Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Nothing justifies treason!
People’s War until Communism!

The People’s War of Peru follows its course toward the countrywide conquest of state power, it is the torch of world proletarian revolution and it is developing, victorious and powerful, led by the Communist Party of Peru, under the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful Gonzalo Thought, which is our guarantee of triumph. Imperialism, revisionism and reaction center their attacks on Chairman Gonzalo and his Thought, dreaming to stop Gonzalo Thought from being enthroned in the minds and hearts of the people’s of the world. It is a black dream, an impossibility facing the development of the new great wave of world proletarian revolution, the latter being in its strategic offensive. It falls to the communists of the world to take up their responsibility, reconstitute their militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Parties in order to as soon as possible initiate and develop people’s war, in all countries without any exception whatsoever, applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to the concrete conditions of each country, thus, in the midst of class struggle and two-line struggle, forging their guiding thought and their great leadership.

In Peru, the old state goes from failure to failure. The regime is dreaming of carrying forward the restructuring of the old state. It says, that in order to do it, it needs money, but they no longer have the money from the “privitizations”; this is why “this is difficult now and will take years”. What is concrete, is that there has been no restructuring of the old state, no new impetus has been given to bureaucrat capitalism, and neither have they been able to annihilate the People’s War. All the reactionary governments say that they are going to fulfill these tasks, but doing so is an impossibility. As far as giving a new impetus to bureaucrat capitalism is concerned, they say “we are subjected to globalization”, “we are not an island”, but the problem is that the old state is rotten to the core, it is in its final crises, from which they have n way out; bureaucrat capitalism is in the moment of its destruction by means of the development of the People’s War.

In their efforts to annihilate the People’s War, imperialism, revisionism and reaction center on the question of Chairman Gonzalo, precisely because it is in his Thought that the invincibility of the People’s War is rooted. To carry this forward, they plan to use the “trial” against Chairman Gonzalo, a “trial” scheduled for March 2004. To this end, reaction is using the ROL and inflating the rat Morote, saying that “he is the Shining Path’s number two”; they have asked for a psychological profile of Chairman Gonzalo as well as of this rat by the end of February and are preparing a new pulp “document” in order to sling mud at Gonzalo Thought and with the “new trial” legitimate and give carte blanche to what may happen to Chairman Gonzalo after the “trial”. Thus, the danger against Chairman Gonzalo’s life is sharpening with this false “trial”, to be held inside the Callao Naval Base itself; they are out to sentence him for genocide in order to legitimate his isolation, his assassination. The problem for the enemy is concretely how to avoid the public and direct presentation of Chairman Gonzalo. We call upon the communists and revolutionaries to strain all forces to carry out overwhelming action and all kinds of mobilizations that unmask the “trial”, demanding the public presentation of Chairman Gonzalo, live and direct, before the national and international media, and that he may speak.

In relation to this, we denounce and condemn the sinister attitude of some self-proclaimed “Maoists”, who do not say a single word to denounce the hoaxes and the extermination plan against Chairman Gonzalo, but plan to wait for the result of what reaction will present under the direct leadership of the Yankee imperialist master via the CIA, in order to put themselves at the tail of this and serve the enemy’s plans. They do all this because of their revisionist position, because of their opposition to Maoism and in consequence to Gonzalo Thought and Chairman Gonzalo, the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist on the face of the Earth. The pseudo-party and their black chieftain insist on attacking Chairman Gonzalo in order to disarm the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, this is the issue.

Thus, this miserable, paltry beings persist in their convergences with the revisionist and capitulationist right-opportunist line (ROL). The ROL has been crushed by the Party with people’s war; what remains are rests, that today are in disband, which is why they get even more desperate. Within its process of disbanding, the ROL is no longer putting forward one single position, but several, but what is concrete is that the ROL is out to accommodate itself to the old state. Previously, the ROL said “peace accords”, but it failed and realize that it doesn’t work. The old state is more worried about maintaining its so-called “democracy”, they are fearing a coup d’état, they are not out to make “peace accords”. The rats of the ROL are discomposing, but do so while selling themselves, and they are no trying to sell themselves at a higher price; their problem is that reaction is only using the ROL in a punctual manner, for the things in which they can be of use. Reaction is in favor of using the ROL as a future political party, this is another reason why they are inflating the rat Morote, who early February was acquitted in his trial. Some rats of the ROL have left prison and seek to articulate apparatuses, they are seeking to have be present outside of the prisons. Their idea is a party without Gonzalo Thought, the same thing that the black chieftain is dreaming of: a PCP without Marxism-Leninism-Maosim, Gonzalo Thought.

