Proletarians of all countries, unite!





The Peru People’s Movement (MPP) address once more all Peruvians living abroad, we express to you our warm revolutionary greetings and call you to carry forward the boycott of the elections and not to take part in the events organized by the representatives of the old Peruvian state abroad.

It is almost 21 years since the 17th of may 1980, when the people’s war was initiated, to finish with the old order of exploitation and create a new world that will really be for the people, because the one that exists is only one of misery and growing oppression.

These are years of victorious development of the people’s war; in the complex and difficult situation of the bend in the road, with more people’s war the building of the conquest of power in the whole country is being carried forward. Thousands of armed actions have been carried out, from the most simple to the highest and most complex of today, in which the People’s Liberation Army manages the struggle against the war helicopters of the enemy, in this way developing anti-aircraft actions. Thus our people’s war burns powerfully and victoriously against everything that is being told by the traitors, against the silence and the perverse and cynical campaign of reaction and imperialism, because as Marx taught: “The banner of the armed revolution will never be lowered until communism”. It is a solemn promise from our Great Leader Chairman Gonzalo and the Communist Party of Peru (PCP).

The PCP, with people’s war, defends the life of our Great Leader and links to it the defence of Comrade Feliciano; what corresponds for us is to elevate more the international campaign for this, crushing each one of the hoaxes put together by the enemy.

The PCP, through the people’s war, faces and crushes the counterrevolutionary campaigns of Yankee imperialism, that uses the reactionary armed forces, through the CIA, and makes use of the narco-trafficking, as it does in the whole world, with the support of the revisionists of all ilk.

With these campaigns, Yankee imperialism seeks to carry forward its 20-year counterrevolutionary plan, the central task of which is to annihilate the people’s war, as well as sustain any government that serves its plans as sole gendarme.

The fascist, genocidal and country-selling government of the puppet Fujimori served this Yankee plan; issued laws to guarantee, in the economic sphere, the plans of Yankee imperialism concerning the privatisations, the foreign debt and the opening of the market for its products, etc.; with this sinking the country into the hardest long recession, with the bankruptcy of banks and great unemployment. The foreign debt, the deficit of the balance of payments and the fiscal balance shoot up.

Of 12 million 500 thousand Peruvians in their working age, only 1 million 500 thousand have “adequate” employment. In Lima, in the past ten years, the number of industrial workers was reduced from 900 thousand to 600 thousand, that is, the industrial employment falls drastically by one third. Since 1970 the levels of employment in Peru are plummeting. Paradoxically, the country has a high index of child labour.

That government could not reimpel bureaucratic capitalism, on the contrary, it sinks more. Its supposed economical success was only a flash in the pan and benefited a handful of bloodsuckers.

How about the restructuring of the old state? As they say themselves: “like a ship with a big hole at the waterline”. The old state is rotten to the marrow, nobody can save it. The old state and the decrepit Peruvian society that it represents and defends is only sustained by the inertia and by force of arms, and it’s being demolished part by part by the people’s war.

This government intended to annihilate the people’s war, issued “anti-terrorist” laws and unleashed the most perverse repression and genocide against our people. The Party, with the masses of our people, defeated all its plans and campaigns. This regime, together with imperialism and the miserable rats of the revisionist and capitulationist right opportunist line (rol), fabricated its counterrevolutionary hoax of the “peace accords”; the Party, with people’s war, blew it into a thousand pieces.

They couldn’t, and nobody will be able to, defeat the people’s war led by the PCP; this has come out more brilliant, more forged; we have Great Leadership (Jefatura), superior ideology, marxism-leninism-maoism, gonzalo thought, Communist Party, People’s Liberation Army, New Power and the masses of our people.

This decrepit system of the Peruvian society, semi-feudal and semi-colonial, in which a bureaucratic capitalism unfolds subjected principally to Yankee imperialism, in this way releases the most brutal oppression and exploitation against our people; each new government has increased the hunger end misery of the majority; because of this, as a product of the general crisis of the old society, thousands of Peruvians find themselves forced to abandon the country and emigrate.

