Proletarians of all countries, unite!


On the occasion of this IX anniversary of Chairman Gonzalo's masterful speech, the Peru People's Movement (MPP), once again reaffirms itself in all of what has been established by our beloved and respected Great Leader [Jefe], the greatest Marxist-Leninist-Maoist living on the face of the Earth, center of Party unification and guarantee of triumph until Communism.

The speech shines victoriously and powerfully before the world as a combat weapon, a document always to be present in the mind of every communist, combatant and mass of our people, the full validity of which has been confirmed innumerable times by everything that has taken place after this historical day, September 24, 1992; a historical date, on which Chairman Gonzalo inflicted a moral, political and military defeat on the plans of imperialism, reaction and revisionism, thus conquering a grand triumph for the Party and the Revolution

In the Speech, Chairman Gonzalo in a brilliant way summed up the accords of the III Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru (PCP), a glorious plenum, historical and transcendent, which established the tasks to fulfill for the Party and all its organizations.

In the Speech, Chairman Gonzalo, with his genial capacity for scientific foresight announces to us the upcoming and inevitable development of the international and national class struggle and the unfolding of the struggle against revisionism and opportunism, which is confirmed for us by facts, as we see in:

International Situation

In order to see how what was established by our Great Leader in the Speech corresponds to the development of the international class struggle, we take as an example what now is at the center of attention of the world public opinion: what happened in the United States (US) this month and the subsequent events.

The action on September 11 in Washington, D.C. and New York (US) against military, political and economical targets belonging to Yankee imperialism, and the subsequent events, in an overwhelming way shows before the world the full validity of what was established by Chairman Gonzalo in the Speech on the international situation, that: "Everything they told us, the empty and silly chatter of the famous 'new stage of peace.' Where is it now? What about Yugoslavia? What about other places? That is a lie; everything became politicized. Today there is one reality; the same contenders of the First and Second World War are preparing a new Third World War. We should know this and we, as the children of an oppressed nation, are part of the booty. We cannot consent to this! Enough imperialist exploitation! We must finish with them! We are from the third world and the third world is the base of the world proletarian revolution, with one condition, that the Communist Parties uphold and lead! That is must be done!"

Thus, the "new stage of peace", the "pax americana", supposedly guaranteed under the shelter of Yankee imperialism's bayonets, according to which the entire world should submit to what the sole hegemonic superpower commands, once again, it has exploded in their own face; as it has been during these nine years that have gone by since September 24, 1992; but this action has not only reiterated that this is a lie, it has done it in a way that is overwhelming and cannot be concealed, in the very heart of the monster, of world imperialism.

Thus, with it, it is much more evident to the peoples in the imperialist countries themselves, and very specially to the North American proletariat and people, that imperialism and all reactionaries are paper tigers, that the invulnerability they make pretence of having, of which they talk so much, is there in order to cover up their own sense of extreme insecurity, corroded as it is, by its own contradictions that afflict it; despite it not having been an action led by the proletariat, through its Communist Party; despite that it is not in accordance with the military theory of the class, with the people's war, according to which the masses are the makers of history, not a group of "heroes" guided by a wan religious ideology; therefore, despite it having been an action guided by the religious fanatism of Mohammedanism, of Islamism, which is reactionary and seeks to introduce its theocracy in the Arab countries and other countries where it has influence, which would lead to drowning the masses in an even worse backwardness.

Today, as Chairman Mao said in the 60's, "there is a great disorder under the skies"; this disorder is generated by the process of collapse of imperialism, in which they struggle in a complex system of wars of every kind, and, principally, by the unstoppable advance of the new great wave of world proletarian revolution which has begun to unfold.

For the Marxist-Leninist-Maoists, Gonzalo Thought, this great disorder is something good, for we know that after a great disorder a great order will rise; and the order that is going to arise is none other than socialism in unstoppable march towards our final goal the forever golden Communism. Thus, the current disorder in this old world serves Communism and we communists and revolutionaries therefore have the task to generate more "disorder under the skies", with people's wars led by militarized, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Parties that creatingly apply Maoism to the concrete conditions of every revolution generating their guiding thought.

