be totally uncovered; their government, their Parliament, their pseudo-parties (right, center and left – the revisionists – or whatever they are called) aren´t legitimate even before their own fraudulent laws, starting by their very registration and the entire election fraud. Even less so could they have any legitimacy in the eyes of the people, they are mere runts of imperialism and the latter uses them as long as they serve, thereafter they get rid of them. All of this determines the fact that the material or objective conditions for the development of the People´s War today are more favorable than ever before; the People´s War is thus accelerating the enemy´s decomposition and this facilitates the sweeping away, piece by piece, of the old state. The enemy is not in condition to annihilate the People´s War.

In these conditions, the enemy is developing its “Encirclement and suppression campaigns” and the Party, leading the PLA, carries out its “Counter-campaigns” as the main form of developing the people´s war against the counterrevolutionary war, which Yankee imperialism is leading directly since Fujrimori´s coup d´état in 1992 (“low-intensity warfare”, which with the government of the genocidal Bush is carried out within the framework of their “Andean Strategy” and this in its turn, within their “Grand New Strategy”). By means of the “Counter-campaigns”, widening and developing them, principally by maintaining the initiative, we have reached the strategic equilibrium and today, it develops, giving an impetus to the Party plan to overcome the bend in the road, always inside the framework of “Build the countrywide conquest of political power.” Our “Counter-campaign” is today carried out against the enemy “encirclement and suppression campaign” called “Offensive 2005,” where, under the leadership of imperialism, with imperialism´s own officers and elite troops, dissimulated as counter-narcotics agents of the Yankee DEA, combined forces of the armed forces, the police and the auxiliary or complementary forces (the cannon fodder, the mesnadas, which they call “peasant” or “self-defense patrols”) are participating. Reaction´s own press, in spite of receiving payment to hush up and distort facts, cannot silence the hard blows the PLA is dealing, with the participation of the enraged sea of the masses of the people.

The enemy dreams of annihilating the People´s War.- Imperialism, reaction and revisionism, themiserable rats of the ROL and many other miserable ones are dreaming of the defeat of the People´s War, but these are only the sanguinary dreams of a genocidal hyena, being echoed by the RCP and its chieftain, Bob Avakian and those who follow him and put him on a pedestal within the CoRIM. May they go on dreaming; during twenty-five years of development, the People´s War in Peru has not had a single great defeat, and we are prepared so that one does not take place, but if it would, it would only be a partial and relative defeat, within a perspective of development of the People´s War taking for Yankee imperialism and its lackeys for target, within the framework of national polarization and the conquest of power. But those who remain have the obligation and the possibility to continue, even if there is only one communist left, he will have to start doing it all over again, anew, and proceed; and so forth, until communism is imposed all over the planet Earth, for we are materialists, and therefore, partisans of the fact that the advances made never are lost, that the matter is not created nor destroyed; we believe in the immutable law of the unending progress of matter, and therefore, nothing nor nobody can stop its march, the march of the conscious part of it, towards communism; we do not believe like Avakian, who says that this is a simple possibility, a trend, for it might be that mankind disappears before we reach communism; this means centering on the individual, saying that if the individual disappears, the development of the world will stop; we do not center on the individual like Avakian. This expresses the conception of bourgeois individualism, the bourgeois conception of the world and of life (see the RW webpage, Interview with Bob Avakian). Those who today are upholding this lapdog of the Yankee imperialist “establishment” are renouncing communist revolution, renouncing more than a century and a half of limitless sacrifices of millions of proletarians and masses in the world. A vanguard proletarian lives all his life in service of the people to serve it with body and soul, before living for himself. He is ready to give his life for the interests of the people and of the revolution, give his life for them! This is the proletarian conception of the world and also the proletarian conception of life and death. There is therefore no place for the interests of the class and of the people in the rotten spirit of this Yankee Khrushchev. He lives to attain his realization as an individual, he is a partisan of the Kant´s idealist moral, for he lives for his own self-realization, covering himself with the cloak of revolution – he therefore wants to be the no. 1 in the international communist movement, based on an entire life dedicated to bossing about and saying that he leads the world revolution from his enlightened alcove. He therefore tries to turn the law of contradiction around and wants to establish as a law, that there is an exception to the law, and deny that what is principal is to base yourself on your own forces, make your own revolution and conquer power in your own country in order to serve world revolution; asserting the opposite, as this good-for-nothing does, is not wanting to make your own revolution and much less so world revolution, like his imperialist masters, he is in favor of “aid,” of solidarity movements with the “poor little backward people form the Third World.” The interests of this chieftain are oriented towards living in order to realize himself, why he has to take care of his life and health, and it is therefore impossible for him to dedicate his life to the people. With this rotten bourgeois conception of the world, all the heroes who gloriously have given their lives for the people, for revolution, have all been erring. What this Yankee Khrushchev fears most of all is therefore the people´s war, this is why he is mortally dreading the nuclear blackmail if the imperialists; he is therefore against Marxist determinism, he therefore vividly follows the capitulationalist line, nationally and internationally, of Khrushchev´s modern revisionism and echoes everything imperialism, reaction and the rats of the ROL are vomiting against the Party and the People´s War. But, like it or not, communism will become reality and the People´s War of Peru serves this end! Honor and glory to the heroes of the people! The blood that has been shed does not drown revolution, it waters it!

