Proletarians of all Countries, Unite!


On the Occasion of the 18th Anniversary of the People's War in Peru:



On this celebration of the 18th anniversary of the People’s War we first extend our exultant and jubilant revolutionary greetings to Chairman Gonzalo, Great Leader of the Party and Revolution, to the PCP, to the victorious and powerful People’s War in Peru; to the comrades of the International Communist Movement and within that the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, as well as the combatants of the people’s wars and armed struggles which keep the banner of rebellion raised high; and to the proletariat and peoples of the world.

The class struggle and the struggle of the masses do not cease for a minute
The People's War will never be detained

The proletariat and the peoples of the more than 200 countries which populate the Earth have not ceased to struggle for even a minute in defense of their class interests, whether in the struggle for economic demands or political demands, or whether by unfurling their right to rebel for their historic interests with armed struggle, or with the highest expression of the class struggle, in people’s war. Today, on the anniversary of 18 years of People’s War in Peru, which has not ceased for a minute, we call on all to express a multitudinous greeting to the heroic Peruvian people, especially the masses of the supportbases which are an example to the world for their heroism and their capacity to bear sacrifices. As well we should greet the combatants of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and militants of the PCP. Each of us should think that it is not only with words but also with deeds that we should support them, and if possible we should mix our blood with the blood shed by the heroes, combatants and masses that have given their lives in the 150 years of the world proletarian revolution which we complete this year, since the publication of the "Communist Manifesto", which continues and shall continue to be the program for Communists, and remains valid until Communism. For these reasons, today more than ever we should renew our promise to not lay down arms until Communism. We must always keep in mind that when we take up arms and raise the banner of rebellion it cannot be lowered, it must be maintained to the end no matter the cost. The principal thing in these cases is not to allow the morale of the class to be damaged, it doesn’t matter how many leaders fall. This is what Marx and Engels taught us on the occasion of the Paris Commune. At that time, Marx and Engels knew that although the proletariat was not ripe for seizing power, it was necessary to support the Commune and participate actively within it and with every effort. And this is what they did. The proletariat has demonstrated that not only does it have a superior ideology and organization, but also an unbending morale. For all these reasons it possesses an optimism that is natural. The international proletariat, through the Communist Parties, at the head of the peoples of the world, has formed four great milestones which have gone from lesser to greater, and today at the beginning of this New Great Wave of the World Proletarian Revolution we can see that what is coming is an even greater milestone. But this will not fall from the sky, we must continue to struggle for more people’s wars to emerge from their cocoons as a product of the embodiment of Maoism concretized in the reconstitution of the Communist Parties.

Every revolution requires someone who represents and leads it,
it requires great leadership

The masses follow those who affirm, not those who doubt, especially when it is necessary to open a breach for the rest to follow. It is like the water in a mighty and turbulent river, in the backwaters the water becomes stagnant and foul; by contrast, the torrent of water overflows its banks following the headwaters which shatter the rocks. In the beginning this is only a thread of water, but later the rest of the torrent carves the new river bed. It is always this way, in the beginning there are few and among those there is one who sees farther ahead. Thus, in the world proletarian revolution we have seen the immense work of titans of thought and action that only our class has been able to generate. But among these three stand out, three unfading luminaries whose light and incandescence will transcend the ages: Marx, Lenin and Chairman Mao Tse-tung. But Marxism continues to unfold, because it is new and young, and as it is young it is vigorous; because it is the most advanced ideology and the only scientific in the world. Today we have three stages of Marxism, but its development continues, and this development comes from contributions that necessarily result from the application of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, to the concrete conditions of each revolution which specifing its own thought, path and great leadership, in order to resolve the new problems which are presented by each peculiarity. This is even more so in the preparation to and leadership of each people’s war, which must be understood as trenches of combat in the world people’s war which is now the order of the day.

Who, for the time being, is the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist? Who is the successor of Marx, Lenin and Chairman Mao? Who is leading the Marxist counter-offensive at a world level? Chairman Gonzalo!

