Proletarians of all countries, unite!


Each year, May 1st affirms proletarian internationalism, under our Marxist-Leninist-Maoist motto: "Proletarians of all countries, unite!". This goes to say, that we in all countries and continents should unite those who struggle for an entirely new society: the ever shining and golden Communism, towards which we are marching inexorably.

To the Peru People's Movement, generated organism of the Communist Party of Peru for the work abroad, this is a special opportunity to make a pronouncement about the current state of the development of struggle between revolution and counterrevolution on the international level.

What is principal to us is that the proletariat today is struggling to conquer state power, in these moments when revolution has become the main trend in the world, in which world revolution is in strategic offensive and we have entered the new great wave of world proletarian revolution, with a general counterrevolutionary offensive developing in opposition to it, led by Yankee imperialism being the sole hegemonic superpower world gendarme. The proletariat is striving armed with Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, with Communist Party and with People's War, because it is only through people's war that you are prepared to confront the imperialist aggression, the imperialist war and make revolution. The slogan "Stop the war!" expresses common pacifism and does not serve neither the proletariat nor the peoples of the world, it only serves to disarms them ideologically, politically, organizationally and militarily. In Peru, Nepal and Turkey, victorious people's war is being developed, in India and in other places, the armed struggle led by the communists is experimenting an ardent development, and in the entire world, in Europe as well as in North America and South America, in Asia, Africa and Australia or Oceania, the class is struggling, it is grouping itself, combating and generating its Party, by means of its reconstitution, once more, led by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and it will, by means of arms, with people's war, solve the new problems that present themselves.

Yankee imperialism has gone over to develop its imperialist war for a new dividing up and a new world order in accordance with its interests; the military fact comes first, and then follows the political fact. This is being expressed in the recent war of aggression against Iraq, against an oppressed country, it is not like they say "for disarmament" and "against a dictator", but against the interests of the other imperialist powers such as France, Germany, Russia, China, etc. Yankee imperialism has unequivocally defined the means and the objectives as follows: "By leading the campaign against terrorism, we are forging new and advantageous international relations and giving a new definition to the ones that already exist, in order for them better to answer to the challenges of the 21st century" (Bush, National Security Strategy of the United States, Washington, D.C., September 2002). Thus, the development of the imperialist war is a reality and the oppressed nations are the booty that is to be divided. The Yankee imperialists are, in order to cut loose from the chains of the treaties and public opinion, working at the latter in order to manipulate it to its ends.

How does the problem present itself? By Yankee imperialism, sole hegemonist and world gendarme, being in favor of a new dividing up of the world and of being the one who will give each of the "allies" his portion and these do not agree. they also want to decide. Thus, Yankee imperialism cannot drag the other imperialist powers along after them, for these are also fighting for their reactionary interests.

A characteristic trait of the greater development of the imperialist war lies in the fact that it hast not yet reached the point of converting itself into a world war. In the "war of the willing," which in every form is affecting the interests of the others, but where the latter still remain waiting, making concessions to the aggressors, calling for everything to be done through the UN, that is to say, the Security Council, concretely the five who have the right to veto. There is a new dividing up at their cost, without these still confronting directly. This signifies facilitating the aggression, the expansion of the war and its subsequent change to world war.

But, why are the other imperialist powers acting in this way? Because the other imperialist powers strive for the Yankees to lead their attacks against others, in order for themselves to win time and prepare for the inevitable shock, for what they call the "symmetrical war" (the conventional and atomic warfare), while they are waiting for the Yankees to be weakened and to wear themselves out confronting the "asymmetrical warfare" (the resistance of the peoples that they occupy) in order to thereafter start taking part in the name of peace. Another cause of their not intervening lies in the fear of revolution in their own countries, because this would accelerate the development of the revolutionary situation. They know that a new world war inevitably will lead to it the triumph of the third great revolution, this is a law.

Today, there is a clear military fact, the forces of Yankee imperialism are operating in an area going from the nations of the former Warsaw Pact in Eastern Europe and in those of the former Yugoslavia, throughout the Mediterranean, through the Middle East and northeastern Africa, throughout Central Asia, from the periphery of Russia to the harbors of Pakistan in the Indian Ocean. This is a strip of Yankee influence that has not been seen in generations, in one of the world's most strategic regions. With the development of the imperialist war of aggression against Iraq they are militarily exerting pressure all along the border with Syria and, by virtue of the United States military occupation of Afghanistan, it means that they are surrounding Iraq with a new net of North American dominion. The announced reduction of their military presence in the region is nothing but the development of their plans to "arabize" their war of aggression against these countries, their occupation, counting on the puppet troops and puppet governments to maintain and expand the Yankee dominion. Further, it is a maneuver in order to win time for their upcoming attacks. One thing is certain, they will advance through blood and fire in order to concretize their influence in effective dominion on all levels, disposing over oil and the resources of the region to the detriment of the interests of the others, in a key region "for the primordial world interests of the United States" (op. cit.). According to these plans for the development of the war, Yankee imperialism has placed Africa as its "strategical priority". The imperialist war will necessarily involve the whole of Africa, the first step being to secure the dominion over South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Ethiopia, as the quoted document points out. But as they themselves have pointed out: "Nevertheless, this campaign does not have to abide to a predetermined sequence of events in order to be efficient; its cumulative effect in all regions will contribute to achieving the results that we are pursuing" (op. cit.). But they will be handling the war in an ever more aggressive way under the motto "our best defense is a good offensive" (op. cit.).