The action on September 11 against the United States (USA) is expression of the greater sharpening of all the contradictions in the world and lead to a greater worsening of these, makes the current situation very dangerous for the imperialists, therefore it serves the development of the new great wave of world proletarian revolution; for every struggle that the peoples wage for their liberation, despite the class limitations of those who lead them, from bourgeois positions to feudal positions under the religious cloak of Islamism, as is the case with the Arab peoples, with the people of Afghanistan, etc. is part of world revolution.

It once again shows that the imperialists, in particular Yankee imperialism, are not "all-powerful" and "invincible" as they proclaim so much in the general counter-revolutionary offensive that Yankee imperialism itself is heading. Showing that the puppets of imperialism in the oppressed nations, the regimes of the old states, in this case, in the Near and Middle East, do not represent the peoples of their respective countries or the will of the masses; the masses want war against imperialism and therefore they celebrate an overwhelming blow inflicted on Yankee imperialism, while the puppets weep in order to show their fidelity to the foreign blood-suckers. Completely confirming how the revisionists and opportunists with their venom of capitulation and of the so called "stability of imperialism" cannot keep the peoples in lethargy; the masses want transformation, they want a world completely opposed to this old and rotten imperialist order, they seek the roads to a new world and see that nothing is happening along the "peaceful road" of the revisionists and opportunists; the problem lies with the communists, they have to take up the leadership and crush the reactionary grouplets who try to traffick with the struggle of the masses in order to deviate it in the service of their own class interests.

As Chairman Gonzalo teaches, concerning the role of the communists, here it is to uphold Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism applying it to the specific conditions of the class struggle of their society, not allowing that the Arab people and the other Eastern peoples, such as the Afghan people, be put in the irons of this wan ideology, religious fanatism which when introducing its theocracy would lead to drowning the masses in an even worse backwardness. The only thing that can unite the Arab people, the Afghan people, the other Eastern peoples, is communism, is revolution led by the Communist Party through the people's war, their struggle will be cruel and difficult, but it is the only form, the only road for their emancipation. If Mohammedanism, Islamism, being reactionary, has the capacity to move, to unite, communism has an immense and all-powerful superior ideology, to the highest degree and the only one capable of uniting, of transforming the world, of emancipating. We think that imperialism's aggression in the East is going to continue, it is going to be more extensive, atrocious, brutal, developing amidst collusion and contention, as the influence of the Islamites, always seeking to capitalize on the hatred that imperialism gives rise to for their own ends, is also going to do. But all of this is not principal, what is principal is revolution, what is principal is that what the greater imperialist aggression does, is that it further spurs on revolution more, what is principal is that the Communist Parties shall fulfill their role of leading it by concretizing the people's war in order to emancipate these peoples.

This is its necessary perspective, this is its main role as part of the oppressed nations, of the role that they have as weight of the masses in the emancipation, in the sweeping away of imperialism, of revisionism and of world reaction from the face of the Earth. As part of the oppressed nations they have to understand their interest in combating imperialism and to do it they have to destroy the semi-feudal bases and topple their reactionary rulers, also sweeping away bureaucrat captialism; as Chairman Mao teaches us, the problem is to dare.

The main contradiction in the world, between imperialism and the oppressed nations, is sharpening. Under the pretext of a "war against terrorism", which is nothing other than a war of aggression against all oppressed peoples and nations, they put forward more imperialist aggression, more oppression and exploitation, trampling the so-called "international right" which they themselves have established, even more underfoot, reaffirming that the only law that the imperialists respect is the one that is in accordance with their immediate and long-term strivings as imperialist superpower and powers and, therefore, that the entire fairy-tale of "international laws" that all the opportunists put forward in the imperialist countries is an idealist stupidity that can fool only those who want to be fooled.

