Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Long live the XXIII anniversary of the Peoples War!


"People of the world, be courageous, dare to fight, defy difficulties and advance wave upon wave. Then the whole world will belong to the people. Monsters of all kinds shall be destroyed."

- Chairman Mao Tsetung

Raising our exultant greeting and complete subjection, overflowing with class optimism, to our Great Leader Chairman Gonzalo, the greatest marxist-leninist-maoist living on the face of the earth, center of Party unity and guarantee of triumph until Communism, to our all-powerful ideology marxism-leninism-maoism, gonzalo thought, principally gonzalo thought, to the Communist Party of Peru, the heroic combatant, its Central Committee, the Political Bureau and the permanent committee, closing ranks with the Comrade who today heads the Central Committee and together with other Comrades leads the victorious and powerful People's War, reaffirming ourselves in the principles "the leadership never dies", "once the banner has been raised it can never be lowered" and "People's War until Communism!" and all the events and documents of the Party, in particular the 1st Congress, which gave us the Base of Party Unity, the glorious, transcendent and historical III Plenum and the Speech of Chairman Gonzalo that shines victoriously and powerfully before the world as a combat weapon, the Peru People's Movement expresses before this new anniversary of the people's war our immense revolutionary joy for the successes achieved in the application of the Party plans and reaffirm ourselves in our promise to continue serving ever more and better the Party and the Revolution, serving the Peruvian revolution that is a part of and develops in service of the world proletarian revolution. Likewise we express our greeting to the People's Liberation Army, which is the backbone of the New Power and without which our people would have nothing, to the New Power in its six forms, principally to the Open People's Committees that shine in broad daylight as an irrefutable proof of the universal validity of marxism-leninism-maoism, we greet all the militants, combatants and masses who side by side under the leadership of the Party struggle every day giving their precious blood in the People's War defeating the enemy's encirclement and annihilation campaigns; we give a special greeting to the masses of the Support Bases, who are an example before our whole people and all the peoples of the world capable of enduring any sacrifice, demonstrating an extraordinary heroism in always keeping at the very highest top our unwithering red banner of Communism.

We see how, at this new anniversary the international as well as the national situation present excellent circumstances for the greater development of the world proletarian revolution and very much especially for the People's War in Peru that is its torch.

The new great wave of the world proletarian revolution advances

In all parts of the world the irrefutable truth is confirmed that the countries want independence, the nations want liberation and the peoples want revolution. The imperialist aggression sharpens the principal contradiction in the world between the oppressed nations and imperialism, all the world is rising up for war and the war of the imperialists crosses the whole orb only to generate more resistance, more rebellion, more revolution. Yankee imperialism is already carrying out the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq but, far from able to impose their peace of the graveyards, they go from defeat to defeat; in Afghanistan the war continues and the genocidal hordes of Yankee imperialism resorts to all their arms - missiles, airforce, etc. - but with all their genocide they can not extinguish the armed resistance of the people; in Iraq, equal or worse for them, they say "the large battles are over" (Bush), meaning that the war is not finished and that the Iraqui forces are adopting forms of combat that better corresponds to the situation of confronting an imperialist invasion, it is precisely this, and nothing else, when they say that "there is a terrorist network that does not belong to Al-Quaida" (Rumsfeld). And what is more, in all the other parts where they have sent their hordes, like for example the Philippines and Colombia, there is no peace but only more war. All this is useful, as Chairman Mao Tsetung has pointed out, and to defeat the imperialist domination it is necessary to form a broad united front - and all the international events serve the building of a great anti-imperialist movement -, it is necessary to impel its formation, and we must fight tenaciously for it to be guided by marxism-leninism-maoism, principally maoism, striving for the Communist Parties to assume duly their leadership, for them to initiate multiple people's wars around the world, uniting themselves in a single torrent in the world people's war. Only in this way do we combat the general counterrevolutionary offensive headed by yankee-imperialism in its condition of sole hegemonist and world gendarm. It is necessary to impel the task of carrying out the world campaign "Yankee go home!"

Concerning the inter-imperialist contradiction, the disputes between the imperialist countries are important events. Such struggles act as reserve forces of the revolution. We must know how to benefit from these. It is necessary to consider how this occured in the defense of the Soviet Union as well as in the Chinese Revolution. For us the point is to focus our attention on the revolution, to develop it through people's war, not focusing on the imperialist war. We have to consider it as Chairman Mao pointed out: "After the Second World War three of the defeated imperialisms collapsed. England and France were weakened and in decline. Socialist revolution had triumphed in over ten countries. The colonial system was breaking apart. The capitalist world would never again enjoy the relative stability it had after the First World War". If the revolution does not prevent that an imperialist Third World War breaks out our task is to confront it and defeat it with World People's War.
The revolution, not the imperialist war, is the main tendency in the world, historically as well as politically; we are in the "50 to 100 years" in which imperialism, revisionism and world reaction will be swept away off the face of the earth; we are in the strategic offensive of the world proletarian revolution and there is a revolutionary situation in unequal development in the world; these are not mere formulas, or mantras, they are indispensable political facts to understand and assume completely and fully, without which it is impossible for the communists to orientate themselves and draw up a just and correct idelogical and political line. We see how, if one does not understand this, neither does one understand the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution and comes to assume positions of "peace negotiations" etc., because one does not have a correct position on the international situation, one does not understand the international class struggle and thus does not have confidence in one's own revolution. The people's wars of Nepal and Turkey, the armed struggles of India and other parts of the world, are part of the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution; what is due is to develop them more, and this is possible only with more people's war - any other way in the world panorama only leads to restricting the revolution and does not allow duly serving the development of the new great wave.