The masses in their permanent contention for revolution, with the proletariat as the leading class, require the ones who represents and guides them, they require a party, the Communist Party; and they also require great leadership, which wins its recognition in a process where it demonstrates the correctness and justness of its leadership based on a Thought. In the case of Peru it is the great leadership of Chairman Gonzalo, which sustain itself on the basis of Gonzalo Thought, Gonzalo Thought which is the application of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism to the concrete conditions of the Peruvian Revolution. For that reason it is worthwhile to reiterate once more the necessity of expressing our recognition of Chairman Gonzalo, who has contributed to the development of a fourth stage of Marxism, a recognition expressed to the four corners of the planet, which is concretized in the understanding of the strategic character of defending his life. To cast doubts about him does not serve the development of the New Great Wave of the World Proletarian Revolution, to doubt him is to play the game of imperialism which seeks to prevent Maoism from being incarnated and reconstitute the parties as Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Parties as a function of preparing, initiating or developing the people’s wars or to put the armed struggles which exist today back on course.

The general counter-revolutionary offensive is declining more and more: a New Great Wave of the World Proletarian Revolution has begun to unfold

We are present at a great contest between revolution and counter-revolution. On one side is imperialism, revisionism and world reaction and on the other are the proletariat and the peoples of the world, especially in the oppressed nations. Yes, categorically yes, and it must be said a thousand and one times: first, revisionism is inseparable from counter-revolution, and second, we must highlight that revisionism is in total and complete bankruptcy. Both the old revisionism of Bernstein and Kautsky is bankrupt as well as the modern revisionism of Khrushchev and forth, infamous wretches who carried out the restoration of capitalism. The total and complete bankruptcy of revisionism is good for the revolution, it clears the field and furthermore it is like the prelude which precedes the advent of the great milestones of the world proletarian revolution. Revisionism, since it is the principal danger, must be constantly crushed. Before the seizure of power, revisionism opposes the armed struggle and enters into agreements with reaction in order to maintain its system; if power is at hand, revisionism is the political leadership towards the restoration of capitalism; this is how it has been in the formerly socialist countries. Revisionism is synonymous with capitulation, capitulation in the face of internal reaction in each country and capitulation before imperialism at an international level.

Well, towards the end of the last decade a revisionist offensive headed by Gorbachov and Teng could be seen, which converged with imperialism’s and reaction’s offensive against Marxism, socialism and the revolution. With the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the total and complete bankruptcy of revisionism, the United States in its role of sole hegemonist begins to lead this general counter-revolutionary offensive in the current decade. This offensive has intended to sweep away the proletariat as a class, aiming at its heart, its ideology: Marxism. In this way they sought to turn around the historical and political tendency of revolution. This general counter-revolutionary offensive in its zeal to dupe the unwary has spread such ideas as "capitalism is eternal" and that the United States will take humanity to a "new age of peace" and "stability", that Socialism and Communism are "utopian", that the dictatorship of the proletariat is "repressive", that "Marxism is obsolete", and that we are witnessing the "end of ideology", etc. They have deployed the so-called low intensity warfare with the political objective of "legitimizing" governments "through elections" and promoting the so-called "human rights". In the economic sphere they are applying "neoliberalism", privatizations and are using religion as an organizational and ideological shield. Such is the case, for example, of the trips by the Pope all over the world to bless the murderers’ guns, since fundamentally their strategy is to drown the revolution in blood.

What has been the result of all this? Instead of preventing revolution as the principle historical and political tendency, this general counter-revolutionary offensive has sharpened the contradictions at the world level (proletariat-bourgeoisie, inter-imperialist, and the principal one today, imperialism versus oppressed nations). Along with this it has sharpened the class struggle and the struggle of the masses and thus a New Great Wave of the World Proletarian Revolution has begun to unfold today, thus bettering, we note in passing, the conditions for the victory of the People’s War in Peru.