The most open, direct and brutal imperialist aggression is not going to be able to suppress the development of the struggle for national liberation, it is going to increase it manifold, for repression always gives rise to resistance and rebellion and this is going to be the harvest of their sowing of dragons' teeth: thousands and thousands of combatants for the new great wave of world proletarian revolution. Their negation of national sovereignty is part of their imperialist essence and the war that they now are preparing against Afghanistan follows the same logic as the wars of plunder in the Balkans, Iraq, Somalia, etc., which are openly unjust wars, imperialist wars that only accelerate the pace of development of world revolution, spurring it on.

The inter-imperialist contradiction is accentuated. As a part of the so-called "war on terrorism" the strivings of the different imperialisms to divide up the world again express themselves, they are seeking redistribution of the colonies and semi-colonies; this process has accelerated during the entire past decade (the war in the Balkans, the wars in Africa, etc.) and it is more and more obvious that they are preparing a third world war. Now they are trying make it look as if they are united to combat "terrorism" and this is the collusion among them in order to subjugate the oppressed nations and suppress revolution, but this, even though they are demagogical words tending to cover up big plans to contend over world hegemony, also express how they define the principal contradiction, the one that exists between imperialism and the oppressed nations, as "the struggle betwen the good and the evil", their very existence depending on the outcome of this. The imperialists in the so-called European Union (EU), which is nothing other than an alliance of the imperialist states of Western Euope under German leadership in order to seek world hegemony, they want to give the illusion that they are solidly united with Yankee imperialism in "the war on terrorism", but they try to restrict the actions of the Yankees, so that it shall not act without them, in order for them to be in better conditions to cut themselves a big piece of the cake.

The Russian imperialists have their own interests and they are since czarist times dreaming of controlling Afghanistan in order to be able to reach the Indian Ocean and be in conditions to dominate India, and this has not been only a dream, social-imperialism's defeat in its war against Afghanistan is a memory that is very much alive, and not they are once again looking at how to enter the area. Chinese social-imperialism is in a similar situation, they have the geographical proximity and Central Asia is a key axis for its plans for imperialist expansion. Japan is in serious problems, because of its economic crisis, but they are trying to be active in order to keep their old dream of having hegemony in Asia under their old slogan "Asia for the Asians" alive. For these different imperialist interests, they have tried to use their instrument, the United Nations (UN) in order to reach a joint agreement on how to act, in order to maintain the collusion, but Yankee imperialism is not going to subject itself to a UN resolution, they have never done so and they only use it when it fits them; thus, the action of Yankee imperialism and the different interests of the different imperialist countries accentuates the inter-imperialist contradiction and new steps are taken towards a third world war, which we against but we do not fear it for we are going to oppose it with the world people's war and we know that if revolution does not prevent the world war, the imperialist world war is going to accelerate the world proletarian revolution.

On the other hand, from Khomeini and, now, with the "Taliban" and Osama Bin Laden, the Islamites insist on the satans and call on all the Arab peoples and all the Mohammedans to unite as they did with Saladin, in order to expel the satans from their lands and put an end to the big satan (USA) and the other satan (Israel); therefore this phenomenon strikes against the United States, Russia (various republics of the former USSR are Mohammedan), China (in the Sinkiang region, which borders with Afghanistan, it confronts a separatist Islamite movement that is waging armed struggle) and also against the so-called European Union. It is instructive to recall that they all used, use and in the future are going to use these movements in order to draw advantages from the difficulties of the others, we have the "Taliban" themselves as an example, the Islamist movements in the Balkans, the Chechen, those from the FIS in Algeria through Saudi Arabia, just to name a few cases, as well as the fact, proclaimed many times by themselves, that their secrete services cultivate very good bonds with the Islamic movements of the Near East.

