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"The correctness or otherwise of the ideological and political line decides everything. When the Party's line is correct, then everything will come its way. If it has no followers, then it can have followers; if it has no guns, then it can have guns; if it has no political power, then it can have political power. If its line is not correct, even what it has it loses."

Chairman Mao Tse-tung


With profound love for our people, our class, our Party and our course - the People's War - the Peru People's Movement (MPP), generated organism of the glorious Communist Party of Peru (PCP), always Greatly Led [Jefaturado] by our beloved and respected Chairman Gonzalo, takes this opportunity to send its exultant greeting to the peoples of the world, to the international proletariat, the International Communist Movement and, especially, to the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement. At the same time, we take this opportunity to express our deep class hatred, our total condemnation and repudiation of the miserable rats of the revisionist and capitulationist Right Opportunist Line (ROL) who surged forward in their vile attempt to annihilate our Great Leadership [Jefatura] and the People's War, in close collaboration with imperialism and reaction; nevertheless it has been thoroughly crushed and swept away with Gonzalo Thought, with the flames of the People's War. We pledge to continue the crushing of every convergence with this line expressing itself in the ranks of the people, until it is totally swept away and, likewise, with the revisionist positions held by the CoRIM!




It is with profound happiness that we can report that in our motherland the People's Liberation Army - mobilizing, politicizing, organizing and arming the masses, always under the all-embracing leadership of our glorious Party - has totally defeated the vicious encirclement and suppression campaign "Annihilation" carried out by the enemy in the countryside in their vain attempt to crush and sweep away the People's War. This has taken place in hard battles against the fascist, genocidal and country-selling armed forces, which are under the direct command of Yankee-imperialism, dogs of counter-revolution, experts in genocide against the unarmed masses and in defeats confronting their armed might, who have been putting all force into crushing the Party, the Army and the New State. The enemy has not held back anything in using artillery or modern attack-helicopters, but they have gone from defeat to defeat, like the one we inflicted upon them in Satipo (Junín department) where we, among several other large scale armed actions, shot down one of their attack-helicopters, annihilating and wounding a great bunch of their genocidal personel, including a general, a captain and several officers thus, once again, blowing their black dreams of "the final defeat of Sendero" into pieces.

Thus the Party is again demonstrating its overwhelming capacity to assume its role as the heroic combatant, masterfully leading and developing the People's War, totally overcoming the bend in the road, today with the Central Committee headed by Comrade Julio, who took over this responsibility in the face of the capture of Comrade Feliciano, thus, one more time demonstrating the correctness of the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought principle, that "the commander never dies" and that we count on a tested and proven leadership generated through many years of People's War and forged by Chairman Gonzalo himself. The only reason the Party has been able to overcome all the difficulties the revolution has confronted on its road is because of the correct ideological and political line of the Party, the firm application of Gonzalo Thought, the weapon with which the Party is resolving all new problems that arise; thus the Party is committed to developing the People's War, serving the world revolution, culminating the democratic revolution, without any pause continuing with the socialist revolution and developing successive cultural revolutions until we, together with the rest of mankind, reach the forever shining Communism.

Thus now emerging from the complex bend in the road, having almost finalized the reorganization of the whole Party and all its apparatuses, laying solid foundations to successfully carry forward the Fourth Plenum of the Central Committee, the Party also advances in crushing the revisionist positions which, on an international level, vainly tries to hold back the advance of the ICM, the RIM, and the whole World Proletarian Revolution.



With respect to the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM), the RIM Committee (CoRIM), is more and more overflowing with their revisionist positions, converging with the revisionist and capitulationist right opportunist line, playing the game of imperialism and world reaction. They clash with the four principal aspects of Marxism: SOCIALISM, THE DICTATORSHIP OF THE PROLETARIAT, THE PARTY, AND MARXISM-LENINISM-MAOISM. Thus we can see what they preach to the four winds, doing nothing more than repeating what imperialism, revisionism and reaction say about the "collapse of the USSR". To sustain this they use and base themselves on the document America in Decline (not a document of the RCP). But what is the reality? What is certain is what the Party puts forward:

"Thus what happened in the USSR was the bankruptcy of revisionism, and revisionism is the vanguard of restoration, not ‘. . . the collapse of the Soviet Union . . .’ as some state. Socialism did not fail, rather it was the abandonment of Socialism to adjust themselves to the old imperialist world; there they disintegrated their system to be part of the world imperialist order."