The international conditions must continue to improve
The decisive point is to struggle for Maoism to continue to be embodied and to impel the reconstitution of the Communist Parties at a world level

The New Great Wave of the World Proletarian Revolution which has begun to unfold confirms the principal tendency towards revolution, particularly in the principal zone of the storm, the oppressed nations, where the National Liberation Movement under the leadership of the proletariat is the principal force. Today Socialism does not exist as a state due to the fact that revisionism restored capitalism in all the countries that made up the socialist camp; but not only that, revisionism has destroyed the International Communist Movement, just as occurred in the days of the old revisionism and the parties of the second international.

We cannot allow our vision to be clouded, but must see history and its perspective. The World Proletarian Revolution has three great milestones in the 20th Century: the October Revolution, the Chinese Revolution and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. It also has two big defeats (the restorations in the Soviet Union and in China) due to the sinister work of revisionism. Draw lessons. But that is how history is, we must see that in history these restorations and even regression occur before, finally, the new imposes itself definitively. No one would believe, for example, that slavery or feudalism could return as the dominant system in the world. Capitalism is the old, it must cede its position to Socialism, which is the new, and all its efforts to immortalize its system do no more than further ripen the contradictions for the unfolding of the revolution: today, we have concretely seen how their general counter-revolutionary offensive, instead of preventing revolution, has sharpened the contradictions and class struggle on a world scale and thus accelerated the New Great Wave of the World Proletarian Revolution which has just begun.

The historical tendency for the new to replace the old is an inescapable law, but what must be seen is the political tendency, that is to say the class struggle to seize power and its organic concretization principally in the Communist Parties. For that reason the principal tendency of the revolution is not only historical but also political.

We must persist in our program and organize with class morale, sure of being the bearers of the new, the true and the beautiful and concretely this entails always maintaining on high the banner and program of the Communists. From that perspective comes the importance of seeing how the banners of the People’s War continue to wave defiantly before the world and not only in Peru, but also, with different degrees of development, in the people’s wars or armed struggles in Nepal, Turkey, India, and the Philippines among others, as well as to keep in mind how the masses are disposed to take up arms, for example in Colombia and Mexico, among others.

But all this merely brings to mind the necessity of the reconstitution of the Communist Parties as a peremptory and uncontainable necessity; and we human beings know well what an unstoppable necessity is. Chairman Gonzalo says it well, that "Maoism is marching unstoppably to command the New Great Wave of the World Proletarian Revolution". Furthermore it is generating authentic parties, since without a Communist Party reconstituted as a proletarian party of a new type, a militarized party, a people’s war cannot be developed.

The main contribution of Chairman Gonzalo to the world proletarian revolution is to have established that Maoism is the new, third and superior stage of Marxism.

Chairman Gonzalo has adhered to Mao Tse-tung Thought since 1962, and it is precisely in leading the red fraction that he propels the demarcation and expulsion of revisionism from the ranks of the PCP in 1964, making the PCP one of the first parties that expelled revisionism.

Following this and throughout the entire process of reconstitution of the Party, he creatively applied Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, to the concrete conditions of the Peruvian revolution following the three strategic policies (see below). The Party starts to conclude its process of reconstitution in order to initiate the People’s War in 1980. Also it is necessary to recall that the PCP was the first Communist Party which condemned Teng’s counter-revolutionary revisionist coup in 1976. All of this tells us that the principal contribution that Chairman Gonzalo has made to the world revolution is having established Maoism as the new, third and superior stage of Marxism, which is truly decisive for the world revolution. Because without this understanding, that is the understanding of Maoism as the "new", "third" and "superior" and moreover as the "principal" of the three stages of Marxism, there is no way to carry forward the application of the universal truth, nor the reconstitution of the parties, nor the preparation and development of the People’s War, nor the reunification of the Communists. Moreover Chairman Gonzalo proposed that we must Unite Under Maoism! And he told us that for this to be understood time is required and above all the development of the People’s War.

