1st speech of the MPP at the joint activity with the TKP(ML), 20th of April, 2002:

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Let us continue to develop the campaign in Defence of the life of Chairman Gonzalo!

Comrades; full of revolutionary joy and optimism the Peru People's Movement, generated organization for party work abroad, salutes this joint activity which we carry out jointly with the comrades of the Communist Party of Turkey (Marxist-Leninists) [TKP(ML)]; we salute the present comrades of TKP(ML) and all the comrades who today are with us to serve the development of the defence of the life of Chairman Gonzalo, the defence of the political prisoners and the revolutionary prisoners of war and the development of the international work of support for the People's Wars in Peru and Turkey; we also want to congratulate the comrades of the Friendship Association Sweden - the New Peru who made the practical arrangements for today's activity. As said earlier, we will today make two speeches, we will start with the one in which we deal with the defence of the life of Chairman Gonzalo and the situation of the political prisoners and the revolutionary prisoners of war.

To defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo is to defend the Peruvian revolution and the world proletarian revolution!

Chairman Gonzalo is the Great Leader of the Peruvian revolution. It is he who in theory and practice, has creatively applied the universal truth of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, to the concrete reality of the Peruvian revolution, generating Gonzalo Thought, and led the reconstitution of the Communist Party of Peru (PCP), the preparation, initiation and development of the People´s War. It is his thought that guides the Peruvian revolution which is developing itself as part of and in service of the proletarian world revolution. Chairman Gonzalo is not just any revolutionary leader, he is the Great Leader of the Leaders. He is the one who leads and represents the revolution. That is why defending him is to defend the Peruvian revolution as a whole and that is why he is the foremost of the thousands of political prisoners and prisoners of war in Peru. Chairman Gonzalo has also given contributions to the world proletarian revolution and the international communist movement in general; not only because he has led the initiation and the development of the People's War, but also because in this process he has established that Maoism is the third, new and higher stage of Marxism, and that to be a Marxist today therefore means to be a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist; this is his main contribution, but he also gives other contributions concerning the concentric construction of the three instruments of the revolution and the necessity of the militarization of the Communist Parties. Through this Chairman Gonzalo has become the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist on the face of the earth. That is why Chairman Gonzalo is the most important prisoner of war in the world today. To defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo therefore becomes a defence of the Peruvian revolution and the proletarian world revolution; it is a defence of the working class and the people's right to, under the leadership of their conscious organized vanguard, their Communist Party, rise in arms in People's War and sweep away imperialism, reaction and revisionism from the face of the earth. In short, the defence of Chairman Gonzalo is not only the defence of one particular person, it is a defence of the principle: it is right to rebel!

Ten years of isolation, ten years of struggle to defend Chairman Gonzalo's life!

Chairman Gonzalo was arrested by the dogs of Peruvian reaction the 12th of September 1992; this was done under direct leadership of Yankee-imperialism through its CIA and facilitated by those traitors who later appeared as the black heads of the revisionist and capitulationist right opportunist line (rol). He has until now been kept in complete isolation from the outside world for almost ten years. Since he held his masterful speech on the 24th September 1992, which shines powerfully and victoriously before the world, he has not had any possibility to communicate with any of his comrades; he has been denied the right to meet his layers, neither has he had the possibility to meet his relatives. This situation is a total violation of all international conventions regarding the treatment of a prisoner of war.

The circumstances under which Chairman Gonzalo is kept are directly infrahuman; total isolation in a minimal underground cell at the naval base of El Callao outside Lima. The statements made concerning that the Red Cross visits Chairman Gonzalo have not been confirmed by any others than the representatives of the old state and their lackeys of the rol, and their credibility is non-existent as their words and actions only serve their plans to combat the People's War and assassinate Chairman Gonzalo. Therefore the role of the Red Cross in relation to Chairman Gonzalo is no other than that as an accomplish of imperialism, reaction and revisionism. The same is the case with those organizations which claim that they are defending political prisoners and the so called "human rights", as for example Amnesty International, that has not lifted a finger to defend Chairman Gonzalo or to demand that his rights be respected. The lawyers who have represented Chairman Gonzalo have been arrested and thrown in jail without committing any other "crime" than defending their client in accordance with their profession. Chairman Gonzalo was sentenced to a lifetime punishment by militaries wearing black hoods, like medieval hangmen, to hide their identity from the people.

Now the old state says it has relieved the restrictions and they say that Chairman Gonzalo can receive visitors, but this is a farce: the only ones who claim that they have been visiting him are individuals directly connected to the old state or people under their control. No one has had the possibility to visit Chairman Gonzalo, or any other prisoner at the naval base El Callao. The case with the female relative of Comrade Feliciano who wanted, fully in accordance with the new laws the regime now says it is applying, to visit her relative is extremely illustrative. She was not only denied visiting Comrade Feliciano, but she was also thrown in jail accused of being a "terrorist" but the "evidence" in the matter was so totally worthless that the regime later was forced to release her. In brief, her only crime was a desire to visit Comrade Feliciano without taking part in the farce staged by the rats of the right opportunist line, the Toledo regime and Yankee-imperialism. Seven prominent international delegations have also been denied visiting Chairman Gonzalo.