"The Speech by our Great Leadership is a Combat Weapon that Shines
Victoriously and Powerfully before the World"; CC, PCP, September 1999.

Similarly, the CoRIM does not directly expound its positions in its own name, but uses other parties and organizations, demonstrating with this its political feebleness and incapacity to propose debate; all this is due to their ideological and political problems in understanding what two-line struggle, the party, people’s war, etc., is. These were problems were put forward by Chairman Gonzalo himself and this they have been unable to resolve. All of this does nothing but derail RIM, leading the members to become ideologically and politically incohesive, and this is entirely the responsibility of the CoRIM

Thus let us see how they made the struggle against the revisionist and capitulationist ROL through the organization Sarbedaran and how they also try to sustain themselves on what they repeat from the enemy’s sewer and from the reptile Fujimori, that "Chairman Gonzalo is behind the letters" and, furthermore, saying that this is a position of all the members, concluding that "there are indications that the Chairman is behind the letters" and "it doesn’t matter who the author is". What they seek in vain is to discredit and slander Chairman Gonzalo-the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist on the face of the Earth, Great Leader [Jefe] of the Party and the Revolution in Peru-with their dirty calumnies, is to principally negate his contributions to the development of Marxism, including negating the thesis of the necessity of great leadership [Jefatura], put forward by Lenin himself, developed by Chairman Gonzalo and established by the First Congress of our Party:

"The mere presentation of the question-"dictatorship of the Party or dictatorship of the class; dictatorship (party) of the leaders, or dictatorship (party) of the masses?"-testifies to the most incredible and hopeless confusion of mind. These people are straining to invent something quite out of the ordinary, and, in their effort to be clever, make themselves ridiculous. Everyone knows that the masses are divided into classes; that the masses can be contrasted to classes only by contrasting the vast majority in general, regardless of division according to status in the social system of production, to categories holding a definite status in the social system of production; that usually, and in the majority of cases, at least in modern civilized countries, classes are led by political parties; that political parties, as a general rule, are directed by more or less stable groups composed of the most authoritative, influential and experienced members, who are elected to the most responsible positions and are called leaders. All this is elementary. All this is simple and clear. Why replace this by some rigmarole, by some new Volapuk?"

"Left-wing Communism, an Infantile Disorder", V.I. Lenin

"All revolutions, in their process of development, through the struggle of the proletariat as the leading class and, above all, the struggle of the Communist Party that raises their unre-nounceable class interests, generate a group of lead-ers and principally one who represents and leads it, a Great Leader [Jefe] with recognized authority and ascendancy…"

First Party Congress (Fundamental Documents)

Thus in the face of these truths of Marxism, what do they propose? In their efforts to be original and clever, as Lenin put it, they seek to center on a "collective leadership", without Great Leadership [Jefatura], without a guiding thought, which is decisive to conquer power and furthermore to maintain the course of the revolution toward our always shining and glorious goal, Communism:


"But, moreover, and this is the basis upon which all Great Leader-ship [Jefatura] is formed, revolutions give rise to a thought that guides them, the result of the application of the universal truth of the ideology of the international proletariat to the concrete conditions of each revolution; a guiding thought indispensable to reach victory and conquer -power and, moreover, to continue the revolution and maintain the course always towards the only, great goal-Communism . . ."


But instead of taking these principles of Marxism and applying them to the concrete reality, they fill their mouths and fill pages in ink with bombastic and hollow words about the Russian Revolution, the Chinese Revolution, and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution; but in practice they negate that these milestones of the proletariat, of the class, had a Great Leadership [Jefatura] sustained on a thought, the product of the application of the universal truth to the the concrete reality; and this is what has allowed them to triumph and achieved these great milestones, crushing all the reactionaries and revisionists of their times; furthermore, as a consequence of the abandonment of that thought, of the abandonment of the just and correct line, we have seen the restoration of capitalism, through revisionism, of which positions CoRIM is ingesting a lot. Concretely, they want headless revolutions without the application of Maoism to the concrete reality; all this is nothing more than brazen revisionism.