The contradiction between bourgeoisie and proletariat in the world is accentuated. In all of the world the proletariat is struggling more and more tenaciously against this rotten old imperialist order; from the popular explosions in the imperialist metropolises (example in Genoa and Gothenburg) to the protest movements of vast masses in the countries of the third world (example in Argentina), the proletariat is rising in rebellion against this vile and decrepit system. As Chairman Gonzalo pointed out with extreme clarity in the Speech, the problem consists in the lack of militarized, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Parties that must lead the struggle of the proletariat, as their vanguards, but the tendency is very good; Maoism is more and more being embodied by the peoples of the world and this can be seen in the advance in the process of reconstitution of the Parties such as in Italy, Iran and India. Thus, the so-called "war on terrorism", with which imperialism, headed by Yankee imperialism, with revisionism and world reaction, say that they are going to "exterminate global terrorism" is part of the general counter-revolutionary offensive with which they are trying to sweep away everything that can signify revolution in the world, but revolution is the main historical and political tendency of the development of the world and their black dreams are impossible to fulfill. Now the states, states of bourgeois dictatorship, are advancing further in their reactionarization, militarizing themselves, strengthening their armies, police forces, security services and all the repressive apparatuses (formal as well as informal), draconian laws that eliminate rights and freedom under the slogan of "security for freedom" etc. - in order to try to change the course of history with more genocide and repression, but the only thing they are going to give rise to is an even greater sharpening of the class struggle and this puts the communists in better conditions to lead the struggle of the proletariat and the people, to initiate the people's war, specified to each country's respective conditions. That the imperialists now try to justify all the attacks on the rights conquered by the proletariat and that they once again are sacking hundreds of thousands of workers under the pretext that "the terrorist attacks have given rise to a new crisis" is only cheap propaganda; the crisis had manifested itself before the September 11 actions and it is part of the general crisis of imperialism, and it is ridiculous even to think that a few spectacular actions are going to give rise to an economic crisis in the whole world, rather they are with the war, with the increasing militarization of their economy, trying to give new impetus to it, but they are not going to give them the result they expect.

In this situation, what lies with the communists is to put the main stress on developing the people's war as main form in the world to serve the powerful and victorious development of the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution that has begun to unfold. The actions against the United States have not changed the world, they are expressions of the current situation in the world. As Chairman Gonzalo pointed out in The Interview: "Without Communist Parties, nationalist movements that only seek to be recognized as nations develop, in order to change from being colonies to being semi-colonies, while remaining dependent on imperialism, or, in other cases, changing masters. We have seen this in various movements tied to England or France, for example. In other cases, armed struggles are developed in order for the United Nations to resolve and define the situation, like in Cyprus. Consequently, the problem is not simply the armed struggle, at bottom, the problem is people's war, Communist Party and Marxism-Leninism-Maoism; nevertheless, all these movements add forces to the struggle against imperialism, but they will only be able to radically serve to wipe it out if there is a Communist Party with people's war that leads them."

Then, what corresponds is to develop more people's war, this is key, for you have to show the international proletariat and the peoples of the world the road to follow, and in this the People's War of Peru burns as the powerful and victorious torch of world proletarian revolution, as that which has opened the breach to follow; Maoism is imposed with people's war, actions are what shakes people's minds up, a deep and massive ideological movement is necessary for Maoism to be taken up; but, this movement has to be completely tied to the development of the revolutionary praxis, to the highest form of struggle, the only one, the people's war.

Thus, no-one can deny that what was established by Chairman Gonzalo in the Speech is being confirmed by the development of the international situation.

National situation

Chairman Gonzalo establishes that "... today the democratic road has begun to develop as a road of liberation, as a road of people's liberation!," "...we are dominated by imperialism, principally North American, this is real, everyone knows it. And where has it brought us?". He pointed out that "... once more the nation is at risk, once more the republic is at risk, once more our territory is at risk. It can easily be lost, and by interests. This is the situation; this is where they have brought us, but we have a fact, a Peruvian revolution, a People's War, and it is advancing, and will continue to do so. What have we reached with this? A Strategic Equilibrium... the Peruvian state, the old Peruvian state, is a paper tiger that is rotten to the core...."

