Document of the Peru People's Movement

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Develop People's War until Communism!

On the occasion of this new anniversary of the People's War, the Peru People's Movement expresses its overwhelming rejoice and fervent revolutionary salute to our beloved and respected Chairman Gonzalo, our Great Leadership (Jefatura) who is the center of Party unification and guarantee of triumph until Communism, reaffirming ourselves in our almighty ideology, the undefeated Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, mainly Gonzalo Thought since it is the creative application of the universal truth of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism to the concrete conditions of our revolution, likewise to all the Party events and documents, especially the I Congress of the Party which gave us the Basis of Party Unity, the foundation for all our actions, and the III Plenary Session of the Central Committee, a glorious plenary session, historical and transcendental which is masterfully condensed in the Speech of Chairman Gonzalo which shines victoriously and powerfully before the world as a combat weapon, and that calls upon us to draw all our forces to fulfill the established plans and conquer the goals because of what we are; to the Communist Party of Peru, its Central Committee and its entire system of leadership, that has a proven and recognized leadership forged in the image and likeness of Chairman Gonzalo, one sole leadership that goes on leading the People's War; we salute the People's Liberation Army, without which our people would have nothing; we salute the New Power in its six forms, especially the Open People's Committees that shine in front of the world. Likewise we make a special salute to the masses of our people, particularly the masses of the Support Bases, a grand example of capacity of supporting sacrifices showing an extraordinary heroism, shoulder to shoulder with the party members and the combatants, always combating inseparably and implacably imperialism, reaction and revisionism. Firm in our principles that the command never dies and that the banner once raised it must never be lowered, we reaffirm ourselves in the pledge of the Party to never leave the weapons until arrive to our final goal, today, therefore, we reaffirm ourselves in the principle: People's War until Communism!

Maoism starts to lead the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution!

The international situation is marked by a sharpening of all the fundamental contradictions and a growing intensification of the process of sinking of imperialism; the revolution express even more its condition of main political and historical tendency and thus the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution develops.

Imperialism, seen by all the revisionists and opportunists as super-powerful and invincible, is a paper-tiger and in spite of all the genocides and evil crimes that it commits against the international proletariat, the peoples and oppressed nations, can not suppress the growing development of the revolutionary situation in uneven development in the world. The so-called "anti-terrorist campaign" that is headed by Yankee imperialism, in its condition of world gendarme and sole hegemonist, goes from failure to failure; their so boasted "triumph" in the war of aggression against Afghanistan is a bluff, the war goes on and even in Kabul itself there continues to be armed encounters. In Palestine, the heroic struggle of the masses smashes the plans of Yankee imperialism and its agent Arafat, the Zionist's genocides, under command of the henchman Sharon, can not turn out the flames of the armed struggle for national liberation but only generates more and more resistance. Russia is in similar situations, the war in Chechnya goes from bad to worse, it's now expanding more every time in the Caucasus region. Chinese social-imperialism has an internal situation it can not control, the recent struggles of the working class have been the biggest in decades, and this, in combination with the unceasing peasant uprisings, shows how the Chinese people is different; they have lost heaven and they are claiming it back, the very red banner of Chairman Mao, that is Maoism, is forever put in their minds and the revisionists will never be able to take it away from there. Regarding the European imperialist countries, their crisis is getting deeper and because of that they once again are promoting shameless fascism, as the same time as they employ the double-politics of "defense of the democracy" to lead astray and bring to defeat the struggle of the masses, with eager help of the revisionist sellouts of the workers, in spite of this the massive mobilizations in France and Italy, the strikes in Germany, etc. shows how the European proletariat wish to struggle, they want to topple this rotten imperialist order, and, as a higher expression of the revolutionary situation in uneven development on the Old Continent, the armed actions (Spain, Italy, etc.) continue to shake the imperialist metropolises.

Thus, there is a great disorder under the heavens and the objective conditions for the world proletarian revolution are excellent; the problem lays in the lack of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Parties that lead and bring to the final victory the struggle of the proletariat and the people's; hence the every day more transcendental importance of the fact that the communists and revolutionaries of the world fulfill the pending strategic task of imposing Maoism as the sole commander and guide of the world proletarian revolution. Without the ideology of the proletariat, without the scientific, true and almighty ideology of the proletariat, the undefeated and unfading Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism, there are no militarized Communist Parties, without Party there is no Army nor United Front, and without these three instruments revolution can never prevail; thus, too serve the indispensable reconstitution of the Communist Parties we must impose Maoism, but this is not imposed sitting back doing nothing and lying on one's back with the belly in the air burping stupidities "distilled" in the head of one supposed "enlightened" Yankee, on the contrary it is imposed with People's War. Therefore the universal light of Maoism shines from the powerful flames of the People's Wars of Peru, Nepal and Turkey, and thus Maoism march, embodying itself in the peoples of the world generating Communist Parties, to lead, to command, the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution that now has begun to unfold.

