Proletarians of all countries, unite!


Today, September 24, 2003, we celebrate the eleventh anniversary of Chairman Gonzalo’s masterful Speech, full of joy and revolutionary optimism. The Speech is an indispensable document for every communist, combatant and member of the masses, who struggles for the victory of the People’s War, because it contains a masterful summary of the III Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru, the second historical and momentous milestone in the Party life, which approved the plans of victory. In the Speech, Chairman Gonzalo call s upon us to continue our tasks because of what we are, everyone taking up his status in the service of the Peruvian revolution and of world revolution, which is synthesized in developing People’s War to bury imperialism and reaction and crush revisionism so that Communism will install itself in the world. In the Speech made by Chairman Gonzalo after his arrest, while imperialism, reaction and revisionism of every ilk were singing the songs of their ”definitive triumph” and ”final defeat” of our invincible People’s War, he correctly defined the bend in the road and how to come out of it and he called for pursuing the People’s War, certain of its victory and thus certain of the establishment of the future People’s Republic of Peru. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru and the entire Party closed ranks around our Great Leader and, firmly grasping the call made by him, is masterfully applying the accords of the III Plenum in 1992, abiding by our Party Unity Basis - Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, principally Gonzalo Thought, our Program and our General Political Line with its center, the Military Line. Our Party is, with Gonzalo Thought, solving all the new problems that appear along the road of revolution and leading its own construction, leading the People’s Liberation Army and defending and expanding the new Power. Firmly persisting in the principles, the Party has learnt to handle and develop the People’s War in conditions that are much more complex and difficult, and it is advancing ever more concerning the key question of the leadership, which in the midst of this struggle is confirming that it is a recognized and proven leadership. Under the leadership of the Comrade responsible for the entire Party, the Party plans are being masterfully applied, dealing the enemy crushing blows, defeating all its “encirclement and annihilation” campaigns and all its political, military and economical plans. The Party has crushed the revisionist and capitulationist right-opportunist line (ROL) and it is carrying out the sweeping away of the rests of these accursed rats, in Peru as well as abroad. With People’s War, the Party defends the life of our Great Leader and jointly with this, the life of Comrade Feliciano. The Party crushes and blows into a thousand pieces every hoax of the enemy. The Party is crushing revisionism, it is taking up its role of red fraction in the international communist movement and it serves the advance of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement by upholding, defending and applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, by developing the People’s War, in order to impose it as the sole command and guide of the new great wave of world proletarian revolution. Thus, our People’s War continues along its road during more than 23 years of victories for the communist cause, in deeds taking up the role of vanguard of the people’s wars; our People’s War is with its invincibility showing the peoples of the world that it is the superior strategy of the class for confronting the imperialist war of aggression, the military occupation of imperialism, and for burying imperialism. On the occasion of this celebration, the Peru People’s Movement renews and reaffirms its promise to firmly seize our Great Leaderships speech as a combat weapon, to staunchly serve the triumph of the People’s War of Peru and to defend, uphold and apply the slogan of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru, which calls upon us to: CLOSE RANKS AROUND OUR GREAT LEADERSHIP WITH PEOPLE’S WAR TOWARDS THE COUNTRYWIDE CONQUEST OF POWER!

Peru People’s Movement
August 2003

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