This principal contribution has two derivations specified by Chairman Gonzalo in the document "On the Rectification Campaign with ‘Elections, No! People’s War, Yes!’" which we consider necessary to bear in mind. First derivation: "Upholding, defending and applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is the decisive factor in developing the world proletarian revolution, demolish imperialism, international reaction and crushing revisionism. This is the key.

Second derivation: "We must point to an agreed-upon task: create public opinion and unleash a profound ideological work among the masses. We must do this with great decisiveness and swiftness". Today we must understand this as national and international public opinion to conquer power countrywide.

Chairman Gonzalo is leading the red line in the International Communist Movement, within which the PCP is developing as the red fraction

With Teng’s counter-revolutionary coup in 1976 and the restoration of capitalism in China, we Communists were left without a center and a base; despite this there are millions of Communists in the world who struggle for the embodiment of Maoism and the reconstitution of their parties, because revisionism not only destroyed the Communist Parties in the Soviet Union and China but also did it with the rest of the Communist Parties around the world. Chairman Gonzalo understanding this situation and living through it in practice, goes on to carry forward the first process of reconstitution which followed the following three political strategies:

1) Follow the road of "surround the cities from the countryside" (1963)
2) "Reconstitution of the Party for the People’s War" (1969)
3) "Complete the reconstitution and lay bases" for the initiation of the armed struggle (1976).

Thus it has been a process of fierce two-line struggle led by Chairman Gonzalo which concluded when the Party, reconstituted as a proletarian party of a new type, crossed over to "militarize itself through actions", initiating the People’s War in 1980

At the world level, this process of reconstitution of the Communist Parties is a peremptory task, and from what we know the Communist Party of Nepal has followed this process and taken the step of initiating people’s war in their country, which we greet with jubilation. Furthermore, there are other parties which are on this road.

Who conceived of, organized, and formed the reconstitution of the PCP? Chairman Gonzalo.

The struggle to incarnate Maoism as the new, third and superior stage and the defense of the life of Chairman Gonzalo: two tasks closely and strategically linked

With the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo in 1992, the RIM and its Committee carried forward the campaign to "Move heaven and earth to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo", and together with various organizations the IEC (the International Emergency Committee) was formed, which signified a gigantic mobilization demonstrating in deeds the immense love and recognition that the proletariat and the peoples of the world have for Chairman Gonzalo and the People’s War in Peru. But the most important point is that the PCP correctly called for the development of the campaign in a form linked to the campaign for Maoism.

The following year the RIM took a transcendental step by taking up the decisive question, that of Maoism as the new, third and superior stage, and more so as a central part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Chairman Mao.

The sweeping away of the ROL with the broom of the People’s War is a victory for Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful Thought

Before the initiation, in the definition and preparation of the People’s War in Peru, there was a right opportunist line (ROL) which was opposed to the Initiation of the Armed Struggle (ILA 80). At that time the dividing line with all the revisionists centered around the existence or non-existence of a revolutionary situation. Those who said there was no revolutionary situation, the revisionists, were not in agreement with initiating the armed struggle. On the contrary, they wanted to participate in the elections for the Constituent Assembly in 1978. The ROL in those days, inside the Party, predicted that "the Party would crash". At the end the leaders of that ROL were expelled from the Party. Chairman Gonzalo said: "Don’t ask how many we are, but whether you want to or not!", and the doubts were swept away and the sparks burned with passion and ignited the dry prairie. This is how the darkness was rent and the Party entered its third stage, of leading the People’s War. The reconstitution of the Party had been completed with the initiation, the initiation was the trial by fire and the Party passed it. Since then the proletariat and the peoples of the world have followed with great joy step by step the development of this torch of hope which was ignited in the Andes 18 years ago, on May 17, 1980. This was not the case of an armed struggle like some others which, no matter how heroic and revolutionary they were, didn’t carry the New Power in the knapsacks of the combatants, imbued with the will to plant it as soon as possible. This was the case of a Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought people’s war.

In 1981 and 1982 the People’s Committees emerged as forms of the New Power which rapidly began to expand like mushrooms throughout all of the area of the Andes, penetrating many regions of the jungle and coastal headlands. Similarly in the cities, the actions of the People’s War began to be felt with more and more insistence for each time, particularly in Lima.