A revolutionary situation in unequal development is existing in the world, which is sharpened more every day, and expresses a greater sharpening of all the fundamental contradictions in the world, particularly of the principal on; the objective conditions are magnificent for the greater development and advance of the world proletarian revolution. The problem for our hill on the international level is in the subjective conditions, in the lack of marxist-leninist-maoist Communist Parties. The problem is in us; there is no country in the world where the proletariat does not clamour for their vanguard; every position contrary to this is tengsiaopingism. There is no country where one can put forward "later" waiting for a greater sherpening of the class struggle; this is an undeniable truth, it is more, it is a law. The conditions are there; the class clamours: "That the communists assume their role! Lead us to fight!"

Those in the international communist movement that are sowing capitulation, portraying imperialism as all-powerful, while attacking Chairman Gonzalo serving the plan of yankee imperialism, are displacing the principal task of the communists in the world, to strive for maoism to be command and guide of the world proletarian revolution and embody itself in the peoples generating militarized marxist-leninist-maoist Communist Parties to lead the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution which we are entering today. These people, the infamous "distillers", are not for the unity of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, just like Trotsky hid his splitting behind shouts of "unity"; because of this, they try every way to confront one against another, using the old tactic of letting "the two tigers fight", inflating some to try to isolate others to be able to manouver, moving unconditional collaborators. But the revisionists continue with the law of all the reactionaries and, because of this, although they may make trouble now, their final failure and defeat is inevitable; what is due to the left is to adhere more and more to the red line of Chairman Gonzalo and develop an implacable two line struggle to crush revisionism.

Thus, the international situation presents to us the overwhelming fact: the world people's war is on the agenda, today more than ever.

The people's war burns victoriously and powerfully

In Peru the revolutionary situation is in growing development. The struggles of the masses express themselves more and more forcefully and every day they are more closely merged with the people's war. The Party plans are being accomplished successfully one by one; hence the desperation of the reaction and their shouts about the "senderist infiltration" in all parts of society; they say the Party is in the unions, in the centers of education, in the shanty towns, "they are winning the peasantry", "the coca-farmers are with Sendero", etc. - well, in every place, thus confirming with their own words that a leap is being made in the incorporation of the masses in the people's war in the countryside and the cities; while at the same time their campaigns of encirclement and annihilation continue to be crushed under the counter-campaigns of the People's Liberation Army and they run with their tail between their legs from the battlefield. The disputes within the ranks of reaction are increasing; the regime of the "Yankee with the indian hat" has gone from crisis to crisis for three years, the problems with the CNI shows their impotence in combatting the people's war; they cannot and do not know how to get out of the mud; they have insurmountable problems in all aspects and can not even solve their dilemma with the new constitution of the old state. Thus, the reaction does not have any other remedy but to resort to new hoaxes and throw up that the Party is "strategically defeated and can not win".

The chatter about the "strategic defeat" continues being repeated by messengers around the world who are competing for who best serves their masters, reaction and imperialism, principally yankee, and boast "there is no People's Liberation Army", "there is no new Power", "there is no strategic equilibrium".

Concerning the People's Liberation Army, if it does not exist - which armed organization carries out the overwhelming guerrilla actions? Which armed organization develops the people's war in the country? Who, for twenty-three years, have the reactionary armed forces and police been combatting? The military practice is a fact of solid striking reality, and only a revolutionary armed force like the People's Liberation Army can accomplish and maintain it; the point is that it is an army of a new type and it builds, fights and develops according to other principles. Chairman Mao teaches us: "You fight in your way and we in ours; we fight when we can win and retreat when we cannot"

Concerning the new Power; since 1982 the Party has been destroying, demolishing the old power in the countryside; thus generating a power vacuum. Is this power vacuum to remain as a political limbo, as an interregnum in the class struggle? The destruction of the old power implies, as its counterpart, the construction of the new power; upon the destruction of the old power the new is built, that of the joint dictatorship, based on the worker-peasant alliance led by the Party and sustained by the People's Liberation Army. The point is that the new power continues in its development the fluidity of the people's war with the specifications of the concrete reality, but with the existence of hundreds of Open People's Committees the new state tends towards its relative stability.

