2nd speech of the MPP at the joint activity with the TKP(ML), 20th of April, 2002:

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Nothing can stop the powerful development of the Construction of Conquest of Power in the entire country!


"Some leaders, cadres or militants might be missing or even disappear, but even with the immense pain and consternation that this may cause us, the duty and the obligation of the Party is to continue its unyielding battle, even if only one faction or at the last moment only one Communist remained, they would have to fulfill their role, struggling to raise, if it is necessary, everything again and better, even more so with an invincible and all-powerful ideology, a proletariat and masses which generate everything, the revolution will necessarily advance and triumph."

Against the Country Selling and Genocidal Dictatorship, Persist in the People's War!
CC of the PCP (March 1995)

In December 1992 said Gordon McCormick, at that time a distinguished analyst of the Department of Defense of Yankee-imperialism: "The Shining Path is like a locomotive that moves on rail... everything they have to do to win is to continue doing what they have been doing until now". This Statement, even if it is made by a representative of Yankee-imperialism, contains a profound truth: decisive is to maintain the course of the revolution, that the People's War continues on the road established by our Great Leadership Chairman Gonzalo. What guarantees the course of the revolution is the heroic combatant, the Communist Party of Peru guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, mainly Gonzalo Thought. During the almost 22 years of People's War gone by the Party has shown innumerable times that it can navigate in the most turbulent waters; particularly the Party and its Central Committee in the complex and difficult situation of the bend in the road which arose after the detention of Chairman Gonzalo have shown by masterfully applying Gonzalo Thought that it is solving all the new problems that arise during the unstoppable march of the People's War, reaffirming the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist principle that the command never dies. The Party has a recognized and proven leadership forged in the image and likeness of Chairman Gonzalo, with politics as command, unshakably united around the Basis of Party Unity, firm in that when the banner once has been raised it can never be lowered; leadership being the key question, triumph is guaranteed.

In Peru a revolutionary situation in increasing development exists!

When the revisionist and capitulationist right opportunist line (ROL) spread their revisionist bundles of paper, they made the claim that "bureaucrat capitalism is getting vitalized" to deny the existence of a revolutionary situation in the country. The crushing reality was another, bureaucrat capitalism sank deeper in its general crisis. To the Peruvian people this meant more misery and hunger, at the same time the country was sold out to an extent never seen before. Today the situation for the people is even worse.

In a recently published poll made by the National Institute of Statistics and Information (INEI), one of the organs of the old state, more than 21 million Peruvians, that is approximately 85% of the population, live below the official poverty line, 14 600 000 live in poverty and 6 513 000 live in extreme poverty (see the "National Poll of Homes Regarding Living Conditions and Poverty" extract published in La Republica of the 12th of April). According to the same poll the number of Peruvians that live in poverty has increased by 7,1% since 1997 and since the year 2000 the extreme poverty has increased by 4,5%. The situation is worst for the peasant population: 51,3% of the rural population live in extreme poverty. All of this is public figures given by the old Peruvian state which is notorious for tricking with numbers as it pleases (which for example was the case with the growth figures of the 1990's), this means that one has to take as a starting point that these are great underestimations.

What the statistics shows are numeric expressions of the general crisis in which Peruvian society lives, all contradictions in it are getting sharper: the national industry, and with that the national bourgeoisie, are getting crushed by what is being imposed by the imperialists and the ATPA (a system of custom reliefs for the Andean region in their trade with the United States), which the Toledo regime claims shall save the national industry, will only facilitate greater imperialistic dominance of the country and will only benefit a handful of foreign and native blood suckers. The working class gets furiously exploited, most have to have more than one job to survive and even so the income is not enough, against this the working class is resisting, which is being expressed in strikes and extensive confrontations with the repressive organs of the old state. The exploitation through tenancy and usury is getting worse and worse, the peasant masses can hardly maintain life, the impoverishment of agriculture and its backwardness, conditioned by the semi-feudal situation, are what makes the extreme poverty increase constantly for the peasant masses. The independent producers and traders are crushed to the benefit of the bureaucrat capitalist monopolies, which the masses resist, the struggle waged by the street venders is a part of this. The education system is in crisis, the teachers are totally underpaid, it is common for a teacher to earn more money from his extra job than from his own profession and since the production of the country is totally backward, many of the graduates lack the possibility to get a job. The Toledo regime's cynical juggling with numbers and the talk about "prioritizing education" means nothing more than demagogy, first of all they have not raised the budget of the ministry of education, but only distributed the expenses of different ministries in a different way, and secondly they have not come up with anything concretely new except that they have asked imperialism to fund some projects for show. This to give a few examples of why the masses, "the ones below", can not live under this system and how their situation is getting worse by the day, and thus we see how the first criterion for a revolutionary situation in increasing development exists.

