Proletarians of all countries, unite!


We are here, as children of the people, and we are fighting in these trenches, which are also trenches of combat, and we do it because we are Communists! Because here, we are defending the interests of the people, the principles of the Party, the People's War. This is what we do, we are doing it and will continue to do so!

We are here in these circumstances. Some think this is a great defeat. They are dreaming! We tell them, keep on dreaming. It is simply a bend, nothing more, a bend in the road! The road is long and we are going to succeed by following it, and we will triumph! You are going to see it! You are going to see it!

Chairman Gonzalo (Lima, September 24, 1992)

    Ten years have gone by since Chairman Gonzalo held his masterful Speech, which, victorious and powerful, shines before the world as a combat weapon. Thus, he conquered a great political, moral and military triumph for the Party and the revolution, crushing the plans of the fascist, genocidal and country-selling Fujimori regime and its Yankee imperialist master. Today, we see that the world development during these ten years has occurred in the very same way that was pointed out by Chairman Gonzalo, with great scientific, revolutionary foresight. At the same time, we see how the Communist Party of Peru (PCP), with communist firmness and resolve, in a magnificent and overwhelming way, is concretizing and fulfilling each and every one of the directives given by our Great Leadership. Thus, the instauration of the People's Republic of Peru is coming closer and closer.

The People's War burns, victorious and powerful, destroying the old state and crushing the greater intervention by Yankee imperialism!

    The greater intervention by Yankee imperialism, under the pretext of the "war on drugs" or the hoax on "narco-terrorism," is an overwhelming political proof of the victorious and powerful development of our invincible People's War.

    The Toledo government is the most pro-imperialist to date, directly imposed by Yankee imperialism, it continues the privatization and the concessions, auctioning off, at prices that are a joke, all of what is left of the state enterprises, the few things the fascist, genocidal and country-selling Fujimori government could not sell. It is thus handing over the farmlands, the uncultivated lands, the forests and waters to the capital of imperialism and to that of the big bourgeoisie. All this, to obtain direct foreign investment, in order to be able to pay the growing charges for the foreign debt and the dividends for the profits of imperialist capital. Applying the dictates set by North-American Yankee imperialism, through the IMF, they are increasing the direct taxes on consumption for the masses, they are imposing a tax on the pensions of the retired, they are keeping the charges on electricity, telephone, etc., high, and are increasing other, such as the road tolls. They are, by means of an army of coercive tax collectors (17.500 new agents by December 2002), unleashing the most widespread pursuit against the independent professionals, the petty and middle bourgeoisie. The very same government, whose highest-ranking officials earn salaries of more than $15.000 a month, has declared that there will be no increase in the wages and salaries of the workers, because of the fiscal deficit. This government has decided to impose $3.500 million more in taxes on the villages of the interior regions of the country, via the elimination of tax exemptions; their municipal and regional elections will serve this end. All this, they are doing in order to, through blood and fire, keep applying the plan of "neoliberalism" in the service of Yankee imperialism and the big bourgeoisie. This is a plan that has failed, and today, the situation is even more serious, four consecutive years of recession have already gone by, and the so-called reactivation is nowhere to be seen. On the contrary, the unemployment is increasing, the utilization of the productive capacity installed in the enterprises is decreasing ever more, and its obsolescence increases with every day that goes by. The deficits in the balance of trade, the balance of payments, and the budget deficit are also increasing. This is what the old Peruvian society is like, this is its economic process, bureaucrat capitalism marching toward its final collapse. The class struggle is sharpening, principally the People's War is developing, and it is converging with the stormy sea of the popular struggle. Neither this government, nor any other government, can or could possibly fulfill the first reactionary task, to give a new impetus to bureaucrat capitalism.