After defeating the genocide of the years 1983 and 1984, the Party reached the principal milestone of its history until today: the First Marxist Congress of the Party, a Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought congress, principally Gonzalo Thought. This Congress was a child of the Party and the People’s War which returned with interest the efforts of its parents; thus in 1989 the Open People’s Committees were achieved and in 1991 came the Strategic Equilibrium. The enemy understood that the People’s War was eating them alive piece by piece, and understanding that the struggle was all or nothing it said: "it’s them or us"... the Strategic Equilibrium had been reached and this was defined by Chairman Gonzalo: "The enemy: try to recover their lost positions; us: prepare the Strategic Offensive". And that is how it was. Later came the coup of 1992 led by the United States which began to lead the counter-subversive war. The enemy’s offensive had its first assault with a new genocide in the prisons, especially gorging itself on the firm and consequential comrades. Later came the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo (thanks to the collaborationism of the traitors of the ROL). But this wasn’t the "end of the People’s War", nor was there a "turn in the People’s War", it was only "a bend in the road" as Chairman Gonzalo himself defined it in his speech of September 24. It was the moment to show how deep Gonzalo Thought had been embodied, and how profoundly the militants and combatants had learned from Chairman Gonzalo, it was the moment which most required proletarian internationalism. All this occurred at a grand level, the war continued and the Central Committee of the PCP and its responsible, Comrade Feliciano, assumed their role and demonstrated in deeds their capacity to uphold, defend and apply Gonzalo Thought in the most difficult moments of the history of the Party and the People’s War to date.

The bend in the road of the People’s War in Peru took the form of an inflexion

When imperialism and reaction, counting on the treasonous collaborationism of the revisionist and capitulationists of the ROL, succeeded in capturing Chairman Gonzalo, without immediately assassinating him, it remained clear what strategy imperialism was going to follow: Chairman Gonzalo, the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, in the hands of Yankee imperialism. Indeed, later came the hoax of the peace accord launched by imperialism, revisionism and reaction, attributing to Chairman Gonzalo the authorship of letters soliciting a "peace accord".

This was followed by an offensive of "documents" which "gave a foundation" for the "peace accord"... they said that the People’s War "has in fact been defeated", "that with the arrest a turning point in the People’s War occurred", that "bureaucratic capitalism is becoming viable" and that there was a "general retreat in the world revolution". With the crushing of the hoax, they launched a new hoax saying that the "country had been pacified" and that only a few pockets and a few militants remained, among them Comrade Feliciano, who "was wounded in the leg", that they "had him surrounded", and "his arrest is a matter of hours", etc. etc.

But the People’s War continued to advance, burying all these hoaxes.

But it is a fact that with the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo a bend in the road had been entered, and this took the form of an inflexion with a decrease in the size of the Party, the Army and the Front, and in the number of actions of the People’s War. But at the same time with an advance in the quality of each of these aspects, because otherwise the Party would have been swept away and the People’s War annihilated. The fight to the death against the ROL was expressed inside the Party as a struggle against positions which converged with the ROL in some points, in a structured form or tending towards that. Finally the Party carried forward the Plan of "Overcoming the Bend in the Road, Developing the People’s War!" which is part of the VIth Military Plan with its six objectives:

1) Overcome the bend in the road
2) Combat the plan of reaction and imperialism
3) Crush the hoax of "pacification"
4) Crush the revisionist and capitulationist ROL
5) Lay down bases for the realization of the IV Plenum
6) General Reorganization of the Party

These six objectives have practically been achieved and at any moment we will have news of their sanctioning, which will merit a general toast. To whom do we principally owe all this? Once more we must say it, it is "a triumph of Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought".