The international situation expresses itself in an every day more favorable way for the people´s war, even more so as we are in the strategic offensive of world revolution and revolution shows that it is the main historical and political trend in the world today, spurred on by the counterrevolution´s own action. All the contradictions are sharpening; Yankee imperialism, being the sole hegemonic superpower, in collusion and contention with the other atomic superpower, Russia, and the other powers, in collusion and contention amongst them, attack the peoples of the Third World countries with wars of plunder, for the booty, for a new dividing up of the world, and thus, the principal contradiction, the one between the imperialist superpowers and powers on one side and the oppressed peoples of the world on the other, manifests itself as being the principal contradiction, the peoples of the attacked countries are rising up in rebellion and wage persistent armed struggles of national liberation (Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Chechnya, etc.), confronting and dealing hard blows to the aggressor, resisting the imperialist occupant, and in spite of not having the ideology of the proletariat, nor a Communist Party, these masses give their lives against the invader, and sooner or later they will learn from the people´s war, which shows them the road to victory, the only form of burying imperialism and reaction. And at the same time, these armed struggles, like it or nor, are part of the powerful national liberation movement, together with the people´s wars like those of Peru, Nepal and the armed struggles led by the communists in India and other places, that therefore are in the process of transforming themselves into people´s wars. This is why we are certain that proletarian internationalism and the support of the peoples of the world will express themselves in an ever more extensive and decided way with every day that goes by of the development of our people´s war and that every intent to isolate it will fail. Once the banner has been hoisted, in must never be lowered again!

The People´s War has given us a better understanding of Maoism; initiating and developing it, Chairman Gonzalo defined (in 1982), Maoism as the third, new and higher stage of the ideology of the proletariat, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism. The People´s War proves the full validity of Maoism. People´s War until communism!

With the People´s War the Communist Party of Peru in 1982 decided to wage the campaign for Maoism, for imposing it as command and guide of world revolution. And it took up its defense, for this is what lies with the communists, when Marxism is negated, we communists have to reaffirm ourselves in our principles, when you face counterrevolutionary campaigns like those that take place on the world level against Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, like the campaigns in the country against the Party and the people´s war, these are moments when you have to hold on to the principles and see the unavoidable goal we are marching toward: communism. We persist in this today, when, following Khrushchev, Teng, etc., B. Avakian and his henchmen are spreading all kinds of attacks against Marx, Lenin and Chairman Mao. And the Party took up its role of being the red fraction within the international communist movement, thereafter going over to head the revolutionary counteroffensive against the general counterrevolutionary offensive of imperialism, revisionism and reaction, led by Yankee imperialism, being the sole hegemonic power, against Marxism, revolutionary violence, socialism and the dictatorship of the proletariat and against the Party.

With Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought and the People´s War, we have served the development of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM), and that the RIM, despite the fierce resistance of the revisionist Bob Avakian and his petty party, the RCP, and of the revisionist positions within its Committee (CoRIM), adopted Maoism as third, new and higher stage of the ideology of the proletariat and the universality, that is, the universal validity of the people´s war.