    Today, the Toledo government, this runt of imperialism, is, with the support of all the parties of reaction and of revisionism, violating all of its electoral promises and their own constitutional order. It is in the process of, between five minutes to twelve and midnight, carrying out the "reform of the constitution" of the fascist, genocidal and country-selling government, as part of their restructuring of the state, in order to even more adapt it to combatting the People's War and give constitutional status to the economic plan of imperialism and of the big bourgeoisie, as they themselves have said: "in order to incorporate the undeniable achievements of these ten years in the Constitution," that is to say, in order to give "constitutional" backing, i.e., legal validity, to all the acts of the government of Fujimori, Montesinos and Hermoza Ríos, followed by that of Paniagua and the present one. In order to keep holding Chairman Gonzalo and Comrade Feliciano in total isolation. In order to maintain their fascist laws and consecrate the authors of the innumerable genocides against our people, committed by their political, military and police authorities. In order for Montesinos to be able to continue working "for the security" outside his present office in the facilities at the Callao Naval Base, as Toledo himself just declared in Washington. This Parliament -- for the second year in a row under the presidency of this organic fascist, Ferrero Costa -- has, a few days ago, given authorization for to the US vessel the US Portland to enter the national territory, with 600 marines on board, in order to carry out war maneuvers with ships and troops on the central coast (100 kilometers northeast of Lima) and on the Amazon river, close to the Nanay naval base and the city Iquitos, under the cover of the UNITAS maneuvers, which are joint maneuvers of preparation within the Yankee plans for intervention in the Andean region, as well as for the massive introduction of armament and military equipment for their "low-intensity warfare" against our People's War. In November, the "drug interdiction flights" will be reinitiated, as part of a major plan that includes a more vast "North-American cooperation" than the airspace interdiction. A part of this is the wordplay on the difference between "troops" and "troop," which is to be found in the law approved by the very same Parliament, in order to give the greater intervention by Yankee imperialism a formal "constitutional" character, in order to cover up this greater intervention under the letterhead of "social aid or assistance," to the end that not even the Parliament of the old state will be informed. Thus, they are treading their already trampled constitution even more underfoot. The "aid," such as the "US$ 200 million credit, to be approved by the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)" announced, is destined in order for the old and rotten state to be able to combat the People's War. The same is the case with "...a series of operations that might be concretized during the upcoming months, almost all related to loans for integral projects," as was detailed by Washington sources. On the other hand, it was said that the US$ 150 million credit signed with the IADB Wednesday, and the one the Word Bank will sign today, for US$50 million, will guarantee the fiscal discipline applied in the country. Their municipal and regional elections are a failure already at kick-off. This shows the putrefaction of their quasi-parties and the petty desires of their little bosses for obtaining positions. Facing the rejection by the masses and the boycott the Party applies, reaction's own analysts foresee that they will be the greatest failure so far, and many of the governments own representatives fear the worst. Today, the Chairman of the National Election Board has announced that, on accord with the ONPE [National Board for Election Processes], they will join two or three election booths, in order to reduce the number of polling booths from 94.000 to 50.000. Thus, facing the bold advance of the People's War, they find themselves forced to concentrate their voting centers on places where they can better protect them from the action of the PLA. The state of their genocidal, country-selling armed forces could not be worse, they run away, fleeing from the confrontations with the PLA, the masses reject them; despite all the "Yankee aid," they say that they cannot combat us will full force, "because there is not enough money" (see declarations by Loret de Mola, minister of Defense, and of Gino Costa, minister of the Interior, in most of the newspapers this month). This shows their total failure in their task to restructure the old state, another historical and political impossibility. No matter how much Yankee intervention and "aid" there will be, the old state is being swept away, bit by bit, by our invincible People's War.

    Thus, and this is what is principal, the enemy, today with the government of Toledo, the Yankee with Indian hat, just like his predecessors, is only harvesting failures as far as the fulfillment of his principal reactionary task, annihilating the People's War, is concerned. Today, from Washington, Toledo is crying for the return of Fujimori in 2006, in order for him to continue his "victorious task against terrorism." However, nothing nor nobody will be able to defeat the invincible People's War, for it is advancing, crushing and combating all the plans of imperialism, reaction and revisionism.

The Plans of the Party are being masterfully applied!