In the ruling classes, the bureaucrat capitalists and the landowners, the problems pile up more and more each day. The contradictions are sharpening and they can not find a solution. The groups who before were most closely tied to Fujimori and Montesinos are causing problems for the new regime, and so does the fascist genocidal Alan Garcia; the only thing that unites them is their struggle against the People's War but also in this they have contradictions about how to combat it best. The "solution" presented by Toledo, the "Yankee with Indian hat", is an each day greater imperialist exploitation of the country and the people; he has traveled around like a door-to-door pedlar and sold Peru to the highest bidders, begging the imperialists to suck dry the country even more. He does not have any solutions of his own at all to the problems of the old state, we can see this in how Yankee-imperialism now have arranged that their torpedo Jeffrey Sachs, former "adviser" of the fascist Fujimori regime, now should be the one who personally sees to it that the directives of Yankee-imperialism are carried out by the book. The reactionary Toledo regime shows itself as the most openly pro-imperialist regime in the history of Peru, it has no new solutions, it has already gone through a major crisis of government with the result of several fired ministers, and it is a historical impossibility to vitalize bureaucratic capitalism, so it is impossible for them to solve their problems, even more since they face an invincible Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought People's War, which crushes all their counter-revolutionary plans, their problems are getting worse by the day; so it is impossible for the ruling classes, "the ones above", to continue governing as before, so is also the second criterion met for the existence of a revolutionary situation in increasing development.

Thus, with a revolutionary situation in increasing development; in a panorama where revolution is the main political and historical tendency in the world and a new great wave of the world proletarian revolution has started to develop, the objective conditions for the development and triumph of the People's War are excellent.

The conquest of Power is constructed all over Peru!

The hoax about the "pacification" is totally crushed. Everywhere the facts confirm the advance of the People's War. A shining example is the magnificent action carried out by a Special Detachment of People's Liberation Army (PLA), all-embracingly led by the Party, last month against the embassy of Yankee-imperialism in Lima and the complementary actions that were carried out during the visit of the genocidal Bush in the city.

As part of the psychological warfare, which is an important integral part in the strategy of "low intensity war" of Yankee-imperialism, of which the fabrication of lies etc. is a part to manipulate the people and demoralize "the subversive forces", the reaction has tried to portray the action against the embassy as directed against the shopping mall "El Polo". The action of the Party was not directed against any mall, not even the spokesmen of Yankee-imperialism, or their lackeys in such organs of propaganda as the television channel CNN, have claimed that, it has been clear from the start that the demolishing attack was directed against the embassy of Yankee-imperialism. How absurd the statements are has been shown by numerous facts: the car was placed a few meters from the main entrance of the embassy, the video that the reaction itself claim show when the bomb was planted was filmed by the embassy cameras, and even more, why else should agents of the FBI and ATF directly lead operations with the purpose of arresting those who carried out the action? Furthermore, it is important to underline; the Yankee-embassy in Lima is a legitimate military target in accordance with the international laws regarding warfare, as it functions as an intelligence and command center for the reactionary forces in their counterrevolutionary war, and accordingly the old state is responsible for possible civilian casualties as it has placed a military target among civilian housing. Thus the attempts by the reaction to portray the Party action as "bloodthirsty" and calling it "terrorist" are nothing but parts of its psychological warfare.