The Party puts forward the crushing of the ROL inside and outside of the Party. The ROL tried to take form and assault the Committees in order to hand them over to reaction; se the example of Popular Help and the Southern Committee, they tried to do it by handing over masses and means. Due to the masterful handling of two-line struggle by Chairman Gonzalo and the leadership forged by him, the structured ROL has never existed and does not exist inside the Party. The struggle inside the Party is waged to crush every idea, position, criteria or rightist position that may be expressed as a convergence with the ROL. This does not negate that criteria, ideas, etc., continue to exist inside the Party and that they may take form and take up these black positions in some apparatus or another. Everybody who knows a pinch of the history of the international communist movement, of the Russian and Chinises revolutions know that it is so, this is part of the struggle. Thus, in the Huallaga Regional Committee, some miserable ones have taken up the position of the ROL and have gone over to the side of the enemy. This miserable ones are covered in the blood of important cadres and Party members in the Huallaga; the miserable ones have handed them over and collaborated with the army.

Imperialism and reaction have further taken these miserable ones as a pretext for propagating “new” hoaxes; by mouth of Channel 4 of the United Kingdom, on Janary 8, 2004, they broadcast a long pulp “document” of a “report” with an individual, who in his entire manner of expressing and behaving himself manifests never having worked with the Party, but who is presented as a supposed “Comrade Artemio”, a supposed “highest leader of the Shining Path”, taking up the position of the ROL, but in another modality. He says that “they will reinitiate in 60 days if no attention is paid to their demands”“peace accords” and “the presentation of Chairman Gonzalo”. In the case of these declarations, it is not a question of a public and direct presentation, but of another montage, and it is very notorious that the end of the 60 days coincides with the date declared for the “trial” against Chairman Gonzalo.

One of two things may happen with the miserable ones in Huallaga: either they realize that the “peace accord” leads no further, or they align themselves more closely with reaction, they go over to form armed groups to be used by imperialism and reaction against the Party, in the same manner that Yankee imperialism did in Colombia, where the CIA via Montesinosed armed the FARC in order to use them against the ELN and subsequently started combating the same ones that they themselves had armed. But today, these miserable rats have no priority for the old state which has great difficulties in maintaining their so-called “democracy” and uses them when it is able to; we see how the CIA arms the FARC but the foul rats of the ROL do not even have the importance for such a thing. Concretely, these miserable rats of the ROL are only seeking to accommodate themselves, they condemned themselves, the People’s War weighs on them. They know that they will have no new destiny, they determined their destiny when they went over to the other side and they will pay with interest for their crimes.

The Communist Party of Peru reaffirms itself in its principles, in Chairman Gonzalo, in the Great Leadership, in the militarized Communist Party that, with Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought ideology takes up the bend in the road in order to overcome it through campaigns. It is true, the leadership has been dealt blows, but it keeps leading; it is going to take time, the leadership is being ever more forged in the midst of the People’s War, but the objective conditions of the country have further aggravated and reaction has not solved its three counterrevolutionary tasks. This is why the specification has been made to broaden the political mass work, the mobilization, the struggle for demands, and to form cadres. The Party has at no moment said “demobilize the Army and make mass work”, in no manner, it is a People’s Liberation Army, the Party reaffirms that it is a People’s Liberation Army and the glorious task it has to take up.
We, the Peru People’s Movement, take up what the Party established with firm resolve and decisiveness, and we express our joy over the firm embrace and handshake that the Party extends to us and to all that serve the People’s War of Peru.

Long live Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought!
Long live the Communist Party of Peru!
People’s War until Communism!

Peru People’s Movement
February 2004

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