Speech by the Peru People’s Movement at the international conference organized by the MCP (Turkey & North Kurdistan)

Proletarians of all countries, unite!


This slogan, which heads our intervention in this conference, expresses the necessity for us to unite on the basis of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism. This means that the communists of the world have to unite internationally in order to place Maoism in the position of being the sole command and guide of world revolution. We must unite in order for Maoism to lead the new great wave of world proletarian revolution, which we have entered.

Concerning this, next month, in February, it will be 156 years since the publication of the Manifesto of the Communist Party by Marx and Engels, a document which is the birth certificate of the international communist movement; the common program for all communists of the world; and the official announcement of the shining final goal of the class struggle that the proletariat leads: the communist society. In the last line of the text of the Manifesto, the slogan of the international communist movement is established: PROLETARIANS OF ALL COUNTRIES, UNITE! This means that the unity of the international proletariat is indispensable for the triumph of the Communist Revolution. Our slogan and motto is — in addition — the formal synthesis of the content of the Manifesto. Therefore, every organization or person that upholds this slogan is, if it is CONSISTENT, upholding the content of the Manifesto. And this is what the Communist Party of Peru does; our I Congress reaffirmed itself in the full validity of the Manifesto and in the final goal: the forever golden communism. Since the very moment when we came forth as a class conscious of its historical role, as the last class in world history, an indispensable task has been established for us for the triumph of our cause and in order to obtain our shining final goal. This task is to struggle for the unity of the international proletariat, of the international communist movement. In order to do this, it is necessary for the proletariat to constitute itself in the form of Communist Party. With the Manifesto, Marxism comes forth as the complete ideology of the class, with a program and one sole final goal, on the basis of which it constitutes itself as a separate party, opposed to all others, in order to struggle for the unity of the international proletariat so as to obtain the triumph of communism. Because — as Chairman Gonzalo repeats — “either we will all arrive at communism, or no one will arrive at it”. Today, our ideology has become Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism. Today we must more than ever struggle tirelessly to attain the unity of our international movement on the basis of our universally valid ideology, of our program and of the final goal that is established for us.

With Marxism, the proletariat constitutes itself as class conscious of its historical role – in the form of the Communist Party – whereby world proletarian revolution begins. The latter has a beginning and thereafter, during the course of its development with the triumph of the October Revolution led by Lenin, it entered into the era of the world proletarian revolution. This has a great current importance for various reasons: 1. The era of the bourgeois revolution has reached its end, it has become decrepit. 2. We are in the era of world proletarian revolution and ever revolution has this character. 3. The democratic revolution that is unfulfilled in the oppressed countries belongs to or forms part of world proletarian revolution; it is a new-democratic revolution. Every struggle of the peoples to solve the democratic question and the national question, in the colonial or semi-colonial countries, is, independently of and even against the will of those who lead these struggles, as part of the national liberation movement of the oppressed peoples and countries, an indispensable part of world proletarian revolution, which is the sole revolution that is possible and valid in this historical epoch of world class struggle and the class struggle of the proletariat for its emancipation, and thus for the emancipation of the whole of mankind. 4. There can be no intermediary stage, nor any stage prior to the new-democratic revolution. This revolution begins with the foundation of Communist Party, and with the initiation of the people’s war begins the sweeping away of the old landlord-bureaucrat state in order to culminate the democratic revolution with the countrywide seizure of state power. The people’s war is initiated in order to culminate the democratic revolution with the countrywide seizure of state power in order to, without any interruption whatsoever, proceed to establish the dictatorship of the proletariat and thus begin the socialist revolution and, through successive cultural revolutions, together with the whole of mankind, arrive at communism. 5. If it is stopped or postponed, if you abandon arms and the new political power, this amounts to having made the masses work for nothing. Thus, you only postpone revolution and the chains of oppression and exploitation of the masses are strengthened; the most that you could achieve by this, would be to open up a wider breach for capitalism, that is, for bureaucrat capitalism. 6. As Chairman Mao has established, the war of national liberation, the national liberation movement, the national unity to stop or confront the imperialist aggression, demands Communist Party, People’s Liberation Army and new political power, with its system of support bases and people’s committees. Thus, the war does not stop with the change of contradiction but advances, uniting the immense majority and concentrating its attack on the aggressor and his lackeys in order to, after having triumphed, throwing out the aggressor, the imperialist occupant, establish the People’s Republic and with it socialism, the dictatorship of the proletariat.