The people´s war advances in hard struggle, firmly subjecting itself to Gonzalo Thought.- Thanks to Chairman Gonzalo´s masterful handling of two-line struggle, the Party has known how to combat and corner the revisionist and hegemonist positions that existed in the RIM from its foundation; it is because of this that the RIM advanced, but when the arrest of the Chairman Gonzalo took place, the right bolted out in Peru as well as abroad, and Avakian started putting forward his black positions through others, because of political weakness, as the Party already opportunely pointed out to him, until he gained followers within the leaderships of the Parties that opposed his bossing about; in order to today, feeling strong, go over to behave like local thugs and start openly attacking our great titans of the proletariat: Marx, Lenin and Chairman Mao, and Chairman Gonzalo, his thought, the People´s War and the Communist Party of Peru. And so today they believe that they can dictate the law to the Parties and organizations that belong to the RIM, just like Yankee imperialism, which today has established its own will as international law. This chieftain has always by means of interposed persons attacked in a cowardly manner to try to impose his black positions on the entire RIM, through letters directed to the Parties where he slipped out his attacks on the ideology and on member Parties, or via publications and public declarations that go against principles but that you because of “organization discipline” are not allowed to respond to in public. And as no communist can shut his mouth before vital questions for the RIM and for world revolution, like it is the case with questions of principle, the Party has responded through the appropriate channels, and has permanently and repeatedly asked that our position against these attacks be circulated among the members, etc., however, despite the promise taken up by them in the face of our demands, they have not fulfilled this; before this attitude, the Party has, through the MPP, acted in defense of the principles and sharply distanced itself from and crushed these black positions. Which is why we are being accused of not knowing how to wage two-line struggle, of immediately starting to antagonize. This is not so, we have rather always put forward our position to them and we have pointed out the error to them and asked them to correct themselves, that they ought not to go the ravine. We have waged the struggle correctly by means of the method of criticism and self-criticism, with the aim of combating the disease to save the patient, in order to impose the red line and serve the advance of the RIM and of the Parties; but before the bloodymindedness, before the public revisionist attacks on Marxism, we have neither remained calm nor silent and we have taken up their defense as should be done. So we are not the ones who have antagonized the struggle, but those who every day distance themselves more from Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, which are they; therefore, we are not the splitters, it is they, those who have taken the contrary road and who are separating themselves from the glorious track of communist revolution, they are the ones who are dividing the RIM.

And here, something more concerning the two-line struggle. We wage two-line struggle among ourselves, within our camp, not with the opposite camp, that of imperialism, revisionism and reaction. Two-line struggle is the motor of Party life and of every revolutionary organization. There is nothing in the world that does not have contradictions, and the their development is what determines the process of development of everything that exists in the world. In accordance with the law of contradiction, that everything divides into two, but these are not two fix opposites, rather, in this process, the two aspects of the contradiction go through changes, until the leap is brought about and they are transformed into their opposites. It is precisely for this reason that two-line struggle is waged in the Party, having revisionism as main danger; this means that, when the Party has a just and correct, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought, line, we wage two-line struggle, by means of criticism and self-criticism, against the revisionist ideas, attitudes, criteria, expressions and even positions, in our case against ideas, attitudes, criteria, expressions and even positions that converge with the ROL; starting from the fact that one divides into two, that nothing in society is exempt of class contradictions, even less so in the Party, which is he social institution by excellence, and that everything is stamped with the brand of a class. Why do we wage two-line struggle? As Chairman Gonzalo teaches us, in order to give an impetus to the development of the Party, for the two-line struggle is its driving force, by handling it consciously we keep the Party red and step by step and day by day cleanse the Party and each and every one of its organizations and members, we thus, with a correct and wise handling of two-line struggle, ward off the structuring, the emergence of a right-opportunist line within it that would lead to its changing line, leadership and to abandoning the people´s war, bringing the Party to revisionism and capitulation. Thus, because of the correct and wise handling of the two-line struggle made by Chairman Gonzalo, with Gonzalo Thought, the structuring of the ROL within the Party was been warded off, this is why it has been structured outside, nourished by the CIA, and it is thereafter from there and with the help of the enemy, who have let them out of the prisons that they have attempted to penetrate the organizations of the Party, of the army and of the front/new power, which is why the Party has had to act and defend the Party and the revolution with lead, liquidating some miserable ones who had gone over to serve the enemy. We do not practice two-line struggle with the enemy no, it is not the case that we have recourse to physical liquidation in order to solve the internal ideological problems, but we reject and crush the action of the enemy in the people´s war with the adequate methods and means, always guided by the political objective. We thus do not have the conception of the “monolithic Party,” much to the contrary, we are partisans of one dividing into two, that the struggle between Marxism and revisionism takes place in all of us; but precisely because we are Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought, we keep revisionism and every idea that is contrary or foreign to the class crushed in our heads and in our organizations, this is what we call cleansing the head, and keeping the Party clean. Much different are Avakian´s ideas on this subject, to him everything is “line”, because he sees individuals, and each individual is a “line,” this is why his followers always ask us: What is X´s line, what is Y´s line? This individual believes that the two-line struggle always take place between two fixed opposites, that there always exists a line with its representatives and organizations on the inside, which you have to consent to, for we are all at the same time Marxists as well as revisionists, indefinite, he believes that Parties and persons alike have no definite color, no class essence, no irreconcilable class character; this character is therefore a partisan of Liu Shao-chi and Teng, who maintaind “that two combine into one.” This thinking means hoping that the Communist Parties will die, assassinated by the unity without principles (Engels). This is the metaphysical interpretation of the law of contradiction, opposed to that of Maoism. And if this gentleman and his cronies so fervently sustain that we do not want to admit that the ROL was structured within the Party, we remind him that the envoy of the CoRIM, sent to meet with the Party, was left like a crushed egg, for he could not point out a single Party Committee that was in the hands of the ROL. He simply could not. And we owe this to Chairman Gonzalo and to Gonzalo Thought and the masterful application the Party makes.