    Chairman Gonzalo's Speech is a masterful synthesis of the glorious, transcendental and historical III Plenum of the Central Committee of the Party; it pointed put: "We should continue the tasks established by the III Plenum of the Central Committee. A glorious Plenum! You should know that these accords are already being implemented and this will continue. We shall continue applying the IV Plan of Strategic Development of the People's War to Conquer Power, we shall continue developing the VI Military Plan to Build the Conquest of Power, this will continue; this is our task! This is what we will do, because of what we are and because of the obligation we have with the proletariat and the people!". And the Communist Party of Peru, guided by the light of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, principally Gonzalo Thought, firmly subjecting itself to Chairman Gonzalo's Great Leadership and under the leadership of the Central Committee, is continuing the masterful application of the tasks established, advancing in the construction of the Party, of the People's Liberation Army and the new power, concretized in the quantitative and qualitative increase of the number of communists, combatants and masses, coming out of the inflection and overcoming the bend in the road. Defending and expanding the Support Bases, regaining those lost and opening up others, new ones. Red flags with the hammer and sickle have been hoisted in the entire domain of the Principal Regional Committee, as well as in many other places in the country, calling the masses to develop the People's War further, as the best proletarian and popular homage to this 10th anniversary of the Speech.

    The Principal Regional Committee fulfills its role, and its action stakes out the path for the action of all the other Party Committees. The new power is sustained on the barrels of the guns of the People's Liberation Army. Through their media, although they are obviously minimizing it, reaction is admitting the existence of Support Bases and guerilla zones in Piura, Cajamarca, San Martín, Huánuco (Alto Huallaga), Alto Amazonas, the Apurímac-Ene river valley (Junín and Ayacucho) and the Lima province Cajatambo. The Toledo regime, continuing what was imposed by the fascist Fujimori regime, is, as part of the low-intensity warfare, applying the policy of silencing all information on the unstoppable advance of the People's War, but it is impossible to cover up the powerful flames of the People's War, and the very reactionary newspapers are saying: "In Llaymucha, it is thought that the Shining Path was behind the attack, and this for a very simple reason: its political and military presence is constant and worrying since months back," that the Party "had planned military and political incursions in Cabana -- birthplace of the president of the Republic -- and in other rural areas of Ancash." This was later confirmed by Rospigliosi himself, according to reports by the same newspaper, recognizing how the inflection is on the border of being overcome: "The fall of Abimael Guzmán Reinoso in 1992 made the Shining Path members in the Northern regional Committee (NRC) go into a stage of hibernation. At present, this 'truce' has disappeared and this has turned Ancash into the principal red zone of the country. This is precisely what some sector linked to the Executive would like to cover up. The Shining Path is present in the social organizations, in the universities, in the trade unions and among the coca-growing peasants in the rural areas."

    The actions by the PLA, all-encompassingly led by the Party, have been increasing notably during the application of the present plan, "Unite the people against the fascist, genocidal and country-selling dictatorship, developing the People's War further, " from February 1998 onwards, and above all during the present government. There is a rise in actions in the Principal, in the Fundamental, and in the Metropolitan Regional Committees; in the entire country, from north to south, from west to east, in the countryside as well as in the cities, for instance in Cangallo-Fajardo, Puno, Tacna, Piura, Chiclayo, Tarapoto, Arequipa, Lima, in the quarters and shanty-towns, universities, state institutions, factories, markets, etc.

    The Party took up the task demanded by our Great Leadership in the Speech; that, in order to forge "a People's Liberation Front, what corresponds, is to, starting from the People's Guerilla Army, form and develop a People's Guerilla Army," and has concretized this by masterfully applying the plans established, endowing the revolution with our PLA.

    The situation is, as was clearly stated by Chairman Gonzalo, that: "Today the democratic road has begun to unfold as a road of people's liberation." As we now, this is concretized in the shifting of the center and the insurrection, in how the democratic revolution is carried to its end by taking the cities from the countryside along the road of encircling the cities from the countryside.

    This is the confirmation of what our Great Leadership pointed out, that:"It is the Strategic Equilibrium! And it is concretized in an essential situation. What have 12 years served to do? To, in an obvious way, show the world and principally the Peruvian people, that the Peruvian state, is a paper tiger that is rotten to the core. This is what has been proven!"

    Afer the detention of Chairman Gonzalo, the Central Committee assumed, with firmness, sagacity and resolve, to continue the application of the plans established, resuming the historical situation and the task as follows: "Two roads are confronted in our motherland, one dismal, the bureaucratic road, which is collapsing in the worst crisis in history and which will be completely demolished amid the genocide with which it defends itself, as a deadly wounded beast; and the other one, the democratic road, the road of light and of hope, which has started developing as a road of people's liberation. Thirteen years of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought People's War, which since 1991 has entered the strategic equilibrium, are in an evident way showing in the world and principally the Peruvian people, the paper tiger essence of the Peruvian state and that the people is ever more shouldering the task of preparing the strategic offensive, through the construction of the conquest of the state power." Today, ten years later, the balance is: "masterful application of the plans."