With the triumph of the October Revolution, in 1917, the class established the dictatorship of the proletariat and a new era begins. With this triumph, an extraordinary milestone is set in world history: the end of bourgeois revolution and the beginning of world proletarian revolution.

There are three moments in the process of world revolution sweeping away imperialism and reaction from the face of the Earth: The first, the strategic defensive of world revolution opposed to the offensive of counterrevolution, starts in 1871 with the Paris Commune and ends in the Second World War. The second, the strategic equilibrium, takes place around the triumph of the Chinese revolution, the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution and the development of the powerful national liberation movement. The third is the strategic offensive; this moment can be situated around 1980, when we see signs like the war between Iran and Iraq, Afghanistan, Nicaragua and the initiation of the People’s War. This epoch lies within the “next 50 to 100 years”; henceforth will develop the contradiction between capitalism and socialism, the solution of which will bring us to communism. It is in this way that Chairman Gonzalo sees the long years to come.

With this great communist vision that characterizes our Great Leader, Chairman Gonzalo, he established that revolution is the main historical and political trend of world history. He teaches that contradiction develops progress, the majority is in favor of advance in order to have elementary living conditions and of being able to develop as persons, as human beings, in accordance with the advance of the times. Fabulous riches have been created, determined conditions exist on a higher level and the masses cannot keep living side by side with a world where there are subhuman conditions in disaccord with the enormous riches and insulting waste. The world has to advance, progress, development and revolution is the direction of history; this is why the bourgeois and their petty-bourgeois lackeys sustain the negation of progress, of development, of advance. We conceive of progress as being the consequence of the revolutionary transformation of the class struggle that generates more advanced classes, a more combative people. History has a direction that goes toward the wider liberty of man. This is undeniable, but it is being denied, it is being said that these are pseudo-Marxist ideas, but the contradiction between the new and the old exists and this gives rise to the fact that revolution is the main trend. Chairman Mao said that the road is tortuous, but the future is bright. Either this reflects a contradiction, a reality, or it is just a useless play with brilliant words. Historically and politically revolution is the main trend, and the rest is transitory retrogression. When there are problems, this generates pessimism, people say “so much struggle and for what,” but what has been done is never lost. The positive and the negative contend, the new will impose itself because it is superior. We must see the contradiction, history, the interest of the masses, which is going to define the future of society, the socialist future. We must see what the masses want; this defines the historical and political direction.

Imperialism ripens the objective conditions for revolution or the revolutionary situation in unequal development in the world, Lenin asserted this. This means that in the world, there is oppression of the lower classes and crisis for the upper classes. As we said in the previous paragraph, the masses no longer want to continue living in conditions of misery inappropriate for the situation of progress in the world today. On the other hand, the upper classes can no longer continue governing like before, reaction’s old order is creaking, it is collapsing in a desperate form, in the imperialist countries as well as in the oppressed countries. But nobody can expect imperialism and reaction to withdraw benevolently, they plot great, sinister massacres. The sole hegemonic superpower, the US, the other nuclear superpower, Russia, and the other powers invade, penetrate, occupy, undermine and destroy with their “unlimited war”, they seek to plunge everything into a state of horror. But, as Chairman Mao says, when they attack, aggress and launch their offensives, they are scattered and enter into the powerful entrails of the people; and the people are enraged, they arm themselves and rising in rebellion, they put the hangman’s noose around the neck of imperialism and of the reactionaries, take them by the throat, grasp it and will necessarily strangle them. In the world today, we see how the peoples are rising in rebellion against imperialism in Asia, Africa and Latin America; and we also see how the masses struggle and combat in the imperialist countries themselves, against the oppression in their own countries and against the imperialist aggression, against the imperialist war. It can also be seen in the massive protests for instance in USA, Germany, Italy, Russia, France, etc and, as a higher expression, in the armed struggles in Europe and China, which is an undeniable proof of the fact that the contradiction between proletariat and bourgeoisie is sharpening as well. And this has to be so, for it corresponds to the law that has been established, that the imperialist war accelerates all contradictions, spurring revolution. But logically, this is expressed with greater force in our countries in the people’s wars (in Peru and Nepal) and in the armed struggles against the imperialist occupations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Chechnya, etc. All this taken together has determined the fact that we have entered a new great wave of world proletarian revolution, a new great wave of world revolution, the coming of which was announced by Chairman Gonzalo in his Speech in September 1992, when he called us to impose Maoism as its sole command and guide, as its guarantee of triumph, reconstituting or constituting militarized Communist Parties in order to initiate the people’s war.