Our task is to forge a powerful anti-imperialist movement. -Imperialist aims at carrying forward the dividing up of the booty but it does not want an anti-imperialist movement to take form, led by Maoism and taken on by the Communist Parties, this would be a serious setback in the medium range and we have to serve the fulfillment of this task.

The PCP takes on its role in order to concretize new goals, under the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo, with our all-powerful ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, with the People's war, which is showing its invincibility and keeping the unfading banners of communism high at the top. In this way we are preparing ourselves, by arms, facing the imperialist war of aggression and principally in order to make revolution. Thus, it is shown that what is principal is not the imperialist war, the imperialist world war, in the case that it takes place, but revolution. The PCP sums all of this up in a situation, to persist in developing the People's War serving world revolution, in order for communism to settle on Earth.

The oppressed nations are expressing their condemnation and rejection and they are confronting this in different parts of the world, this makes possible the forming of an anti-imperialist movement, what corresponds is that the Communist Parties take on and serve its construction for the struggle against imperialism to expand ever more broadly, the consequences of the dividing up of the world will lead to a genocide of hunger and misery. They say that it will lead to "prosperity and peace" in these place, but it will be merciless exploitation of the poor of the world, these will rebel against all this exploitation and misery.

Imperialism will fail because, while provoking troubles, it is going to make it possible for an anti-imperialist movement led by Communist Parties to take form, only thus will the class, the people and the masses be able to confront the enemy in a correct way and make this plan of imperialism fail. Our force is weak in appearance but in essence, it is strong, this is why we have to carry out a protracted war. Chairman Gonzalo teaches us that the people's war is protracted, bloody but victorious and invincible.

Combat the positions that call to capitulation before imperialism. - Others within the international communist movement are putting forward - as the "the great challenges to revolution" - a whole range of possibilities, an extreme positive and an extreme negative end, which expresses the possibilities as a contradiction, either "great setbacks for revolution" or that "it could transform itself into monumental advances for revolution", they are "possibilitists". They see imperialism as all-powerful. They do not see revolution, the oppressed nations, the masses, the contradictions of the imperialists, they reduce everything to the genocidal response of imperialism to September 11, to the CIA. They forget that a people's war has laws within those of the revolutionary war, that it is guided by a thought. Overestimating the enemy, portraying him as all-powerful means calling to capitulation before the enemy. This is why it is necessary to crush and sweep away all these revisionist positions. And as for what is taking place in Iraq in its struggle against imperialist aggression, it is relevant what Chairman Mao teaches us, drawing the lesson from the historical fact of the occupation of Abyssinia (present Ethiopia) by Italian fascism in 1936: "Why was Abyssinia vanquished? First, she was not only weak but also small. Second, she was not as progressive as China; she was an old country passing from the slave to the serf system, a country without any capitalism or bourgeois political parties, let alone a Communist Party, and with no army such as the Chinese army, let alone one like the Eighth Route Army. Third, she was unable to hold out and wait for international assistance and had to fight her war in isolation. Fourth, and most important of all, there were mistakes in the direction of her war against Italy. Therefore Abyssinia was subjugated. But there is still quite extensive guerrilla warfare in Abyssinia, which, if persisted in, will enable the Abyssinians to recover their country when the world situation changes." This is why it is the case in Iraq, as in any other country in a similar situation, where there is still no Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Party with guiding thought and recognized Great Leadership, no revolutionary army and thus no people's war, that the people of this country, too, can struggle for victory against imperialism, on the condition that it remains firm in armed struggle and do not follow the baton of any power and handle the situation with independency and self-determination. It is not like the rats of the revisionist and capitulationist right opportunist line (ROL) say, that you cannot struggle when there is no Party, and neither it is the way others say, that facing the "Yankee imperialism's unrivaled military strength", the only thing that remains is a mass movement against the war. No, it is not so. The task of the communists is and will always be to constitute or reconstitute the Communist Party in the midst of the forge of armed struggle against imperialism, in order to go over to develop people's war.

The war of resistance against imperialism's aggression is already being developed by the peoples of the world, it is necessary to make it general by propelling a powerful world anti-imperialist movement. We will definitively sweep away imperialism, world reaction and revisionism from the face of the Earth. Let May 1st serve to affirm ourselves even more in our task and in the promise of carrying it out no matter what the cost, as the most complete expression of what proletarian internationalism means today. Honor and glory to the international proletariat!

Long Live Chairman Gonzalo!
Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought!
Long Live the Communist Party of Peru!
Yankee go home!
Support the Arab people!
People's war until communism!

Peru People's Movement
May 1st, 2003

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