The good results of the people´s war

On December 3, 1979, the second milestone, the Preparation, was concretized (Expanded National Conference), where the formation of the first division of the PLA was decided, having to start by platoons and detachments. We highlight the way the Party started from “nothing” because this is what Chairman Mao taught us; as the Party has a just and correct line, the problem was to start, for the problem is not how many you are but whether you want to initiate the people´s war or not. With people´s war the militarization and concentric construction of the Party has been develop, the army (PGA and today PLA) has been built, we concretize the new power and the mass work has taken quantitative and qualitative leaps, the arms were wrung away from the enemy and the transfer of more modern weapons is taking place.

The sweeping away of the old state and the conquest of power (1982) and between August ‘89 and January 1990, the Open People´s Committees were conquered, and we thereby aim at the relative stability of the Support Bases.

The Support Bases, conquered with the Plan to Conquer Bases (May 83-Sept. 86) and an entire system of guerrilla zones and operation zones, this is where the war entered into a process of great far-reaching importance, for the Support Bases are the marrow of the people´s war. There is no people´s war without Support Bases.

In 1988 the Party concretized the I Congress, a great historical milestone that was fulfilled and that strengthens the Party, that gives an impetus to and strengthens the people´s war, is a product of the war and serves world revolution and the concretization of the great pending historical milestone.

The plans the Party applies are strategically centralized and tactically decentralized. They are strategic plans that comprise the actions and the construction. Processes of qualitative leaps through plans. They develop through campaigns. Thus, Strategic Equilibrium was reached in 1991. The plans are ever more complex and long-lasting which expresses how the war has been becoming more and more complex. After developing sub-plans, limited plans within the general plans, developing pilot plans. Every plan has its political military and construction strategy, they are approved and applied in struggle, the evaluations indicate to us the readjustments that should be made and above all the conditions for the following plan. The plans are strategic-operational, strategically centralized plans and plans that, when they consider their operational conditions, establish forms of struggle. Those who have studied the principles and the theory of Ch. Mao highlight the fact that he established a centralized strategic plan, which is key for giving room for action. The Party persists on strategically centralized plans without forgetting that they are tactically decentralized, it applies strategic-operational plans for these establish the nexus between the strategic and the tactic. Already Comrade Stalin put forward the necessity of seeing the nexus between the strategic, the whole and the concrete actions. Keeping this in mind we can understand who the apparently isolated actions and what the reactionary and imperialist press disseminates, in a very diminutive form, indicating that they are isolated actions, by “remnants of the Shining Path,” are not such, but concrete actions that belong to the decentralized application (to the tactics) of strategically centralized plans. Thus, the enemy has lead their differentiated psychological campaign in order to try to make believe that there is no central leadership, no system of leadership, no Party. And it is on this basis that Avakian repeats, echoes the vomits of reaction, not because of ignorance but because he is a revisionist.