In his speech, Chairman Gonzalo clearly points out to us, that the development of the fundamental contradictions in the democratic revolution leads to that the contradiction nation-imperialism develops, to that the change of contradiction starts to take place.

This definition by Chairman Gonzalo is accurate, for since Fujimori's coup d'état, April 5, 1992, the greater intervention by Yankee imperialism through a reactionary offensive giving impetus to its "low-intensity warfare" under Yankee command is brought about. It is with this so-called "self-coup" that Yankee imperialism's 20 year plan begins to unfold and, within it, Fujimori's fascist, genocidal and country-selling government takes up the three reactionary tasks, which are: to give new impetus to bureaucrat capitalism, to restructure the old state and to annihilate the People's War, the fulfillment of which, as the Party has pointed out, is a historical and political impossibility.

This is a necessary development of bureaucrat capitalism, of the Peruvian society, semi-feudal and semi-colonial, dependent principally on Yankee imperialism, in which a bureaucrat capitalism, which sustains itself on the old Peruvian state, unfolds. This bureaucrat capitalism, as the speech points out, is in its greater general crisis, in its sinking and it is being totally demolished, bit by bit, by the People's War, in which it defends itself with genocides as a deadly wounded beast.

This fascist, genocidal and country-selling Fujimori government led to the greater handing over of the country to the imperialist interests, made by any government so far, with its "neoliberalism", could it not give new impetus to bureaucrat capitalism and this is sinking in greater crisis, the foreign debt, the budget deficit, the disequilibrium in the balance of payments, etc., are increasing and it inflicted more hunger and misery on the masses, more unemployment, etc.; it failed all along the line in its task to restructure the old state and, it is dissolving on all sides, it shows its character of paper tiger and its rottenness even more and, despite having applied greater general repression and greater genocide, it failed in its task to annihilate the People's War, which today has come forth further strengthened, more proven, more steeled. The plans of imperialism, reaction and revisionism failed, as the Speech points out, for we have a People's War which develops in strategic equilibrium.

Today, Yankee imperialism proceeds in its greater intervention, facing the failure of its puppet Fujimori's government, with a new puppet, new reactionary government led by Toledo (the "Yankee with Indian hat"), who from his start is showing himself as being the most uninhibitedly pro-Yankee so far, from his beginnings loosing his prestige before the people and who acts within the framework of reaction's and imperialism's 20 year plan and the application of the three tasks that present themselves as a necessity for Peruvian reaction and imperialism: to give new impetus to bureaucrat capitalism, to annihilate the People's War and to restructure the old state, therefore the future that awaits it is worse than that of the Fujimori puppet government. A government, which day by day is going to show itself being one creating more hunger, more genocidal and more country-selling than the previous one.

The Toledo government, which also calls itself a concertation, concensus, government, has been imposed by Yankee government through the OAS, led by the CIA, to which end it created first its so-called "transition" and their "clean elections" for a new "legitimate" government in April-June 2001, which was nothing but the continuation of the fraudulent process in April-June 2000, which Fujimori and Montesinos, the reactionary armed forces and Yankee imperialism set up.

Election process 2001 which is once again showing us, as the most important conclusion of the same, that the people's rejection of the elections is increasing, the tendency to reject the old state is increasing. Once more confirming the success of the boycott-tactic of the Party as a part of the People's War, that the people does not want the old Peruvian state, it needs another, new one, it needs the People's Republic of Peru. Therefore: Toledo's reactionary government is not a legitimate government and nothing nor anybody can legitimize the old state and its authorities.

Thus it is shown how the bureaucrat road, the road of the exploiters, of the imperialists, of the big bourgeois and landowners, in the process of its sinking, defending itself as a deadly wounded beast, leads to the greater intervention by Yankee imperialism, therefore to the development of the contradiction nation-imperialism, to that the change in the principal contradiction in the democratic revolution begins, as the Masterful Speech by our Great Leadership establishes. Therefore, that the democratic road will go ahead to develop as a people's liberation road. Which has found its full confirmation in the entire development of events from the Speech to this date and continues its march.