Our people demand that the Party leads their struggle!

The People's War of Peru, fulfills its role as torch opening the road for the others to follow, as a part of and serving the world proletarian revolution, for Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism to be its only commander and guide. In Strategic Equilibrium, overcoming the complex and difficult bend in the road that the detention of Chairman Gonzalo implied, developing the People's War the Conquest of Power is being constructed in the whole country. People's War tempered in now 22 years of victories and setbacks, but always more victories, showing itself invincible because it is led by the PCP, guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, mainly Gonzalo Thought, who is the heroic combatant that guarantees the course of the revolution; Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought militarized Communist Party that leads all-embracingly the People's Liberation Army and the Front/New Power, which leads the proletariat and people to culminate the democratic revolution, to pass on without interruption to the socialist revolution, to develop successive cultural revolutions until we together with the whole humanity arrive to our final goal, the forever golden Communism; all this is only possible developing People's War, because with People's War we make the democratic, socialist and cultural revolutions, only with People's War the Power is conquered and defended.

Developing People's War until communism is linked to the conquest of New Power and the defense of our Great Leadership, only our Party with the rifles, with our people in arms, with Gonzalo Thought, defends his life and health, just like it wages the struggle against the perverse and sinister campaign of Yankee Imperialism, reaction and revisionism and the miserable capitulationist and revisionist right opportunist line, of assasinating our Great Leadership.

Facing the crushing defeats that suffer the genocidal hordes of the reaction in the battlefield, their answer is to act with fury and genocide; they prepare themselves to unleash their rage upon the prisoners of war and the political prisoners and their relatives, they tried to detain "a top leader", any Tom, Dick and Harry, but the Party, through People's War, blows up all their "counter-subversive" measures. Today the fascist Armed forces and their auxiliary forces carry out massive campaigns of encirclement and annihilation against the Support Bases, mainly in the sphere of the Principal Regional Committee, they say "mobilizations as the ones that are being carried out, have not been done at least for 15 years", that is greater genocide against the masses of the New Power. All this under the command of Yankee imperialism, The Party and our people are combating the daily increased Yankee intervention. The People's War of Peru as a victorious and powerful torch of the world proletarian revolution is the first combat trench against Yankee imperialism in the world. The Party's counter-campaigns crush the plans of the genocidal Yankee imperialism, Whatever they do it is condemned to fail so they turn to their perverted hoaxes they try to keep on the sinister hoax of "peace accord".

The materials, prepared by the CIA and the dogs of the old state, published recently in Caretas, the statements of the individual Rafael Merino Bartet, the new montage of the "vladivideo" and that of the "Storm in the Andes Plan "; are only "a development" of the hoax "peace accord", and this already having been crushed by the Party with People's war, as was the case with the "hunger strike", now they "recognize", that they were the ones who prepared the bundles of paper of the rol because they "broke Chairman Gonzalo", that it is simply a continuation of the "peace accord". All that is for assassinating our Great leader, part of their plans for fulfilling their reactionary task of annihilating the People's war, imputing and defaming him as a revisionist capitulator; all that suits just fine the infamous "distillers" and their "investigations" who now for many years have been serving, and still are serving, the plans of Yankee imperialism with their tales that "the rol is inside the PCP", "Chairman Gonzalo's standpoint it is not known", repeating as a sounding board all what comes from the sewer of the reaction. The Party and the Peruvian people, the international proletariat and the oppressed peoples of the world do not believe the sinister hoaxes of imperialism, reaction and revisionism; the Party with People's War has already crushed them, and nobody with two grains of brains can believe them, as was stated by the Central Committee. The "new continuation" of the hoax of the "peace accord" is born defeated.

Meanwhile the Toledo regime, that evil runt of Yankee imperialism, is every time more discredited before the whole world, rejected and repudiated by the people. The Party is finishing the reorganization, the PLA is being strengthened ideologically and politically, raising its bellicosity, the Main Forces are strengthened every time more dealing demolishing blows to the living forces of the enemy. The New Power is maintained and expanded, new zones are being opened and those lost in the fluidity of the war are being retaken. The people and the masses claim that the Party take up their struggles; the people claims revolution, the masses want the Power. The Party honors its part as the vanguard of the proletariat, leading the masses in People's War; thus, on this new anniversary of the People's War we can see that the triumph is getting closer by the day, the Conquest of Power in the whole country is a real and concrete perspective. Thus, we salute with revolutionary optimism at the top this 22nd anniversary of the invincible People's War: We salute from here the birth of the People's Republic of Peru!








May 2002

Peru People's Movement (MPP)


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