Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Yankee go home!
Support the Arab people!

   Yankee imperialism, sole hegemonist and principal gendarme of world counterrevolution is waging a vile and sinister aggression of war against Iraq, this military fact is to concretize a political fact, that is a new order in accordance with their class interests; in this it has problems with its “allies,” what they are contending for is how they are going to divide up the world. This shows that Yankee imperialism is a giant with feet of clay that cannot advance except in collusion and contention with the other imperialist powers, because they are also contending for their reactionary interests. Thus, the imperialist dispute develops andwe, the oppressed nations, like Iraq, are the booty to divide up.

   The montage and the preparations made by Yankee imperialism to “justify” its invasion for “disarming” have not, with all their hoaxes, fooled anybody and have been exposed every time they have tried, as with their falsification of “evidence” (example: the CIA report on the uranium from Africa). All the diplomatic treaties, the resolutions of the UN Security Council, etc.; nothing of what they have tried has been able to fool world public opinion. All this shows the true character of this unjust war, of this war of imperialist aggression against an oppressed nation of the Third World. Saddam Hussein and his likes have been imposed by imperialism itself, which only uses its demagogy of “democracy” as a pretext for its aggression and its imperialist dispute and this has to be unmasked.

    The complaints of the other imperialists, such as China, France, Germany and Russia and some other minor European powers, have nothing to do with their “love for peace,” their “preference for a peaceful solution”; their opposition to Yankee aggression is based on their nonconformity with Yankee imperialism’s plan of being the one to divide up the booty. In other words, because they know that Yankee imperialism seeks to impose their new world order against them through war. Their appeal to “international right” is in order to protect their own interests as imperialist powers and has nothing to do with respect for national sovereignty – evidence of their hypocritical attitude is the role of France in Africa.

    The development of the war does not depend on the “invincible North American military potential sustained on the highest and most modern technology,” which is only another way of asserting that “arms are the decisive factor in war”; despite all the manipulations, the falseness of this was once more proven, in an evident way, in the Gulf war (that of the old Bush); the decisive factor in war is man, not the arms. Thus, the problem lies not in the Iraqui forces’ lack of modern armament, but in the wan ideology of its leaders, in Saddam Hussein’s class limitations, but even this being so, the Arab people will always fight, as it always has done, and imperialism, no matter how many genocides they commit, will never know peace: it will only generate new millions of combatants of the world proletarian revolution.

    The current world order is being questioned by means of war, as Bush said in his election campaign in 2000: “it is necessary to end the current status quo”, the point is how they are going to distribute the world. If we, in the present moment, look at the forces of revolution and those of counterrevolution, the situation presents itself in the following way: the proletariat is today struggling to conquer political power and imperialism is trying to divide up the world and give each “ally” its portion and these are not in agreement, they also want to decide. What imperialism is aiming at is to carry forward its redivision but it does not want an anti-imperialist movement to come about, even less that it be led by Maoism and even much more less that a Communist Party assumes it. In the development of the world situation, this would be a setback for imperialism in the medium run. This is the task that we must serve.

    The only form for putting an end to imperialism is by developing people’s war in all countries, under the command and guide of the ideology of the international proletariat, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, which has to be applied to the concrete conditions of each country. A vital problem for this is to give an impulse to the process of reconstituting the Communist Parties in order for them to assume the leadership of revolution and in order that, within it, in the midst of the struggle for the application of Maoism, a guiding thought be generated and a great leadership as indispensable guarantee of triumph. Thus we Marxist-Leninist-Maoists, Gonzalo Thought reaffirm ourselves in what was established by Chairman Mao: “We are advocates of the abolition of war, we do not want war; but war can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun.”

    The People’s War that burns victoriously and powerfully in Peru, as the torch of the world proletarian revolution, led by the Communist Party of Peru (PCP) under the great leadership of Chairman Gonzalo, shows overwhelmingly the universal validity and the invincibility of people’s war. The people’s wars in Nepal and Turkey that follow the road opened by the PCP; the revolutionary armed struggles in India; the incessant struggles of national liberation in Palestine, Chechnya, to name but two examples; the massive peasant movements in the oppressed countries; the increasing struggle of the proletariat in the imperialist countries; are undeniable confirmations that a new great wave of the world proletarian revolution has begun to develop. Each person, group, organisation or movement that wants to combat the imperialist aggression, has to reject and condemn the manouverings of revisionism and opportunism to deviate the anti-imperialist struggle along pacifist roads or with calls like “the UN should act”, which only serves to their becoming a tail of other imperialist interests.

    We denounce before the international proletariat and the peoples of the world the plan of imperialism to attack the Communist Parties and the Revolutionary Organisations in order to crush the anti-imperialist agitation and propaganda, aiming principally at leaders mounting all types of hoaxes using traitors and infiltrators, in their vain strivings to prevent that an anti-imperialist movement led by the class and the Party comes about. It is indispensable to maintain a high vigilance and crush this wave of repression in progress, developing massively our revolutionary work with the proletarian internationalism held high.

    The oppressed nations express their condemnation and their rejection of the imperialist aggression, in different parts of the world; on all the continents, the proletariat and the masses confront this aggression and this permits the formation of an anti-imperialist movement, what corresponds, we repeat again, is that the Communist Parties must assume and serve the construction of this movement because the struggle against imperialism is going to broaden more and more. The consequences of the redivision of the world is going to lead to a genocide of hunger and misery, merciless exploitation of the peoples of the world, masses that will rebel before so much exploitation and misery. Imperialism cannot escape from its law of making trouble, failing, making trouble again, failing again and this is what will take place, and this will permit the formation of an anti-imperialist movement led by Communist Parties. Only in this way can the class, the people and the masses confront the plans of the enemy in a correct way and make them fail.

    The counterrevolutionary offensive will inevitably be defeated and we, firmly based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, are certain and convinced of the triumph of world proletarian revolution, of mankind’s unstoppable march to communism and of the transcendency of the victory of the Peruvian revolution; we assume this with the great resolve of ever more serving the conquest of political power in all of Peru and boldly and unwaveringly combat for the full and complete triumph of a new social order, socialism until communism.



Peru People's Movement
March 2003



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