Some points about the current situation in Peru

Peruvian society is today in a general crisis, in its third moment, the general crisis of bureaucratic capitalism which is marching to its destruction, where their zeal to reinvigorate does no more than ripen the conditions for the conquest of Power. Bureaucratic capitalism is the capitalism which imperialism propel in the backward countries, it is a capitalism subjected to imperialism which accentuates semi-colonialism. In Peru imperialist penetration, principally Yankee, is greater each day. But it is necessary to emphasize that the puppet government of Fujimori is the most unbridled country-selling one in the history of Peru to date; unemployment has reached unprecedented levels, industry continues to decline, agriculture remains in extreme prostration, and the foreign debt has reached levels never before seen. The reactionaries’ task of restructuring the old and decrepit State is a historic impossibility. Now they have begun to apply a fascism adapted to their necessities of combating the people’s war. The ruling clique, in reality headed by Hermoza Rios, Pinochet’s apprentice, with the puppet Fujimori as a vulgar, cheap figurehead, are so scandalously violating their own judicial order that even the U.N., that procuress for imperialism, mainly Yankee imperialism, has had to recommend that they moderate their barbaric atrocities a bit.

The third task of reaction, annihilating the People’s War, has failed totally. All their campaigns of "encirclement and annihilation" have been defeated by the PLA, which under the leadership of the PCP is growing stronger and developing. The People’s War, today in the Strategic Equilibrium, is leaving the bend in the road implied by the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo in 1992. After 18 years, not only has it destroyed old relations of production, it is also creating new relations of production, principally in the countryside, which the New Power is based on, where the organized masses defend their new economy, their new politics and their new culture; a People’s War which is preparing a great leap and which promotes and bring closer the revolutionary crisis, the moment when the urban insurrections will be made to Conquer Power throughout the country. Clearly we can see that in their third task the reactionaries have totally failed.

We must base ourselves on our successes, learn from our mistakes and reach higher levels of unity

The bend in the road, the campaign of silence and the enemy’s propaganda, particularly the poison scattered by the revisionist and capitulationist ROL, echoes in the minds of people and is the reason why the two-line struggle must be carried forward, aiming at the ROL as the target but also fighting the ideas which converge with the ROL that appear among the ranks of the revolution. It is necessary to carry this forward at an international level as has been done as part of the fulfilling of the six objectives of the plan to overcome the bend in the road. We must sweep away all types of corrosive ideas which in no way correspond to the demands of advancing the incarnation of Maoism, the reconstitution of the Communist Parties, the reunification of the Communists of the world and supporting more concretely the People’s War in Peru without ever forgetting that its triumph has a decisive character for the world revolution.

At the international level the bend has expressed itself above all and in a concentrated form in that, within the ICM, some doubt Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought. These criteria which have been expressed at the level of the RIM Committee must necessarily be criticized because they don’t correspond to reality and furthermore because it echoes what has been propagated by the enemy. Nevertheless we are confident that the comrades which have fallen into these criteria will reconsider, because the incarnation of Maoism is a necessity and an unstoppable reality, though clearly in a hard struggle as it must be, a struggle to reach a higher unity based on principles.

The PCP has in Party documents clearly expressed its observations and even clear counter-positions, among them the principal tendency and the principal contradiction; these are well known. Here we only wish to explain some of the more important points in the debate which has occurred since the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo, clearly stating that the PCP greets the transcendental advance of the raising of Maoism as the new, third and superior stage of Marxism and the campaign to "Move heaven and earth to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo".

Therefore, we must first be clear that Chairman Gonzalo is the Great Leader of the PCP and the Peruvian revolution; the Party has never doubted Chairman Gonzalo, because it has always been clear what Great Leadership means, Great Leadership which is based on a Thought as the scientific basis for the great leadership; the Party doesn’t believe any hoaxes, even less about Chairman Gonzalo, and it will never do so. Chairman Gonzalo is the center of Party unification and leads the red line; Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought are inseparable and are the guarantee of triumph until Communism. This point is very clear to anyone familiar with the Basis of Party Unity; thus, to doubt is to clash with the position of the Party, to sow doubts is to do a favor to the enemy and in the final analysis it is carrying water to the mill of the other hill. In any case, let it be perfectly clear that we will not permit that anyone raise their hand against Chairman Gonzalo. We condemn and reject all positions which imply that Chairman Gonzalo is the author of these letters or documents.

