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This day we are, overflowing with enthusiasm and full of revolutionary optimism, celebrating the XVI:th anniversary of the DAY OF HEROISM, and we celebrate it in the way the Communist Party of Peru calls upon us to celebrate it

Sixteen years ago, the combatants of the People's Guerrilla Army, which today is developing as the People's Liberation Army, being prisoners of war, upholding that "It is right to rebel," heroically and valiantly waged a battle that set a milestone of heroism, bravery and courage, which will be recorded in history as an exemplary demonstration of the heroical men only the people's war can generate.

With their rebellion, the prisoners of war replied the reactionary Peruvian state, under the political leadership of García Pérez and his government, in opposition to the extermination genocide by means of its armed forces and police forces, counting on the complicity of all the revisionists and opportunists as well as on that of the catholic church. Reaction vilely targeted the prisoners of war, in an attempt to counterbalance the political and military defeats suffered by their counterrevolutionary war against the People's War.

A barbaric genocide on more than 250 prisoners of war, which shook the masses of the people, the people whose condemnation is indelible and thus, they, these perpetrators of reiterated and impenitent genocide harvested world repudiation and a moral, political and military defeat.

Thus, the 19th of June is imperishably imprinted as the DAY OF HEROISM; the blood of these heroes is already nourishing the armed struggle, spurring it on even further, rising up as a monumental fluttering flag and an inexhaustible war cry, summoning to the inevitable final triumph.

Since September 1992, our beloved Great Leader, Chairman Gonzalo, finds himself in the claws of reaction. Our Great Leader keeps combatting as the most important prisoner of war of the old Peruvian state, giving the world an example off what a communist great leader is; he is occupying the most highest shining trench of combat, the trench of combat of the Callao Naval Base, seconded by Comrade Feliciano.

Today, just like yesterday, the perpetrators of reiterated and impenitent genocide under the political leadership of the "Yankee with Indian hat" (Toledo) -- facing the total failure of their "low-intensity warfare," led by Yankee imperialism against the People's War, facing our overwhelming and shuddering actions on the countryside and in the city, our great achievements, facing our notable successes, facing the total failure of all the hoaxes that they launch against our Great Leader and our Party, with the miserable support of the rats of the revisionist and capitulationist right-opportunist line (ROL) -- are vilely targeting our Great Leader and the prisoners of war, planning their genocidal annihilation. Nevertheless, today just like yesterday, they will only harvest storms and greater moral, political and military defeats, because the PCP is defending Chairman Gonzalo and our political prisoners and prisoners of war with the every day more powerful and steeled People's War. The international proletariat and the people's of the world are supporting our action with their struggles. Our armed revolution inseparably forms part of world revolution, and the invincibility of our people's war is summoning the peoples of the world to follow its example, in order to put an end to imperialism, revisionism and reaction.

Today, on the occasion of this new celebration of the DAY OF HEROISM, we are more solemnly than ever, under the Great Leadership of our beloved Chairman Gonzalo, under the leadership of the Communist Party of Peru and of its Central Committee, renewing our promise to give everything for the People's War of Peru, to serve its development and triumph, the principal contribution that the Communist Party of Peru is presently making to world revolution; we once more express our firmest and most invariable decision to today, tomorrow and always defend our Great Leadership, Chairman Gonzalo, against every attack, wherever it may come from, to defend his life and health and, joint to this, to defend the life of Comrade Feliciano; we reaffirm ourselves in the unchangeable promise, made by our Party, which is leading the People's War, to struggle untiringly for Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, to become the sole command and guide of world revolution and of its new great wave, within which we find ourselves; because it is only thus that it will march forward, certain and victorious; and with the full conviction that it is only with guns that we will transform the world, as our Chairman Gonzalo teaches us, we uphold fighting for the proletariat and the peoples of the world to take up the people's war as the sole, complete and true proletarian military doctrine and the main form of struggle, with which we have to sweep away imperialism, revisionism and reaction from the face of the Earth, applying it to the conditions, be it to those of the democratic revolution, of the socialist, or of the great proletarian cultural revolution, and also to the specific conditions of each concrete revolution as well as to the world revolution considered as a unity. People's war until communism!

On this XVIth anniversary of the DAY OF HEROISM, we renew our unvariable decision to continue following Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, principally Gonzalo Thought and to keep waging our People's War in the service of world proletarian revolution, and overflowing with joy, we renew our promise to give our lives for Chairman Gonzalo, the Party and the Revolution.

Long Live Chairman Gonzalo!
Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, principally Gonzalo Thought!
Long Live the Communist Party of Peru!
Long Live the invincible People's War!
Glory to the fallen heroes, long live the revolution!

Peru People's Movement
June 2002



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