Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!


The Peru People's Movement, generated organization of the Communist Party of Peru (PCP) for the party work abroad, once more expresses its warmest revolutionary greetings to the international proletariat and the peoples of the world, who indeclinably all over the world reaffirm themselves in the revolutionary violence, showing that a new great wave of the world revolution is developing. The MPP invites the parties and organizations inside and outside the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM), to the International Conference to be held on the 25th of October this year in the city of Hamburg, Germany.

Imperialism, the last stage of capitalism, is a cancer; a victim of the contradictions that corrode it, it sinks without remedy. In order to escape its long agony it desperately swipes its paw: Yankee imperialism, as the only hegemonic superpower, Russia, the other nuclear superpower, and the other imperialist powers, in collusion and contention carry out their war of aggression and plunder, for the new repartition, against the peoples of the oppressed nations in Asia, Africa and Latin America, and even in Europe itself. With this, far from solving its contradictions, they sharpen them much more, stirring up the flames of revolution all over the world.

With the story of the "war against terrorism" it militarizes and maintains, through "special laws", an "exception regime" not only in the colonial and semicolonial countries, but in the imperialist metropolises themselves, where it intensifies the exploitation of the class, spurring on the struggles of the proletariat. Meanwhile, it develops its general counterrevolutionary offensive in an attempt to prevent that a third great revolution takes place. It unravels its imperialist wars of aggression and tries in vain to avoid that a powerful anti-imperialist movement is generated, and even more so, to avoid that Maoism leads it.

Together with its wars of aggression, imperialism, colluded with revisionism, especially with the new revisionism, wherever there is revolution, wherever there is people's war, where there are armed struggles, etc., impels its plan of "peace accords", like in Peru with the rats of the revisionist and capitulationist ROL, like in Nepal, Palestine, Colombia, Iraq, etc. They do this to impose the "peace of the cemetery", to unleash greater genocides, to try to drown the revolution, the combat and resistance of the peoples, in blood. We reject and condemn this sinister plan underway of imperialism, principally Yankee, to sow capitulation in the whole world in its desperate and impossible attempt to annihilate the world revolution; to achieve this, it tries to annihilate leadership, even more so Great Leadership, for annihilating the Party, to which end they use their miserable revisionist and opportunist lackeys.

We cannot allow this. With Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, defending the Great Leadership, protecting the leadership; with the Party leading everything and with people's war, persisting in it, destroying the old Power and creating the New Power, defying all the difficulties, the PCP gives its principal contribution to the world revolution, crushing all the plans of imperialism, inseparably and implacably combating imperialism, reaction and revisionism.

From the first moment that reaction announced the "peace letters", through the mouth of the fascist, genocidal and country-selling Fujimori, and showed the videos (October 1993), the Central Committee of the PCP pointed out that it was a hoax set up by the Peruvian reaction-Montesinos-Yankee CIA in direct coordination with the rats of the revisionist and capitulationist ROL, the very same that was structured in the prisons, nursed by the CIA and in this way they will be rats of the ROL-CIA until the day they die. The Party denounced before the world: that the reaction, in collusion with the rats of the ROL, sought to defame Chairman Gonzalo as the author of the "peace letters" to present him as a capitulator and a revisionist; seeking in this way to destroy the image of the Great Leader of the Party and the revolution and his almighty Gonzalo Thought. A plan which, one year before the October 1993 announcement of Fujimori, was published by the State Department to the Corresponding Committee of the Yankee Senate, where it was dealt with at the end of September 1992, discussing: "if the execution of Guzmán (Chairman Gonzalo, our note) or something like a life sentence would be the most convenient way to cause serious harm to the Shining Path (PCP, our note)". Present before this Committee, the senderologist Gustavo Gorriti (Caretas Journal of Lima-State Department), saw it this way: "an execution would hurt Shining Path less than a life sentence... it is the myth of the great leader who disappeared, which would become a strong factor of the movement" (see acts of the Foreign Relations Committee of the United States Senate from September 1992). On October 5, 1992, before the Sub-Committee for Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid of the Foreign Relations Committee of the German Parliament, in the public session about the situation in Peru, Gorriti, the priest Felipe McGregor, among others, talked about this plan. The priest McGregori, in a document presented before that Committee, was even clearer when he wrote: "The new command (referring to the new Leadership of the Party assumed at the time of the fall of the Great Leader, our note), with the mythic symbol of Abimael Guzmán destroyed, will have more difficulty in maintaining the unity of the Party" (in the Protocol of the 18th Session of the above Sub-Committee, pages 175-180).