Concerning the strategic equilibrium. The strategic defensive, equilibrium and offensive are the three parts of the protracted war, as Chairman Gonzalo points out: "The first being longest and, how international experience shows it, the development of the second and third are intimately linked to the complex situation of the overall class struggle in the country, and to the world situation, since they entail sweeping away in the entire country, the rule of reaction and of imperialism and the installation in the entire nation of a People's Republic, with all the repercussions it has in the world, starting from the neighboring countries.
The above is a brief description about the direction and perspective of the People's War in Peru, which continues firmly and on the rise, with unbending tenacity"

It is precisely because of the difficult and complex situation of the bend in the road that, in the people's war, a certain particularity presents itself in the second stage. But it is strategic equilibrium; if it does not exist, then why do imperialism and peruvian reaction develop by all means their countersubversive war? Why do the reactionary armed forces say that "we can not combat Sendero in the jungle"? Why do they increase the use of bombardment against the new power? Why is the direct intervention of yankee imperialism increasing? Why do they maintain and strengthen the rondas? It is not for fun or for decoration; these are striking confirmations of the existence of the strategic equilibrium. The people's war follows laws, it does not develop as something spontaneous or improvised; the laws that govern the people's war in Peru are established in the military line of the Party, center of the Basis of Party Unity, and the twenty-three years of people's war have confirmed them a thousand times; to deny them is to deny Gonzalo Thought; for anyone who tries it, reality explodes in their faces.

The hoax of "Sendero is strategically defeated" is inseparable from the hoax about the "division of the Party" now not only in two but three or four "factions" and that there is no Central Committee. This clumsy hoax is not new, it is an old reactionary dream coming from the beginning of the people's war. The rats of the revisionist and capitulationist rol, under the leadership of yankee imperialism through its CIA-agents, have tried and are trying to serve this sinister plan, but because of Chairman Gonzalo's masterful management of the two-line struggle they have never been able to structure themselves inside the Party, which, applying masterfully marxism-leninism-maoism, gonzalo thought, mainly gonzalo thought, have crushed them with people's war. Thus the whole world already knows that the rats have nothing to do with the Party. Those who now more lend themselves to this game and continue abusing the Peruvian revolution are the supposed "friends" who from abroad try by all means to inflate the runts of imperialism without ever getting tired of belching about the "weakness of the PCP", denying obvious facts like the key point that we count on a recognized and proven leadership, forged in the image and likeness of Chairman Gonzalo, that is leading the people's war, overcoming the bend in the road, constructing the conquest of power in the whole country, a Central Committee headed by a Comrade with whom the whole Party closes ranks.
The hoaxes against our Great Leadership and Comrade Feliciano are now coming almost daily; under the direct leadership of yankee imperialism, the reaction, using all its means of desinformation, want to pound into the minds of the national and international public opinion that "Chairman Gonzalo is a traitor", this to clear the way for carrying out their sinister plan of assassinating him and use the "new judgments" to this end, hence the "declarations" and "interviews" with which they aim to conceal the total isolation in which our Great Leader is kept. Before this acceleration of the plans of the enemy we must impel yet more the campaign to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo, and, linked to this, the defense of the life of Comrade Feliciano, with the objective of developing more the existing forms of struggle and organization and develop new and superior ones, to be able to make the necessary leap, not permitting the trafficking of the "distillers" who exclusively proclaim using the campaign for their own black interests in service of the plan of imperialism.
The war is won by the one who resists one minute more; the people's war is and will always be bloody and protracted but victorious; we are assuming it with full conviction that it is so and cannot be any different; we do not dream of a "rapid victory", we know to persist and we persist without ever ceasing the armed struggle until in blood and fire with world people's war we have swept away imperialism, revisionism and world reaction from the face of the earth, and through succesive cultural revolutions enter the ever golden Communism together with all humanity. Such is our Party, such are the communists. Those are communists who guarantee the Conquest of Power. Other kinds of persons, who do not have what it takes, complain "because it takes too long", they despair, only centering in their own skin, crying because the world does not move according to their whim, according to what their colossal ego wants; they capitulate and sell themselves as "prosititutes without honor". In the people's war, we have not seen few of them; so it is in every revolution, and more so in a great revolution. That the opportunists are going away is good, it strengthens us even more, the plague does not do anybody any good.
We are the new, we are the future of our country, of our Americas, of this whole world; the imperialists, the revisionists and all the reactionaries can dream of being able to drown the revolution in blood, but they will never achieve it because the spilled blood does not drown the revolution, but waters it and "The blood of our fallen comrades cries out: "light! light! We will reach Communism!"

Long live Chairman Gonzalo!
Long live marxism-leninism-maoism, gonzalo thought!
Long live the Communist Party of Peru!
Long live the XXIII anniversary of the People's War!
For the reconstitution of the Communist Parties as militarized marxist-leninist-maoist Parties!
People's War until Communism!

The Peru People's Movement
May 2003

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