The entire process has brought us to the current campaign of celebration, within the plan the Party applies, to defend and develop Support Bases, hit the government, its plans like ProPeru, its patrols [rondas], give an impetus to the struggle of the STC, boycott elections, win greater political space, give a big impetus to the mass work, uniting the struggle for demands with the struggle for power, giving an impetus to this form of struggle that implies a combined whole of actions, which has to handle different forms of the war and at the same time implies mobilizing immense masses, so that they feel the force of the new state and the questioning and negation of the old state. Against this form of struggle, reaction will not only apply contention and certain military actions in order to intimidate, exert pressure, try to lead the masses to reject the action of the Party, this is not enough for them, this is why they are starting to use repressing, the military response to these struggles, no longer just to make a demonstration of their force but in order to break struggle of the masses with blood and fire. But the Party has answered them overwhelmingly and massively in the different scenarios, as is proven by the successful attack on a large number of Huey helicopters, specially equipped with the latest technological advances by Yankee imperialist, that is participating in the operations and campaigns. Reaction itself has had to recognize that the PLA is mobilizing itself in the departments Cusco, Ayacucho, Apurímac, Junín, from the Support Bases, why they say are to be located in the Ene, in order to thereafter go back on their words, indicating that these exist even close to the city Huancayo (see the newspaper “El Correo” of Huancayo the 29th of April and 3rd of May 2005). Thus, the scope within which the People´s War develops includes the entire country, the People´s War develops and constitutes the main problem for the old Peruvian state and in perspective for Yankee imperialism. And we refer to the proof, the political proof, which is why we quote the newspaper “La Razón” (Lima; February 25, 2005), which under the heading “Toledo is out to use the Armed Forces for purposes of political proselytism”, published what follows:

“I have proposed the launching of a very aggressive strategic plan, the Armed Forces have very capable professionals, a physical infrastructure that is not being used and which we are going to put at the service of the struggle against poverty, without neglecting the defense work," he said after having had a working lunch with the minister of Defense, Roberto Chiabra, the general commander of the Army, Luis Muñoz, the heads of the military regions and high commanders in the aforementioned military institution.

Thus, together with the Yankee with Indian hat, Toledo, the high military commnaders have met together with their minister of Defense, desperate before the advance of the People´s War. This reveals that, in the face of the advance of the People´s War principally in the Principal Strategic Regional Committee, they have to further apply their “low-intensity warfare”, which Yankee imperialism leads, further develop the genocidal action of the armed forces, for which they need the mesnadas and subjecting the population to accompany them with works for controlling the population (registration of inhabitants under the pretext of handing out money between the poorest), civic and intelligence action which like in Afghanistan and Iraq is accompanied by the handing out of money. What a coincidence that, as was know later, for it was done under great military secrecy, the old state had applied this plan as a pilot plan in Chuschi (Ayacucho) and in Huaycán, a Lima shantytown, both very well-known on the world level to revolution as well as to counterrevolution. On the other hand, what the article´s title indicates is also true, for Toledo´s other objective is to use the Armed Forces and the distribution of money of his ProPeru in view of next year´s elections. These are objectives that he cannot hide, in spite of his shameless cynicism, which he parades, as all the reactionaries, when they refer to the People´s War, as the same newspaper accounts for:

“Nevertheless, Toledo revealed that a possible new outburst of subversion was not evaluated during the meeting. ‘They are clear on their participation in the struggle against terrorism and narco-trafficking, we have centered on the struggle against poverty´, he stressed.”

And this reactionary newspaper only denounces what is convenient to it:

“This ‘strategic plan´ joins the announced program ProPeru, with which the regime is out to hand out money among persons living in extreme poverty, apparently in exchange for votes for the 2006 elections.”

On this occasion, the Peru People´s Movement congratulates the communists, combatants and masses, our people, for their century-long action has been concretized, it has born fruit during twenty-five years of powerful and victorious development of the People´s War. The MPP congratulates the working class of the world, the international proletariat, the peoples of the world because their action has made our soil bear fruit. It bears tribute, as we will always do, to the unfading banners of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, for all of this that is so grand and that will live forever has been concretized in Peru. Marxism-Leninism-Maoism has made its home among us, the international working class and the peoples of the world have made their home among us, the Party, our people, our classes has made its home here, the spirit of the revolution. This was concretized at last! At last it was concretized: Initiate armed struggle on May 17, 1980, on this day armed revolution began, today we celebrate twenty-five years of uninterrupted development.

We renew our promise to serve the people´s war, serving world revolution, serving the defense of the life of Chairman Gonzalo and Gonzalo Thought that has become the principal question for the people´s war and world revolution.

Long live the victorious and invincible people´s war!
Long live Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought!
Long live the Communist Party of Peru!
Honor and glory to the Peruvian proletariat and people!
Down with imperialism, reaction and revisionism!

Peru People´s Movement
May 17, 2005

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