This concerning one side, the side of the people. On the other, there is since the beginning of the nineties a general counterrevolutionary offensive that Yankee imperialism is leading in its role of being sole hegemonist and world gendarme. It is a counterrevolutionary offensive of imperialism, reaction and revisionism against world revolution, in order to prevent the latter, and it has developed in the midst of accelerated preparations by the imperialists for a third world war. Today, they are propelling it in the midst of their imperialist war of aggression like in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc., or subjecting countries by means of covert military action Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, etc and military blackmail as is the case in Iran and Libya, just to name the most recent examples. It is an imperialist war of aggression that Yankee imperialism unleashes in order to be the one who divides up the cake, the booty of the imperialist pillage and which it puts up against the other imperialists who also want to decide on this division, which leads to their inevitable confrontation over their interests on all continents. It is an imperialist war, the development of which will inevitably lead them to a new world war. This thus takes place in the midst of the sharpening of all contradictions in the world. Further, “either revolution prevents the war, or the world war incites revolution” (Chairman Mao). This is the state of the world today.



Chairman Gonzalo tells us: “In the face of a counterrevolutionary offensive, men have to act, and we communists are even more obliged to do so, we have to transform this offensive into a revolutionary counteroffensive. The transforming activity of man is necessary in order for the character of revolution of being the main trend to express itself, and we communists have to concretize the people’s war, specifying it to the concrete conditions of each revolution.” And this is what is needed in order for the full might of our ideology, of Maoism, to express itself. For as he himself says: “A revolutionary situation or objective conditions of the revolution, are thus not the same as the subjective conditions. The latter are the class and the instruments capable of converting the revolutionary situation into revolutionary violence”. In the present moment, this implies a revolutionary army, a united front and a Party that controls both; i.e., people’s war. The people’s war is a war of the masses led by the Communist Party; with the necessity of the Party based on the ideology of the proletariat, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, which must be specified as a guiding thought; a people’s war specified according to the type of country; a people’s war that as its essence has the support bases or the new political power. A protracted people’s war, for this derives from the correlation of the enemy’s and our factors; we go from the being weak in appearance to being strong and the enemy from being strong in appearance to being weak. Chairman Gonzalo teaches us that the people’s war is long and bloody but victorious and he warns us against rightism as the main danger that can cause serious setbacks for the war. It is a people’s war that, waged country by country, comes to encompass all the continents in order to converge into a single torrent in the world people’s war.

Chairman Gonzalo calls the communists to prepare themselves to convert the imperialist aggressions or interventions, the interimperialist war or the imperialist world war into peoples war, or to wage it in order to prepare ourselves, even without there being an imperialist war; to uphold the people’s war and dare to combat without there being a direct aggression of imperialism, this is what was done in Peru on May 17, 1980. Others call to center on mass movements and say that the only contradiction being sharpened is the one existing between the oppressed nations, on one hand, against the imperialist superpowers and imperialist powers, on the other; this contradiction is the first and principal one, but it is not the only one at work. These other persons say that in the imperialist countries of North America, Europe and Asia, there is no revolutionary situation, from which they conclude this talk of “there is no big crisis, there is no danger of an interimperialist war or imperialist world war”; they say that, in the imperialist countries, you must follow the “road of October”. They center on the plan of reaction and not on the development of revolution. There must be full clarity concerning the necessity of revolutionary violence in order to transform the world, we uphold the omnipotence of the revolutionary war, which means of the people’s war, as the highest military theory, the one of the proletariat which the class has concretized in a full and compete form only with Chairman Mao Tsetung and that has to be specified to each type of country, be they imperialist or backward. In what resides the trickiness of some people? It lies in confounding the people’s as the concretization of revolutionary violence with universal validity with the road that this has to follow in accordance with the type of country, be it imperialist or backward.

