Proletarians of all countries, unite!

The People’s War Develops and Advances, Guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought!

Today, abounding with revolutionary joy and with the very highest optimism, we celebrate a new anniversary of the birthday of our beloved Great Leader, Chairman Gonzalo, and of the People’s Liberation Army.

The flames of war spread out over the entire globe. Imperialism is collapsing in a complex system of wars of all types; on the one hand, unjust wars, like the wars of aggression against Afghanistan, Iraq, etc., and on the other, just wars, such as people’s wars of Peru, of Nepal and of Turkey, which serve and form part of the new great wave of world proletarian revolution, in an evident way showing that Maoism is going over to command it, applying the highest military theory developed by the proletariat, under the leadership of a Communist Party, all this within the strategic offensive of world proletarian revolution, which we have entered at the beginning of the 1980’s. This confirms that both revolution and counterrevolution are conscious of the fact that it is only through war that the political changes are defined.

Since the beginning of the previous decade, a general counterrevolutionary offensive is unleashed, and it continues developing in the world today, headed by Yankee imperialism, being the sole hegemonist and great world gendarme. But, in an attempt to throw sand in our eyes, the imperialists and revisionists are talking of a ”qualitatively new situation” after September 11, 2001, in order to divert the international proletariat and the peoples of the world off from the only road for their liberation, the people’s war. To us, in general, it is the continuation of this general counterrevolutionary offensive, which comes from imperialism, revisionism and world reaction, and which is headed by Yankee imperialism, in the midst of collusion and contention with the other superpower, Russia, and the other imperialist powers. This is the political conjuncture in which all world events today, big or small, and all this great turmoil under the skies, take place; this is the violent, armed and sanguinary clash between revolution and counterrevolution.

This counterrevolutionary offensive occurs at all levels, and as a part of it, the apologists of imperialism and the revisionists are crying out the tale of ”globalization,” which sustains that instead of the struggle among the national finance capitals, we are facing the joint exploitation of the entire world by the internationally united finance capital, an entirely new phase of imperialism, a phase of peace; a revisionist thesis, for which the supposed sustenance is saying that Russian social imperialism was ”socialist,” denying the restoration of capitalism that took place with the coup d’Etat in 1956. In this way, they are trying to slur over the profound contradictions of imperialism and the fact that they are preparing the III World War.

Chairman Gonzalo is the great leader of the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought revolutionary counteroffensive against the general counterrevolutionary offensive. Against these ideas of ”globalization” and of ”before and after September 11”, we oppose Gonzalo Thought. This is not merely a word; we are doing it with people’s war. The miserable rats of the revisionist and capitulationist right-opportunist line (ROL) are, with the support of Yankee imperialism, Peruvian reaction and revisionism, attacking Chairman Gonzalo. But the People’s War, animated and guided by Gonzalo Thought, develops and advances, as Yankee imperialism itself has recognized. We have a grandiose ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, the most powerful weapon in the world today, and we have its creative application: Gonzalo Thought.

The very successful application of the boycott against the old state’s municipal and regional elections once again contradicts all the enemy’s empty phrases saying that that there only are ”remainders of the Shining Path,” or ”isolated actions”; it shows the powerful development and advance of the People’s War. Reaction needs to sing false songs of victory before the invincibility of our People’s War. They invented an ”armed shutdown” for last November 16 and 17; the Minister of the Interior Costa said that ”the Shining Path had called for an armed shutdown,” which is completely false and they did it in order to afterwards say that it was a failure, they want to show up triumphs, this is part of their sinister campaign ”psychological warfare”, an indispensable element of the Yankee strategy of ”low-intensity warfare”, and as such, it is part of the recent massive campaigns of encirclement and annihilation that they are unleashing against the New Power, with massive bombings they are applying a greater genocide with their sinister policy ”burn everything and kill everybody”.