Second: the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo has not implied a turning point in the People’s War, but only a bend in the road. Those who think it was a great defeat are dreaming!, as Chairman Gonzalo himself established in his speech of September 24, 1992, which shines victoriously and powerfully before the world. The People’s War continues to develop and the plans approved by the Third Plenum, personally led by Chairman Gonzalo, are being applied, the IVth Plan of "Strategic Development to Conquer Power" and the VIth and penultimate Great Military Plan of "Build the Conquest of Power" among others. Currently, as part of the VIth Great Military Plan, the second part of the plan to "Overcome the Bend in the Road, Developing the People’s War" is being completed. In our country there is a revolutionary situation in growing development and the revolutionary crisis is drawing closer, promoted by the People’s War. That is to say, the conditions are improving day by day. For all these reasons we must make it clear that there is no reason to have a pessimistic attitude.

Third, the revisionist and capitulationist ROL has been crushed and swept away; it is in disarray. There was never any danger that the ROL would control even one branch of the Party; due to the just and correct handling of the two-line struggle, the ROL could not be structured within the PCP, but only outside it. The miserable rats of the ROL were incapable of making a debate and expounding their positions in the internal debate, but from outside the ranks they raised their dark and rotten banners: the ROL became structured in the prisons, nursed and sponsored by the Armed Forces and the puppet Fujimori; this has not been a division of the Party, rather, the Party as a whole reaffirmed itself on the Basis of Party Unity. Thus the PCP, guiding itself with Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, is a heroic combatant that leads and guarantees the path of the revolution.

Fourth, the defense of the life of Chairman Gonzalo is a strategic task which must be completed, because Chairman Gonzalo is not just any leader, he is the Great Leadership of the Party and the revolution, it is he who leads the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought counter-offensive at the world level, who has established Maoism as the new, third, and superior stage of Marxism. Imperialism, reaction and revisionism wish to kill Chairman Gonzalo and now that vigilance has been relaxed, this sinister plan is being facilitated. Therefore, both the possible and impossible must be done to defend the Great Leadership; it is necessary to mobilize the international proletariat and the peoples of the world, reinvigorating this task and elevating the support for the People’s War to a higher level.

Fifth, the People’s War is leaving the bend in the road because the Central Committee, headed by Comrade Feliciano who seconds Chairman Gonzalo, is applying Gonzalo Thought and it is because of this that the People’s War is being developed, bringing the Conquest of Power countrywide closer each day. There is no need to counterpose Comrade Feliciano to Chairman Gonzalo, Comrade Feliciano seconds Chairman Gonzalo which is the Great Leader of the Party and the revolution, and the only people who have an interest in fooling the unwary by counterposing them is the enemy; we should ask ourselves, why are they doing this?

Sixth, at a world level a New Great Wave of the World Proletarian Revolution has begun to develop; the people’s war in Nepal is one more proof that we are in the opening phase of this New Great Wave. This point is closely linked to the question of the principal contradiction and the principal tendency, about which the PCP has been insisting for a very long time. In reality no one who has eyes and ears can deny this.

These points among others have been debated for some time; they are not minor details but very serious questions. Finally we wish to reaffirm ourselves in that the PCP is developing as the red fraction within the International Communist Movement. Each one of us is responsible for our actions, both bad and good, and Communists even more so. We are convinced that the two-line struggle is the motor of development and that the perspective of the international communist movement, the international proletariat and the peoples of the world is a glorious one.

Thus on this 18th anniversary of the People’s War, we express our plain conviction that the People’s War will inevitably triumph, and that our people, under the leadership of the proletariat through its Party, will complete the democratic revolution and immediately begin the socialist revolution, and later with successive cultural revolutions will continue the march to our final goal: Communism, which all of humanity will enter together and as a whole.











May 17, 1998



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