These tricky ones that we have made reference to above defend the possibility and necessity of “parliamentary participation”, of a “long period of peaceful development”. This said in the epoch of the definite crisis of the bourgeois state and of parliament, when this has become merely a part of the decoration; in the midst of the world process of the reactionarization of the state via the absolute centralization – by means of presidential absolutism or of fascism – when the laws and all the important measures are decided “over or under the heads of the parliaments”, where each corruption scandal with full clarity reveals what Lenin established, that “the monopolies have robbed the citizens of all political freedom”, for these so-called election campaign financing scandals reveal who is playing the role of “great elector”. What this new version of the old “parliamentary cretinism” is seeking, under the pretext of the “accumulation of forces during a long period which passes through parliamentary struggle”, is to strengthen the old bourgeois state, the old and rotten imperialist states, which are riddled with cancer to the bone; these states and governments whose delegitimization is advancing, drums beating. They are unable to attract the majority of the masses to participating in elections, the electoral participation is, despite the massive fraud and all the massive, million-dollar propaganda, always under 60 or 50% in the majority of these countries, the electoral participation is most miserable in the United States and Russia, where it does not even reach 40%. Thus, against the sense of what the masses want, against the spontaneous rejection of parliamentarianism and of their elections, of the parties and politicians of the old imperialist order of oppression that this manifests, they want to pour water on the reactionary mill. This accumulation of forces favors the enemy and belongs to the tactics of Kautsky’s old revisionism, repeated by the modern revisionism of Khrushchev & Co. This tactics does not belong to the Maoists for it leads to confounding the two roads, to confounding the proletarian road in the imperialist countries (the road of the people’s war) with the imperialist dead-end road of votes. This belongs to the “peaceful road”.

We are in favor of revolutionary violence, for it is only with arms that you change the world. For the communists, the people’s war is the form in which revolutionary violence is concretized in the imperialist as well as in the backward countries. Being a Maoist, applying the outlook of the proletariat in theory and in praxis, in accordance with the concrete conditions of each revolution, demands subjecting yourself to the people’s war and thus, center the activity on initiating it, if it has not begun, and on developing it, if it has been initiated. Even more so as we have entered a new great wave of world proletarian revolution. This sets the terms for the debate and it is up to all communists and all revolutionaries to act.

Those who talk of “...participation...” under the pretext of following “the road of October”, on other opportunities talk of “people’s war”; but “without support bases”. The entire work that these people develop serves to oppose the people’s war, and they use their hegemonistic connections and their support to certain groups in order to achieve this. This is why they throw themselves up against Gonzalo Thought. We unmask these persons and put forward that they stubbornly oppose the initiation of people’s war in the imperialist countries. What these people do is to see the burning bonfire of the people’s war of Peru and Nepal as cats and meow, for nobody can deny the advances obtained by the Maoists in these countries. We do not agree with the splitting practice of these cheap hegemonists. We do not agree with the attempts to isolate the People’s War of Peru and of trying to prevent the voice of the Communist Party of Peru to reach all the revolutionary Parties and organizations of the world in a clear form. We do not need any kind of intermediaries; we want to have direct relations with the communists of the world and their Parties. We have to do this, because it is a necessity now. The Communist Party of Peru needs to make known its experience of developing people’s war in the service of world revolution, crushing all the plans of imperialism, of reaction and of revisionism, specifically of the rats of the revisionist and capitulationist right-opportunist line (ROL). The Communist Party of Peru needs the advance of world revolution, of proletarian internationalism.
What do we need? We need Maoism to, embodying itself in the peoples of the world, go over to generate Communist Parties, militarized, of a new type, with Great Leadership and guiding thought, in order for them to initiate people’s wars to sweep away imperialism, reaction and revisionism from the face of the Earth. As we have pointed out in our December 26 leaflet, LONG LIVE MARXISM-LENINISM-MAOISM, PRINCIPALLY MAOISM! “The communists of the world must already now reconstitute the Parties; it is not a question of accumulating forces or merging small groups of every ilk: the question lies in, counting on a handful of communists and taking the very example of Chairman Mao and of Chairman Gonzalo, constituting or reconstituting the Party in order to as soon as possible initiate the people’s war in all countries, be it in the West or in the East, from South to North, in a cold country or in a warm country; the world people’s war is on the agenda everywhere. To constitute or reconstitute the Parties and initiate the people’s war; this is task of the communists, it’s as simple as that”.
We are in favor of the reconstitution of the Communist International, and we consider the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement as being a step in this direction, to which it will serve insofar as it bases itself on and follows a just and correct ideological and political line. We are in favor of a correct and wise two-line struggle in order to make our movement advance in the midst of world class struggle.
Finally, we are in favor of imposing Maoism as sole command and guide of world revolution, of the new great wave of world proletarian revolution, as the sole guarantee of its victorious development. We believe that this will be a long-lasting, complex and hard struggle, but in the end, we Maoists of the Earth will impose it, for Marxism has not taken a single step in its life without struggle. We believe that the defense the life of Chairman Gonzalo, the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist on the face of the Earth, is a task of great strategic significance, inseparable from the task of struggling to impose Maoism as the command and guide of world proletarian revolution. We call to uphold, defend and apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism!

Glory to the international proletariat!
Long live world proletarian revolution!

Peru People’s Movement
January 2004

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