Today Yankee imperialism and the Peruvian reaction with its so-called “transitory government”, intend to use a new face but they end up the same, sinking more and more every time with its rotten reactionary old state.

The ”transitory government” has been imposed by Yankee imperialism through the OAS, led by the CIA, in order to serve its hegemonist and counterrevolutionary plans, in order to use the people and to introduce this “transitory” government as one emerged from the struggles against “dictatorship and authoritarianism”, that carries out “clean” elections for a “legitimate” government. The elections of the 8th of April 2001 serve these plans, and are part of the same runt of imperialism.

Valentin Paniagua, head of this government, owes his being elected to parliament to Montesinos himself; he is not a constitutional president of the Peruvian state, because the parliament that elected him is not valid since it was the result of the biggest electoral fraud in the entire history of Peru, with the violation of its own constitution and electoral laws; and, according its own constitution, “nobody is obliged to obey him...”. Therefore, this new electoral process, since its call, was born corrupted. And its institutions, laws and the other electoral rules, except for the change of some characters, are the same as in the previous process. The main puppeteer, Yankee imperialism, through the OAS, counting on the endorsement of the big bourgeoisie, leads the whole process, using the reactionary armed forces. They are the great electors.

This electoral process has as protagonists Toledo (the “yankee with indian face” of “Peru Posible”), Lourdes Flores (“Unidad Nacional”), Olivera (FIM), Alan Garcia (“APRA”), etc.; they promised the moon, pure demagogy, empty words, in order to try to cheat the people once more; they can not and don’t have the least intention to fulfil it. They are representatives of the big bourgeoisie, the landowners and imperialism; they, in spite of their formal differences and the means and how they use them, essentially sustain and defend similar objectives and goals. Each of them head their parties very personally and chieftain-like, which expresses the crisis of the parties that sustain the order. From them the people can not expect anything, on the contrary, anybody that is elected will represent a government more exploitive, genocidal and country-selling than the previous one.

What will the people gain from the elections? They will gain nothing from the electoral renovation. What did the people gain from the governments of Belaunde, Garcia and Fujimori? Nothing more than misery, more blood and more selling out the country. The landowner- bureaucratic dictatorship of the old Peruvian state needs the elections to renovate the authorities, in order to choose the ones that must continue to oppress the people. The elections of 2001, like the previous ones, present themselves and unfold as a defence of the decrepit existing order and evolution of the Peruvian society. These elections serve the hegemonic and counterrevolutionary plans of the sole gendarme, Yankee imperialism, which needs a government with a “new” image, that guarantees better the application of its plans; that is the political objective of imperialism in its war against the people’s war.

Then, why vote? No, we can not vote because to vote is to endorse a government more exploitive, more genocidal and more country-selling; this will continue until we can finish once and for all with this old story through the people’s war and conquer the power in the whole country, establishing the People’s Republic of Peru. Furthermore, voting serves the Yankee-imperialist plan and endorses its runt of a “new government”.

What we have to promote, every one of us who want our country to transform itself, is for the people to reject the electoral process, because only with people’s war can the people solve their problems and necessities under the leadership of the proletariat, through its Party; only in this way can this vile system, that lives on the hunger and blood of the masses, be swept away; there is no other way. It is with the Concrete Program of the PCP that we can really unite the people:

- Against the hunger, the unemployment and the crisis

- Against the repression and the genocide

- Against the old state and imperialism

- For land, salary and national production..........

- For the people’s rights and the People’s War

- For the People’s Republic of Peru

Let’s apply the boycott as the politics of obstructing the elections, undermining them and preventing them wherever it is possible, as the tactics of using the elections in function of developing the people’s war in order to conquer the power in the whole country. As Chairman Gonzalo tells us, the command is concrete and simple: Don’t vote! And the slogan is clear and resolute: Elections, no, People’s War, yes!


Long live Chairman Gonzalo!

Long live the Communist Party of Peru!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought!

The People’s War will inevitably win!


March 2001




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