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“Before us we have an enemy fortress, it is the old power and from it they are firing at us with machine-guns and they are taking away the best leaders, this is the reality, hard but certain. Facing this, what is to be done? Not to have a dialog, not to give up, not to retreat, but to assault, it take it, and we will take it!”

Chairman Gonzalo

On June 19th 1986, the revolutionary political prisoners and prisoners of war, under the leadership of the Communist Party of Peru, conquered a great moral, political and military triumph for the Peruvian proletariat and people; a great triumph guaranteed by Chairman Gonzalo, serving the unstoppable advance of the People’s War of Peru as part of and at the service of the World Proletarian Revolution.

Today, celebrating the 15th anniversary of this great triumph, which has been inscribed in the history of mankind as Day of Heroism, we must grasp the example offered by the hundreds of Party members, combatants and masses who gave their precious lives for the Party and the revolution, and who today continue conquering laurels after death. We feel how these heroes are fighting in us, how they with the blood they shed agitate and call us to: Give your life for the Party and the revolution! Nothing or no one can stop us: neither imperialism, nor reaction, nor revisionism, nor nature! We march towards communism!

As part of the armed struggle between revolution and counterrevolution, thousands of sons and daughters of the people, have, in the People’s War, become political prisoners and prisoners of war. Thousands have been imprisoned for fighting for the rights of the people, for a world without exploitation and without oppression, the People’s Republic of Peru, for socialism and communism. But, when imprisoned, they never got down on their knees before reaction, but have continued developing their struggle, under the leadership of the Party, as component part of the People’s War, within and in accordance with this. In this way they have transformed the concentration camps of the old state into Shining Trenches of Combat (STC). Being in the hands of reaction, they have continued combating and resisting; they have served as an example to the country and the world showing the invincibility of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought; that, when it is embodied by the proletariat and the people, it becomes a transforming material force, which no might in the world can stop, and even less, defeat.

Reaction has, with all methods, tried to break the heroic resistance of the Party members, combatants and masses in the STCs: physical and mental torture, rape, inserting glass and chemical substances in the foodstuffs, etc., up to direct genocide. It has been this way since the beginning of the People’s War. In the years before 1986, reaction carried out several genocides against the political prisoners and prisoners of war; among them the one on October 3, 1985, when they murdered 30 comrades, stands out. In the beginning of the summer of 1986, the Party discovered the plan of reaction, already underway, for a new genocide against the comrades imprisoned in Frontón, Lurigancho and Callao.

In defense of the rights of the political prisoners of war, in defense of the morale of the class, which the enemy was trying to harm, in defense of the principles of the Party and of the People’s War, the Party members, combatants and masses in the three STCs — Frontón, Lurigancho and Callao — arose in rebellion, in June of 1986, fulfilling a specific plan of the Party. Armed principally with Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought and only with the elementary weapons prepared by themselves in prison and conquering some weapons from the watchdogs themselves, they developed a heroic resistance never before seen in the glorious history of the World Proletarian Revolution. Confronting the genocidal armed forces of Alan García’s fascist and genocidal regime, almost 300 sons and daughters of the people gave their lives; and in this way, rising up in rebellion against the new genocide that was underway and following the slogan of Combat and resist!, they gave us an imperishable example of what it means to give your life for the Party and the revolution, conquering a great moral, political and military triumph.

For the Peruvian reaction, the genocide against the comrades in the Shining Trenches of Combat aimed at dealing the People’s War a demolishing blow and harming the morale of the class; but the triumph for the Party and the revolution conquered by the heroes of the people crushed their sinister plans and, on the contrary, it served even more to giving a strong and great impetus to the development of the People’s War, and fulfilled an important role serving to open up the road for great achievements such as the I Congress of the Party and the Open People’s Committees. This grand triumph for revolution, was likewise a total defeat for revisionism. It is a trustworthy and unfading example to the entire world that communists and revolutionaries never get down on their knees before counterrevolution and that once the red flag has been hoisted, you can never take it down, not at any cost, for the morale of the class is at stake. Thus, the Day of Heroism is a blow against the revisionist and capitulationist right opportunist line (rol); the miserable treacherous rats of this line were incapable of giving their lives for the Party and the revolution, and sold themselves for a plate of beans and became knives against the Party and the revolution, the heroic resistance of June 19, 1986 is the complete negation of the revisionism and capitulation of the rol. And after death, the fallen heroes, with their example, continue defeating the rol.

The struggle of the political prisoners and prisoners of war always unfold within and in accordance with the People’s War; thus it was, thus it is, and thus it will be. After 1986, other great examples of heroic resistance by the comrades in the Shining Trenches of Combat have taken place, among those that stand out are the events in Canto Grande, in 1992, when about 100 Party members, combatants and masses of the PCP were vilely murdered; and more recently, in the STC Yanamayo, in February 2000.

The political prisoners and prisoners of war, principally the latter, have fought for fulfilling the three tasks to produce, in order not to be a burden on the masses (to this end they produce, for instance, handicraft), to mobilize (for instance, their relatives) and to combat defending their rights and against the plans of imperialism, reaction and revisionism. Fujimori’s fascist, genocidal and country-selling government, following the examples of Belaúnde and of García, tried to break the prisoners of war by imposing an even worse regimen in the prisons with subhuman conditions; this has especially been the case with the treatment of Chairman Gonzalo, who has been totally isolated for more than 8 years, without contact with anyone other than the dogs who act as guards, and he finds himself in the fascist concentration camp of the Callao naval base in the worst of conditions; but they have never succeeded in breaking him, and Chairman Gonzalo continues fighting implacably as light and guide, as Great Leadership [Jefatura] of the Peruvian Revolution in the highest Shining Trench of Combat.

As part of Yankee imperialism’s plan, the current regime (the creature called "transition government") has tried to make some new dispositions in the prisons attempting to give the appearance of being a "democratic" government, and trying to give the old state a varnish of "legitimacy" (part of the so-called "low-intensity warfare"); but they have continued the same genocidal policy and, especially, they have tried to make the sinister plan to murder Chairman Gonzalo advance with the hoax of "the hunger strike", which is another attempt to take up the already crushed and defeated hoax of the "peace accords" once again. And just as the Party, with people’s war, blew that hoax up into a thousand pieces, this new hoax has been by the Party always with people’s war, and in this the action of the political prisoners and prisoners of war of the PCP, who have been very firm and completely denounced and rejected this new hoax, has played a key role.

Thus, in very difficult conditions, the Comrades Party members and other comrades in the STCs, this very day, continue combating and resisting serving the People’s War. It is our duty to double the efforts in order to support their heroic struggle and, especially, to defend the life of our beloved and respected Great Leader [Jefe], Chairman Gonzalo, center of Party unification and guarantee of triumph; and joining the defense of Comrade Feliciano to that of our Great Leadership [Jefatura].

Long live Chairman Gonzalo!

Glory to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought!

Long live the Communist Party of Peru!

Glory to the fallen heroes, long live the revolution!

Defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo!

We demand the public presentation of our Great Leader [Jefe], Chairman Gonzalo, live and directly, before the national and international TV media, and that he be allowed to express himself!

Defend and support the struggle of the political prisoners and prisoners of war!

Long live the invincible People’s War!

June 2001

Peru People's Movement (MPP)




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