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"The reactionaries aim to destroy the leadership, the Party, and crush the revolution, beyond separating the Party from the masses; to annihilate the Party is to crush a revolution, but not to finish it, because as long as there are communists and masses it can never be finished. There are very important things that must be taken into account to preserve the Party's leadership. Once again, we have shown that the Party is united and that we confront dangers with firmness and determination, sure of managing them to accomplish our tasks and always come out ahead. Any of us can fall, but the Party will continue, our immolated lives will encourage those who remain, and the path will continue until communism is imposed on Earth."

Chairman Gonzalo

In the early morning of July 14th the puppet Fujimori announced that the forces of the old Peruvian state had arrested Comrade Feliciano, the responsible of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru. With this detention again, imperialism, revisionism and the reactionaries are singing victory, but as always they do it to early and once more they will have to swallow their black vomit, they dream of the annihilation of the people's war: never! Because we have a superior ideology, the all-powerful marxism-leninism-maoism, Gonzalo thought and a militarized Communist Party that lead us; we have a Peoples Liberation Army and New Power that flourish in our motherland.

Comrade Feliciano is the responsible of the Central Committee, he seconds Chairman Gonzalo and together with other comrades they lead the people's war; it is under his responsibility that the Central Committee in hard two line struggle against the Right Opportunist Line (ROL), revisionist and capitulationist, and confronting the attack of imperialism, the fascist regime and revisionism, principally of the ROL, it begins to overcome the bend in the road of the revolution which meant the detention of Chairman Gonzalo in 1992. The detention of Comrade Feliciano obviously means a blow to the people's war but it is not a great defeat, it is not "the beginning of the end of Sendero", it is not a "deadly blow against Sendero": it is a part of the war and this will not mean a "turn" in the people's war. The people's war is in the strategic equilibrium, the second part of the protracted war, which for the enemy means to struggle to recover positions to maintain its system and for our hill means to prepare the strategic offensive through Building the Conquest of Power, the CPP is now reorganizing itself, and under the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo, the Party is masterfully leading the people's war which now is fully serving the overcoming of the bend in the road. We the marxists-leninists-maoists, Gonzalo thought uphold the principle that the command never dies; there is no doubt that the Party will overcome all the difficulties and will solve the problems that the detention of Comrade Feliciano may bring.

The regime of Fujimori is a fascist, genocidal and countryselling dictatorship and it is infamous for its bloody crimes against the masses of our people, against the communists, the revolutionaries, against the prisoners of war and political prisoners; but our people will never be broken by the hunger, repression and the genocide, blood does not drown the revolution, on the contrary it irrigates it. We know very well that the prisons of the reaction are concentration camps; we know very well the sinister politic of all kinds of torture applied by the butchers of reaction, all this we already know and therefore we call upon the international proletariat and the peoples of the world to defend the life and integrity of Comrade Feliciano who now, according to the reaction, is in the "Las Palmas" military base, which is the central of the SIN (the Peruvian Gestapo). We demand of this fascist regime that they respect the rights that belongs to the prisoners of war and that they are allowed to receive visit from their lawyers and family members. It is necessary to link the defense of the life of our Great Leadership Chairman Gonzalo and this we will do together with the international proletariat and the peoples of the world.

Finally we say: in Peru there is a revolutionary situation in growing development on its way to the revolutionary crisis promoted by the people's war; we renovate our fully conviction that the people's war led by the CPP under the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo, will solve all the difficulties and the democratic revolution, will triumph total and completely in the entire country. And when this stage is completed, immediately, without any break will go on to the socialist revolution, so that together with the international proletariat, the oppressed nations and the peoples of the world, through cultural revolutions, will continue the march of humanity to its final goal, Communism.







July 15, 1999


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