It continues the march of the new reality of the Peruvian revolution, today with more than 21 years of People's War, this serves to defend the Great Leadership, Chaiman Gonzalo's life and, joint to this, to defend Comrade Feliciano's life; it serves the overcoming of the complex and difficult bend in the road, to develop the strategic equilibrium and construct the countrywide conquest of power in order to establish the People's Republic of Peru.

The greater intervention by Yankee imperialism with its creature the new reactionary Toledo government, the leadership and application of its "low-intensity warfare", the greater presence of Yankee officers and troops in the country, the establishment of military bases even in towns like Iquitos, the use of the so-called "fight on drugs" to divert men, resources and materials for its war against the People's War, the greater reactionarization of its state and all its cackle on a "new strategy against terrorism", the presence of advisors and traffickers of Israeli guns with their Minister of Defense, Waisman, is the answer to the development of the strategic equilibrium, second stage of the people's war which we are in, it is an overwhelming political demonstration of the development of the strategic equilibrium.

The development of the extension and the relative stability of the new power, which even the enemy recognizes, when they admit the failure of all their plans, campaigns and operations against it, the fact that the Party's flag is maintained defiantly before the world in the open people's committees, as the Minister of the Interior himself has recognized, when he said that they, in their failed operation in Satipo, were going to "capture the terrorist symbols that were on the huts", is another clear demonstration of the development of the strategic equilibrium and therefore of the People's War. Let us remember that to expand the new power has been defined as a central problem in this period which is guided by preparing the strategic offensive through constructing the conquest of power, a task that the Party and the people are taking up in their hands more and more.

The Speech points out to us that constructing the conquest of power demands People's Liberation Army, which the Party in fulfillment of the dispositions made in the Speech has concretized starting from the People's Guerrilla Army.

Thus, then, the People's Liberation Army, all-around led by the Party, with the support and immense sacrifice of the masses above all in the people's committees in the support bases has defeated each and every one of the enemy's campaigns and operations, therefore, the Minister of the Interior himself, Rospiglosi, has gone so far as to say that "the encirclement campaigns have failed, that you have to start with something else", but they have no other form of combating us, thus it is shown that the Peruvian state strategically is a paper tiger; tactically, an iron tiger, wounded beast that is sinking and is going to sink in genocide. Rotten to the core. Said by the Chairman in the Speech and demonstrated by reality.

The Communist Party of Peru, under the leadership of Comrade Julio, recognized and proven leadership, taking the speech as combat weapon, is straining all its nerves to fulfil the tasks that our Great Leadership demands from us in the Speech in order to lead revolution to victory, certain that "The road is long and we shall arrive. We shall triumph!"

The Party is culminating its general reorganization, because the Party is the heroic combatant that leads the revolution, never forget that without the ideological and political leadership of the proletariat through its Party, neither the peasantry nor the people would be able to advance nor acheive victory. Chairman Gonzalo teaches us to forge ourselves as pesants with proletarian head.

It is confirmed, as it was established in the Speech, that they, the enemy, have no way out, bureaucrat capitalism has since 1980 entered its destruction and as a consequence the entire system is going down and it has no way out. We, as Chairman Mao said: "the road is tortuous but the future is bright. We must, then, dare to conquer power and dare to defend it. Let us take up our destiny with our own hands!".

The struggle against revisionism and opportunism

In the Speech Chairman Gonzalo pointed out:

"We are here in these circumstances. Some think this is a great defeat. They are dreaming! We tell them to keep on dreaming. It is simply a bend, nothing more, a bend in the road! The road is long and we shall arrive. We shall triumph! You shall see it! You shall see it!

We should continue the tasks established by the III Plenum of the Central Committee. A glorious Plenum! You should know that these accords are already being implemented and that will continue. We shall continue applying the IV Plan of Strategic Development of the People's War to Conquer Power, we shall continue developing the VI Military Plan to Construct the Conquest of Power, that will continue; that is a task! We shall carry it out because of what we are and because of the obligation we have with the proletariat and the people!"