The action was a part of the campaign of the Party against imperialism, mainly Yankee, and during the visit in Lima by the genocidal Bush numerous actions were carried out, this in spite of the regime having placed 22000 police, 2000 marines, a secret number of agents from the CIN and DIRCOTE ("Anti-terrorist Board"); air surveillance by 2 Mig-29 fighter planes and a police helicopter ; 2 frigates outside the coast; the whole Army and Air force on alert, and; Yankees with their own 500 Secret Service agents as well as a secret number of agents on motorcycles and in cars with video cameras, and a hi-tech AWAC surveillance plane. This shows how the Party and the Special Detachments of the PLA can move without problems in the strongest fortress of reaction, in the stronghold of white terror, the capital of the old state. The Party and the PLA can only do this with the support of the masses, because they move like the fish in the water among them. Thus we can see, if we look at the whole picture of the actions that the Party has carried out recently, including for example the massive campaign of paintings with the slogan "Yankee Go Home!" and in support of the Afghan people, which have shaken the city, how the Party is advancing in the preparation of the insurrection in the city.

But even though the city is a necessary complement, the countryside is the principal, and there we can see how the new power shines before the world; how the red banner waves openly and defiantly in the Open People's Committees, which are parts of Revolutionary Support Bases. Above all the Main Regional Committee is a shining example of this; previously imperialism, revisionism and reaction tried to put forward that the "PCP was beaten in Ayacucho" but that has never been the case and now they are forced to eat their black vomits every day.

In their desperation confronting the advance of the People's War the reaction tries to retake lost positions and for that they have decided upon a number of measures, among them "a recently proposed bill for effective coordination of terrorist cases" with many different parts, but their most important measure is the transportation of more military troops to combat the People's War. With this purpose they have already decided on the establishment of five military bases in the 2nd military region and it has been mentioned that two more will be set up in Alto Huallaga and that they will establish a new "anti-drug" PNP (the National Police of Peru) base in Pichay; they have already sent personnel from the police forces to Alto Huallaga, Ayacucho and the central jungle areas to multiply the patrols there with support of the DIRCOTE, in the mentioned zones they have also installed "peace and development commissioners" and they are strengthening the "self-defense committees" (rondas) with support of the Army and the police, furthermore they have announced that they will give impulse to the so-called "urban rondas". Toledo himself announced, in front of his master Bush, national and international media, that the old state will triple its "anti-terrorist" budget. Besides all this they will introduce a new system of rewards for informing, the identity of witnesses will be kept secret etc. and they will "invoke the juridical power and the office of the public prosecutor to apply the maximum punishment for terrorists: life imprisonment" and "give absolute guarantees to the judges and the prosecutors so that they will apply the law with the greatest firmness" (the so-called "juridical power" becomes a joke totally controlled by the Executive Power, one more part of the absolute centralization).

Furthermore, Yankee-imperialism is increasing its intervention; it is not enough that they since April 1992 are leading directly the counter-revolutionary war and already now have troops in Peru (under the pretext of "War on drugs"); now they have tripled the "anti-drug aid" from US$ 50 million to US$ 150 million a year as well as tripled the "aid" from "USAID" from US$ 25 million to US$ 65 million a year, which indicates the real increase of Yankee intervention, because besides these forms they have at their disposal countless other forms, mainly through the CIA whose budget is held secret and directly through their Armed Forces.

A new massive counterrevolutionary offensive, under the direct command of Yankee-imperialism, is under preparation; let it come! The Party will crush their offensives and campaigns, with a strengthened and developed People's Liberation Army, a New Power which is advancing in its relative stability and is expanding, with masses who are an example for the world in heroism and the ability to withstand sacrifices for the Party and the Revolution, with each day more People's War which is more tempered than before. Imperialism, revisionism and reaction is once again trying to silence the powerful actions on the countryside, trying to appeal to militaristic criteria that only speak about actions, but nothing can silence how the Party is constructing the conquest of power in the whole country. All their offensives, genocides, hoaxes etc. can not save them from the masses and the judgement of history, they are condemned to go under. We are condemned to triumph.







April 2002

Peru People´s Movement; (MPP)


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