In the same way, they seek to use other parties and organizations, like the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP-USA) to, in synthesis, put forward that imperialism develops:

"For these reasons, we do not think it is correct to characterize the overall situation faced by the imperialists today as one of 'crisis'…"

"The world system is not in an overall sense in a state of crisis."

"Notes on Political Economy"; CC, RCP,USA, 1998


Furthermore, in one of their reports, filled with generalities, they seek to put our final goal, Communism, up for discussion:

"A great part of what is at stake in the continuing political and ideological struggle within the ICM is the question of whether the final goal of the struggle is or isn't clearly Communism, or if this final goal is to become something like the 'paradise on Earth' promised by religion. In other words, if the goal of Communism infuses how and why we fight, both now and when we have power in different countries."

As if the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist didn’t have a clear goal, or as if there was something to discuss in this respect. The point is that they cunningly negate the goal and therefore will negate more openly in the future the necessity of Communist parties, putting forward the sophistry that some things should be redefined; nevertheless the concrete, clear and shameless fact is that they seek to revise Marxism. But clearly this is logical for some people, like B. Avakian, leader of the RCP, who makes unnecessary and innapropriate comparisons, demonstrating ideological confusion and disorienting the masses by not starting from the positions of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, and the contributions of Chairman Gonzalo; for example, how is it possible to degrade and reduce the final goal, Communism, to what some bourgeois artists sing about?

"I'm pretty sure Heavy D didn't think of it exactly this way, but the fact is that these lines have much to do with the answer to that big question: What is communism--what will communist society be like? A lot of what it will be like has a lot to do with things talked about in those lines from "In Living Color."

Or when stating:

"And this got me to thinking back to another song: "Imagine," which was written and recorded by John Lennon, the former Beatle… when this John Lennon song "Imagine" came out, about 20 years ago, a friend of mine who knew I was a communist told me: you ought to check out this song "Imagine"--it's John Lennon's attempt to give his vision of a communist world. I had my doubts, but when I looked into it I had to admit that there was something to this."

"Communism: Imagine it . . . in Full Color"; B. Avakian, RW no. 592, 1991

For all these reasons we make a call to the Communist parties and revolutionary organizations, especially the RIM members, to combat and crush the revisionist positions of CoRIM and to not let themselves be dragged behind these positions that are now sustained by those who look to sacramentize them in any way possible, seeking to call all the parties and organizations to approve them, even wanting to impose more and more their hegemonic tendencies, as Chairman Gonzalo had stated many years ago, not to mention the other questions that they are dragging behind, such as: the principal contradiction in the world being between the oppressed nations on the one side against the imperialist countries on the other, revolution being the principal tendency, etc. Thus, we must remain alert to defend the red line of the proletariat, to impose Maoism as the command and guide of the World Proletarian Revolution, militarize the Communist parties so that, by unfolding people’s war, they become the parties that lead the International Communist Movement, and that they, by applying the universal truth to their concrete reality, develop their guiding thought and a Great Leadership [Jefatura] that shall be the guarantee of triumph of their own revolutions. We must not permit these revisionist monstrosities to infiltrate the RIM, since what they seek is to oppose the New Great Wave of the World Proletarian Revolution.

Finally we say, newly, that we find ourselves emerging from the bend in the road; we have crushed the revisionist and capitulationist ROL nursed by imperialism and reaction, and all those convergences that occur with this ROL; the People's War shines brilliantly before the entire world as the torch of the World Proletarian Revolution; the Party maintains itself unscathed, subjecting itself to the Great Leadership [Jefatura] of Chairman Gonzalo; and now, facing the capture of Comrade Feliciano, it closes ranks around Comrade Julio. But all these things, all that we have found, and what will take us to victory and our final goal, is not from a group of pseudo-intellectuals or some distillers of books and ideas who have given us the recipe. NO! It is because, hurt who it may, we can count on a just and correct line, because we are armed with a powerful combat weapon, our all-powerful ideology: GONZALO THOUGHT!




Peru People's Movement
January 2000

Note: the underlining in the quotes is ours, with the exception of the first quote from the RCP-USA.

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