With this masterful affirmation, Chairman Gonzalo crushed all of what the rats of the revisionist and capitulationist right opportunist line (rol) were later going to put forward; who nourished and fathered by the reactionary Armed Forces and the puppet Fujimori from their dirty dens cackled of the carrying out of a so-called "II Congress ... " in order to revoke the first and approve a "peace accord" with the old state and imperialism. These miserable rats, grovelling chieftains, showed themselves to be incapable of withstanding a work accident and let alone of giving their lives for the Party and the Revolution, selling themselves for a plate of beans. This accursed rol never structured itself within the Party, these traitors, as a part of their revisionist essence, incapable of debating and putting forward their positions in the internal struggle fled cowardly and raised their black and rotten flags from outside of the ranks. The real and concrete fact that the rol could not structure within the Party is thanks to Chairman Gonzalo's masterful handling of the two-line struggle; at the III Plenum of the Central Committee he warned the Party of the danger of the appearance of a revisionist line the hatching of which there already were indications of; opportunist line that would oppose the countrywide conquest of power, and with what was established in the Speech he armed the Party to crush this accursed rol and called to continue applying the plans established by the III Plenum, seizing Gonzalo Thought to solve new problems and, it is so, with people's war the Party has crushed the rol and blown up all of its hoaxes into a thousand pieces.

The "peace accord" was smashed to pieces on the manure pile of history and the Party is sweeping away all of what remains of this rol from the face of the earth, a necessity in order to overcome the bend in the road and construct apparatuses superior to reaction, which is what is incumbent for our camp to do in the strategic equilibrium, which at the present demands sweeping away every form of convergences with this line. These convergences come forward in the bosom of the people as ideas, attitudeas and even positions that converge with what is put forward by the rol. In general there has been an advance in sweeping away these convergences, but in some cases the problems have been deepening. While the rats in Peru are totally isolated and crushed, which is the cause of their total desperation, abroad there are convergences with the rol and now you can feel the tremendous harm it has done in the wavering of some people who call themselves "leaders" of the international proletariat.

All the Marxist-Leninist-Maoists must renew their taking of position before this situation in the world, reaffirming themselves in what Marx himself taught us: once the flag has been hoist, it must never be taken down. A "peace accord", no matter what the pretext, between a Communist Party and the old state of its country, is simply capitulation in today's world; to end the revolutionary civil war in the present moment is treason to the universal truth of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism.

We are fully convinced that the communists, despite all opposition, no matter where it comes from, are going to persist in the people's war, for this is the only road of the international proletariat and the peoples of the world; it is necessary that all the parties and organizations of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement take a firm position for the continuation of the people's wars until their final and inevitable triumph. You have to reject and crush all the convergences with the rol; if some do not want to do it, be that as it may, no matter who is offended by it, our road will always be the people's war and we Marxist-Leninist-Maoists, Gonzalo Thought reaffirm ourselves in: People's War until Communism!

Thus, nine years after it was held in a masterful way, Chairman Gonzalo's Speech is a combat weapon that shines victoriously and powerfully before the world, which arms us to totally sweep away the rol and all the convergences with this accursed line.

Finally we want to once more reaffirm ourselves in defending Chairman Gonzalo's life and joining the defense of Comrade Feliciano's life to that of our Great Leadership, no matter what the cost; at this ninth anniversary of the Speech we renew our promise to always defend our Great Leadership against all attacks, no matter where they come from. We are, today and for ever, for learning from Chairman Gonzalo and embodying his all-powerful thought.

Long Live Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought!

Uphold, defend and apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought!

Long Live the Communist Party of Peru!

Defend Chairman Gonzalo's life!

Down with revisionism! Long Live Maoism!

The People's War will inevitably triumph!

From here we salute the future birth of the People's Republic of Peru!

Peru People's Movement
September 2001





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