The ”armed shutdown” wasn’t ours, but the grandiose and overwhelming actions before, during and after November 17 (voting-day) were indeed carried out by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), they were part of the boycott; in the month of November, for instance, there magnificent ambushes were carried out in the Huallaga regional committee and in the principal regional committee, as well as in the rest of the country. Villages were taken, which has reverberated. The taking of villages and the armed propaganda and agitation is part of our boycott campaign. It is very important. With these actions, the PCP has stirred up the country, the application of the boycott has been very fine, the people’s tendency in opposition to the elections has been further developed, and this serves the People’s War. And the enemy’s campaign of lies and hoaxes against Chairman Gonzalo and the Central Committee of the Party was crushed. A part of this the enemy’s campaign, are all these apocryphal ”letters” and ”declarations” published in Peru and abroad, as part of the counterrevolutionary campaign, with which they try to generate confusion and sow pessimism, what the are seeking is to annihilate the leadership, because it is the leadership that makes it possible to maintain the bearing and materialize it; we denounce this miserable individual, second-rate journalist and first-rate trafficker, who from Belgium is publishing lampoons which he attributes to the Party. Be it clear: this document is not by the Communist Party of Peru, it is fake, and what is real and concrete is that he is publishing it with the sole ambition of build up his reputation before imperialism and reaction.

Synthesis of the national situation. - Reaction is divided and ensnared in the restructuring of the old state. In the recent elections, they harvested a great failure. The wanted to advance with ”regionalization,” but on the contrary, it divided them even more, and we should keep in mind that it was proposed by the fascist and corporative APRA, it has its origins. The comprador bourgeoisie is looking at how it is going to participate, amidst the accords with the U.S. In the end, this creature was conceived in a sinister way, this government carries it forward, and imperialism is interested in it serving its hegemonic plans. Thus, we see: ”the nation is at risk,” and this demands of us, that we denounce and crush the black plans. What are they aiming at? They want to divide. The revisionists are today participating with New Left (Breña). ”It is in order to obtain space on the stage.” The ROL wants to participate in the ”political life,” and to this end put an end to ”the problems derived from the war.” All these rats are, just like the comprador bourgeoisie, out to join the ranks and better serve their Yankee master.

In economy, Solari says: ”The population fells the improvement on the economic level.” But, the reality is, that in less than a month, more than ten persons have committed suicide, due to economic problems, among the two policemen (one still serving and the other retired), and this continues. Solari is worse than Boloña, who, repeating the World Bank report said, ”at the end of the ten years of reform, the road will have been opened up for the development of the country.” Well, the ten calendar years ended in year 2000, so the Peruvian population should have been arriving at the Promised Land by 2001. Today, they say that it will be in 20 years.

Concerning the People’s War, which is what is principal. We have achieved maintaining the bearing and learnt to handle the war in complex situations, but these nourish us and this shows the strength of the superiority in the ideological, which is what steels our spirit, we have a just and correct policy; this raises our morale, and every day we are more and more understanding the good that the war brings. It is with people’s war that we are obtaining everything, without it, we would not have anything. All this has served to re-conquer and conquer some Support bases and to conquer other, new ones, widening our action radius, an objective that has been concretized during these last months by the PLA, absolutely lead by the Party and watered by the heroic blood of the communists, combatants and masses. The counter-campaigns of the Party are crushing reaction’s encirclement and annihilation-campaigns (”Torment II and III”) and despite all the genocides, the New Power is shining defiantly before the world as an irrefutable proof of the universal validity of Maoism.

Today, we once more solemnly reaffirm ourselves in the promise taken up by our Great Leader, Chairman Gonzalo, and by the Party, to untiringly struggle for Maoism to be the sole command and guide of world revolution, its sole guarantee of triumph, to fight for the proletariat and the peoples of the world to take up people’s war as the sole, complete and true military doctrine and principal form of struggle, with which we will sweep away imperialism, reaction and revisionism from the face of the earth, applying it to the conditions of each revolution as well as to world revolution considered as a unity.

Long Live Chairman Gonzalo!
Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought!
Long Live the Communist Party of Peru!
Long Live the People’s Liberation Army!
Long Live the New Power!
Long Live the invincible People’s War!
Yankee, go home!

December 3, 2002

Peru People's Movement (MPP)


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