Red Sun 29 contains important documentation within a time frame that goes from February to November of this year. In each one of the documents and articles appearing in the magazine, our Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo thought position on the events within the development of the process of the Party in the midst of two line struggle, and the development of the class struggle in the country and in the world, is expressed.

The appearance of the new Red Sun is one more triumph in the accomplishment of our immense responsibility to serve the people’s war in Peru, as part of and serving the world revolution. As faithful servants of the class and the people, we want the authentic voice of the people’s war to reach the international proletariat and the peoples of the world. Because we are conscious of the fact that the struggle of the proletariat and the peoples of the world, as an expression of the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution, in its stage of strategic offensive, is in favor of the Communist Party of Peru (PCP) that leads the people’s war; that the Peruvian proletariat and people develop, against all difficulties, the construction of the conquest of power in the whole country with people’s war, and that the Party develops itself through this and is forging itself more and more in this as the powerful Party that the revolution needs. Because these three things together take us to one single unshakeable truth, one single future, like the Party has promised: “The revolution will make its home in our motherland, to this we respond”. It is because it serves this cause that the magazine Red Sun is read by the revolutionaries of the country and of the world and awakens the opposite passions of friends and enemies. Therefore, with the modesty and honesty that we must always have with us, we promise our readers to strive arduously to convert it into a quarterly magazine starting from next year.

Our promise is combined with the general political mobilization that the Party, the axis of everything, has started for the realization of the New Party Congress, to be carried out in the midst of the people’s war, with the leadership united around Chairman Gonzalo and Gonzalo thought, on the Basis of Party Unity (BUP). As has been established by the Party leadership: “This is what reality demands; if the conditions are not there, one must generate them to realize it; may the world and the communists understand: in this way we go through the hardest moments without ever lowering the banner (…): we have a Party made for the worst circumstances, if we stick to the principles and apply them with flexibility, we advance”. We assume the duty to strive arduously to serve this historic task of realizing the new Party Congress.

A New Congress, that we are already sure will culminate establishing a new historic milestone as the gold seal of this period in the life of the Party, within its third moment, after the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo. A brilliant period in the life of the Party, in which the leaders that remained took up the call of the Chairman, in his masterful Speech of the 24th of September 1992, to continue to fulfill our tasks and conquer the goals for what we are. This leadership, headed by the Responsible Comrade that leads the whole Party, firmly standing by the principles and applying them with flexibility, has continued and developed the people’s war firmly maintaining its course, upholding, defending and applying the proletarian military line. In synthesis, these are fifteen years that proves this leadership, its plans, its unity and its goals. All this we owe to Chairman Gonzalo, to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thought, to our BUP and to the striving during 79 years of Party history – of innumerable communists – and, as its derivation, to what our founder (J.C. Mariategui) started on the 7th of October 1928. It is therefore a good opportunity to salute, with the heart burning with inextinguishable passion, firm will and resolve, and with the mind clear and bold, full of revolutionary optimism, the heroic combatant that leads the revolution, the Communist Party of Peru.

As has been established, the people’s war in Peru is the proof of the universal validity of Maoism, and therefore of the validity of its concrete application in Peru, Gonzalo thought. Even more so, during these 15 years of continuing without the direct presence of Chairman Gonzalo, his thought allows the Party to confront the new problems that appear on the road of the revolution. This is a great contribution of Chairman Gonzalo and the Party to the world revolution: A Party with BUP and its guiding thought allows one to confront what the revolution demands. It is also a good opportunity to emphasize that with people’s war the Party heads the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo thought counteroffensive against the general counterrevolutionary offensive that Yankee imperialism commands.

All these years have been, on one hand, years of defending the Great Leadership and its all-powerful thought, and on the other hand, of a furious concentrated attack from imperialism, reaction and revisionism, as part of its counterrevolutionary “low-intensity” war, in the country as well as abroad, using the revisionist and capitulationist ROL, accomplice of the Yankee CIA. All this lets us see clearly how the Party, the communists, combatants and masses fight, and how they are fought against. So, it is a war to the death. The Party confronts and solves the new situations with acts of war, this lets one see how it applies the line. It is also our intention and our promise, that this example will be more and more known, so that it shakes the world, shakes those that, like in Nepal, capitulate in the final moment because of problems with the conception of Maoism, and those that do not initiate because they see the enemy, imperialism, the world reaction and revisionism, as all powerful, and do not want to see the uneven development of the revolutionary situation in the whole world. These 15 years contain one solid historic truth of the development of the struggle of the proletariat, that is a blow, in theory and practice, against the famous “investigators” of the CoRIM and the RCP, that, echoing the campaign of the enemy, have repeated each and every one of its attacks. Likewise, each and every one of the living experiences of the people’s war and the Communist Party of Peru that leads it, each and every one of its theoretical and practical contributions, is a forceful blow against the positions of new revisionism and its most distinguished representatives on the international arena. This is what we salute and impel on these pages, conscious of the fact that the advance of the revolution in Peru and in the world requires the fight to the death against opportunism and revisionism, especially against new revisionism, that talks of a Maoism without people’s war, of people’s war without new power, that denies that which is principal, the construction of the new. For all these reasons: the defense of the Great Leadership and of Gonzalo thought has become the principal question for the people’s war and the world revolution.

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