Maoism is imposed in the world with people's war!

   In his masterful Speech, Chairman Gonzalo determined the state of the international situation, he clearly pointed out its development and the task that corresponds to us: "' era of peace.' Where is it now? What about Yugoslavia? What about other places? Everything became politicized; this is a lie. Today, the reality is one; the same contenders from the First and Second World War are preparing a new Third World War. We should know this and we, as the children of an oppressed country, are part of the booty. We cannot consent to this! Enough imperialist exploitation! We must finish with them! We are from the third world and the third world is the base of the world proletarian revolution, on one condition, that the Communist Parties uphold and lead! This is what is to be done!" That is, as he said in this very Speech: "What do we need? We need Maoism to be embodied, and it is being embodied, and that it generates Communist Parties to handle, to lead, this new great wave of the world proletarian revolution."

    The events of the decade ending today and the prospects in the short-term show us precisely this, how all the fundamental contradictions are coming together and being sharpened. The collusion and contention between the imperialists is shown in their so-called war on terrorism, in their aggression against Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, etc. This is part of the general counterrevolutionary offensive, with which it is attempting to prevent revolution, this being the principal historical and political tendency; this offensive is headed by Yankee imperialism, in its status of being sole hegemonist and great gendarme, a rotten giant with feet of clay.

    In our camp, Maoism is being embodied and the Communist Parties lead People's Wars in Nepal, Turkey, armed struggles in India and other countries.

    The Communist Party of Peru is ever more assuming its role, masterfully leading the revolution in Peru, thus reverberating in the international struggle and in this way, it is serving World Proletarian Revolution. This is why the ideological and political struggle within the international communist movement is sharpening day by bay. Yankee imperialism is, with the support of revisionism and within its hegemonic plan, seeking to split the international communist movement. Since revisionism is the spearhead of imperialism, imperialism and revisionism are grasping each other's hands to impute Chairman Gonzalo as a capitulator, a traitor; in order to say that the Party has three centers; that it is only present in Huallaga, Ene and Apurímac. Imperialism is aiming at a new third world war in order divide the world among themselves, and it attempts to drown each revolution in its infancy, for revolution will oppose it with people's war. Because of what we are, we have the obligation to bring these black plans down, and we are certain that, with politics in command, we will defeat them.

Continue the implacable struggle against the revisionist and capitulationist right-opportunist line!

    We have to continue the implacable sweeping away of the revisionist and capitulationist right-opportunist line (ROL), always keeping in mind that for the errors and injustices, there is a solution, they can be set right, but treason has no pardon.

    As the Party points out: "Treason is sanctioned with the death penalty. They are dreaming if they think that they are going to be happy where they are, knowing the crime they have committed; sometimes revolutionary justice takes time, but it arrives, and for these traitors the day shall come when they will settle the accounts for their crimes. In addition, they should know very well that: Nothing justifies treason!"

    The miserable rats of the ROL present themselves as lawyers of Chairman Gonzalo, while serving the criminal plans of imperialism and reaction, defaming him and portraying him as a traitor, as a capitulator. These accursed rats of the ROL are doing everything, with the help of their masters, to sabotage the legal defense of Chairman Gonzalo and Comrade Feliciano, taking advantage of the conditions of total isolation they are subjected to since the very moment of their detention. The government of the Yankee with Indian hat has dictated new "legal" norms in order to establish the total isolation they are subjected to even more firmly, it is propagating a whole series of lewd lies on their conditions of imprisonment and they have made the Constitutional Court, which they control totally, issue a resolution that attempts to "ratify" all the ignominy they are committing against the life, health and rights of Chairman Gonzalo and Comrade Feliciano.

    We call upon the international proletariat and the people's of the world, on the Communist Parties and Organizations, and very much in particular on the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Chairman Gonzalo's Speech with actions that shake the old and rotten imperialist order.

Long live Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought!

Defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo!!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought!!

Long live Maoism! Down with revisionism!

Long live the Communist Party of Peru!

Long live the X anniversary of Chairman Gonzalo's masterful Speech!

Yankee go home!

The People's War will inevitably triumph!

Peru People's Movement
September 2002




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