In 2001, Rafael Merino Bartet, number 2 of the CIA in the National Intelligence Service of Peru (SIN), handed the hard disk of the computer that had been used in the SIN from 1990-2000 over to the Commission of Peruvian Parliament, and showed the "letter of Guzmán requesting talks", saved on that hard disk, declaring that he, Merino, had been the one who wrote it, which we immediately made known to the Parties inside and outside the RIM. On August 13 of this year, 2008, in the public audience of the trial against Fujimori, televised live and direct, Merino Bartet himself also declared once more that he was the one who wrote "the letters", that he was the one who elaborated the arguments for the "peace accord", the foundations and the "letter of subjection" as part of the "Storm in the Andes" plan, a name that the lackeys of the CIA Montesinos-Merino gave to the application of the CIA plan. These "letters", which in a previous session of the trial, even showing a video, Montesinos had presented as his achievement, which we have denounced in a leaflet demanding the public presentation of Chairman Gonzalo (August 2008).

But, in spite of this evidence, comrade Avakian and the comrades of the CoRIM only repeat the vomits of reaction, as the PCP points out. For this reason we have told them and we repeat it once more, that they are more concerned with following the script of the reaction than meeting the Parties and Organizations of the RIM to debate with the PCP.

On the genocide in the prison of Canto Grande (Lima) in May 1992 of the leaders of the CC of the PCP, we have denounced with irrefutable documents, and Merino Bartet has confirmed it once more in the public hearing of the Fujimori trial on the 13th of August, that it was an annihilation of the leaders in agreement with the rats of the ROL, agents of the CIA. Also, we have denounced the agreements (recorded in the Morote-Montesinos audio tapes) between them for the deactivation of the uprising of the STC of Yanamayo. Thus, we are denouncing before the world how imperialism, reaction and revisionism want to annihilate the leadership of the Party.

The CoRIM and the RCP said nothing on those crimes of the CIA-ROL against the PCP; they carefully kept their silence, they did not denounce that in spite of the fact that the Party and the MPP pointed it out. And now, faced with all these documents, videos, declarations, etc., that, together constitute irrefutable material proof that confirms what we have been maintaining, these comrades of the CoRIM do not say a word, not even a peep.

The comrades of the CoRIM and of the RCP avoid debate with the PCP because they do not want to assume their responsibility in the frontal struggle against the reactionary hoax of "peace accord" of the CIA-ROL in Peru. Just as they remain quiet and promote, today as well, in the case of the "peace accord" in Nepal. There, just like in the case of the ROL in Peru, imperialism, reaction and revisionism collude in seeking to present a so-called tamed "Maoism"-a "Maoism" without people's war, without new power, without the dictatorship of the proletariat. That is why we have pointed out over and over that the CoRIM does not correctly handle the two-line struggle in the RIM which results in a loss of cohesion in the movement - since this cohesion can only be achieved by crushing revisionism and imposing Maoism as its only command and guide.

The PCP reaffirms itself in the established course, in Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, in demanding the public, live and direct presentation of Chairman Gonzalo before the national and international televised media and that he may make a pronouncement; in combating the plan of imperialism colluded with revisionism, of the "peace accords" and all their hoaxes; in defending the Great Leadership and the Leadership. The Party shows the road, developing the people's war, in the worst circumstances, it has not in any way backed down like has been done in Nepal, and the Party, therefore, fulfils the highest responsibility of being the shock force of the world proletarian revolution and acting as the red faction within the international communist movement.

Let us drive forward the two-line struggle in the heart of the RIM, in order for the movement as a whole to assume the great responsibility of struggling frontally against the plan of imperialism of "peace accords" and of annihilating leadership; in order to crush revisionism and contribute to imposing Maoism, in order for the left to impose itself and continue the task to initiate and develop people's war to sweep imperialism and reaction from the face of the Earth.


September 2008
Peru People’s Movement

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