(The Magazine Red Sun #41, 2014)

Since the publication of the previous issue of our magazine (December 2013) until today, the international work of the Communist Party of Peru has continued with its starting point in the successes and advances achieved with the International Conference in Madrid in October 2013 and the meetings, debates and documents that resulted from it. And all the work of this period, under the leadership of the Party and its Central Committee, applying gonzalo thought, confirms that these successes in the struggle against the revisionism and opportunism inside and outside our ranks on world level, are true successes. In this work we see that the communists and revolutionaries in the whole world do not let themselves be fooled by a revisionism dressed up as “Maoism”, nor by the hoaxes spread by imperialism, reaction and revisionism against the PCP and its Great Leadership Chairman Gonzalo, nor by the plans to apply the same hoax of “peace accords” in other places. We see that there are comrades who are for developing the two line struggle, and not run away from it, and comrades that are assuming the task of applying Maoism to the conditions of their countries to initiate and develop people’s war, taking our people’s war in Peru as an example to follow and assuming the contributions of Chairman Gonzalo to our universal ideology. At the same time, we see that this successful struggle serves as a mirror to reveal revisionists, when some run away from the struggle and enlist under the rotten banners of revisionism. We salute all the comrades in the world who stay firm on the proletarian position, and we salute the whole glorious International Communist Movement. For us, all this confirms that we are right, and we will continue to advance against the tide, struggling together with the communists of the world to impose Maoism as the only command and guide of the world proletarian revolution.

Likewise, the international situation continues to confirm what Chairman Gonzalo and the PCP have established concerning the crisis of imperialism and its collusion and struggle, concerning the imperialist plan of “peace accords” etc. In his masterful Speech, the Chairman told us: “the same contenders of the First and Second World War are giving rise to, are preparing a new Third World War”, and today we see it; how yankee imperialism, in collusion and struggle with the imperialists of Europe, mainly Germany, advance toward the East, aiming for the redivision of Europe while they try to drive Russia out of the Middle East. That is, struggle for the booty, the semicolonies of the Third World, while they aim to incorporate all of Russia and Eastern Europe into their empire. Russia and China, who do not in any way represent a struggle against imperialism, but are imperialist bloodsuckers that try to justify themselves with the fairytale of the so-called “multipolar world”, team up and prepare themselves to be able to challenge the yankee hegemony and defend their interests in the Third World. All these imperialists today use fascism and chauvinism along with revisionism, “peace accords”, “human rights” and “humanitarian interventions” in order to control, corrupt and derail the struggles of the masses, to subordinate them to their interests and use them in the interimperialist struggle. And while the world reaction hypocritically “condemn the violence”, imperialism continues with its genocidal slaughter in the whole world: the genocide carried out by the sionists on behalf of the Yankees, against the people of Palestine; the ongoing genocide committed by the pro-yankee fascists of the Ukraine against the country’s proletariat and people; reactionary “islamist” groups, sponsored and armed by yankee imperialism, that kill the peoples and serve to derail their heroic anti-imperialist struggles.

But we, the Marxist-Leninist-Maoists, with the outlook of dialectical materialism, do not see everything in black like the revisionists, but instead we see that in reality, the positive aspect is the principal one, and the revolution is the main historical and political tendency. Imperialism is not that strong, it is not invincible, like the revisionists try to argue. On the contrary: the forces of imperialism today are spread out in remote places, which creates vulnerability. And in our camp, the peoples are struggling more every day against the exploitation and oppression, arming themselves more and more with greater class consciousness, as the people’s wars and armed struggles under the banner of Maoism, in Peru, India, Phillipines etc. show. What is missing in most of the struggles is correct leadership. The peoples struggle, but their struggles are separated, because they have been bereaved of the internationalist ideology and the leadership of the proletariat. And thus, separated and without proletarian leadership, the struggles against imperialism end up trapped by their weaknesses; separated from the support of the peoples of the world they let themselves be tricked by the “peace accords” of imperialism, or have no other way out but to ask for “help” from one imperialist power in order to get rid of another. Thus we see, in Palestine and in the Ukraine, how the heroic struggles of these peoples, without the leadership and the military theory and strategy of the proletariat, the people’s war, are weakened by “peace accords” imposed by the baton of imperialism, and do not build the armies they need to establish and defend their power and maintain their political and military independence from imperialism and defeat it. Hence, once more, the urgent need to carry out the necessary struggle to unite the communists on world level and provide the leadership that the peoples demand – and fundamentally it has to be a struggle to the death against revisionism and opportunism within each Party and on world level.

This is the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought position on the world situation, it is the position assumed by our Party, which continues to carry out the task of serving the world revolution, while at the same time it continues to lead the people’s war in Peru under the complex conditions of the inflexion. The mass work that the Party is developing is a long-term work, a work that today implies developing the forces, retaking what has been lost, retaking the leadership of the unions, struggling with the workers, peasants and intellectuals for their demands serving the struggle for the power – thus crushing the miserable rats of the ROL, their road of elections, their Movadef and all their hoaxes, and crushing the militarist and opportunist position of the LOL, of only carrying out actions to serve their personal power and only seeing the demands of the coca-farming peasants.


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