The International Emergency Committee in Defence of the Life of Chairman Gonzalo (IEC), which was founded shortly after the detention of Chairman Gonzalo, has played an important role in the struggle at international level to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo. Seven international delegations have been sent to Peru, the latest one approximately a year ago. Even so, during several years the work of the IEC has been sabotaged by certain persons who have not had a firm position regarding Chairman Gonzalo but on the contrary they have played along with imperialism, reaction and revisionism by saying that they had to "investigate" whether he was "a capitulator or not", and in that way they have converged with the traitors of the revisionist and capitulationist rol, These "defenders" consider themselves called upon to assume the part of "prosecutors" against Chairman Gonzalo, this because the fascist Fujimori and some miserable traitors claimed that he had capitulated! However, thanks to the struggle waged by the PCP the campaign on international level to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo has never been liquidated, and it is thanks to this struggle that the IEC was reactivated to send the 7th international delegation to Peru, but now the "investigators" try to stop the work of the IEC once again, this can not be allowed and everyone who supports the campaign must step forward and shoulder the responsibility for a general reactivation of the IEC and bring the campaign to new heights in all spheres. This must be done in implacable two line struggle against those positions that try to lead astray the campaign; for example one can not permit that the IEC has anything what so ever to do with pettifoggers in Peru who claim that they "represent Chairman Gonzalo by assignment of his relatives" and when they are going to explain how they received this assignment they refer to a rat in Stockholm (Sweden) who passes by the name of Javier Esparza. These individuals are nothing but henchmen of imperialism and reaction, they are agents of the ROL who have nothing to do with the defence of the life of Chairman Gonzalo, on the contrary all their activity has as its only goal to do the opposite, to assassinate Chairman Gonzalo. It is necessary to underline that these individuals have nothing to do with the Association of Democratic Lawyers which members have distinguished themselves by a consistent defence of the rights of the people and who continue to work clandestinely in spite of the persecution and oppression they are subjected to by the old State.

The hoax about "Chairman Gonzalo's hunger-strike" is a part of the plan of imperialism, reaction and revisionism to assassinate him!

The hoax of "the peace accord" was crushed by the People´s War. The absurd claims that Chairman Gonzalo would have put forward this dirty revisionist abortion turned into ashes before the mighty flames of the People's War. The only ones who were fooled or had doubts where those who wished to do so, because as the Central Committee of the Party established it was a hoax so absurd that not even one with two grains of brains could believe it, but the hoax was an important part of the plan of imperialism, reaction and revisionism to assassinate Chairman Gonzalo, and the miserable rats nourished and sponsored by the Armed Forces of the old Peruvian State and the fascist country-selling and genocidal Fujimori regime, under the command of Yankee-imperialism, cooked up a revisionist and capitulationist Right Opportunist Line, and use this hoax as a "justification" of their treason. Those rats have tried to keep these claims alive, but they have gone from failure to failure since the Party has stayed imperturbably firm in the Great Leadership, never doubting for a second our Great Leader and so guaranteed the course of the Peoples War. So, during last year and in the beginning of this year, they have put on a show of "hunger-strike" in which they claimed that the Chairman not only was a part of it but was heading it. These assertions are totally grotesque.

The position of the PCP regarding the "hunger-strike" as a form of struggle has been established by Chairman Gonzalo himself: the Party is totally against the use of "hunger-strike" as a form of struggle, since the class can not annihilate itself, it is a form of struggle that belongs to petty-bourgeois "humanism", "pacifism". This is the position of the PCP which is well known in Peru as well as in the International Communist Movement. That Chairman Gonzalo would be taking part in a "hunger-strike" is merely a continuation of the hoax of the "peace accord", thus the latest hoax about "Chairman Gonzalo's hunger-strike " is a clear example of how imperialism, revisionism and reaction proceed with their plan to assassinate him. Before, the reactionaries in Peru discussed relatively openly how they were about to assassinate Chairman Gonzalo by an apparent "escape attempt", these plans however were unmasked and resulted in nothing. Now they have started to discuss how to go ahead with the assassination and afterwards claim that he has died "due to health problems". Hence, the hoax about the "hunger-strike" plays an important part in their perverse plans.

This year, in the March 14th edition of the magazine Caretas, one can read the following: "Abimael Guzman is now 68 years old and he has been on hunger-strike for a month. He continues with his speech, but does it pale, sometimes with attacks of nausea and he has lost 8 kilos. On top of that he has a high blood pressure and psoriasis. He only takes water with sugar and oral drip." Firstly we have to recall that the so-called magazine Caretas during the latest months more and more has become a voice of the intelligence service of the old Peruvian state; on several occasions they have published materials directly prepared by the Centro de Inteligencia Nacional (CIN), which is the new name of the Peruvian Gestapo. Therefore what is written in Caretas in this case must be considered to be what the CIN wants people in Peru and the world to believe. Secondly we have to recall that before, when he himself was the number one puppet of Yankee-imperialism in Peru and acted as president of the old state, the fascist Fujimori made the claim that Chairman Gonzalo lost 20 kilos of weight during the first months of his detention and also pointed out that "no one lives long under the conditions in which he is imprisoned" when he himself was responsible for that situation! And now, the reaction claims that the health conditions of Chairman Gonzalo have deterioriated even more; the aging, the loss of weight and illnesses, all this is mentioned to prepare the presentation of the assassination under the pretext of "health problems", this while they keep him imprisoned under infrahuman conditions in the concentration camp that is the naval base El Callao. It is an particularly cynical and cruel plan that imperialism, reaction and revisionism apply against Chairman Gonzalo; it shows their profound black class hatred against the Great Leader of the Peruvian people, against the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist on the face of the earth.

To intend to speak about defending the life of Chairman Gonzalo, and not at the same time in the strongest manner reject and condemn the hoax about "the peace accord" and its continuation with that of the "hunger-strike", is only laughable and ridiculous. Everyone who wants to contribute to the defence of Chairman Gonzalo's life therefore have to speak up without reservation against all the hoaxes imperialism, reaction and revisionism plot to continue with the plans to assassinate him.

The speculations about "the death of Chairman Gonzalo" aim at the liquidation
of the campaign to defend his life!

Those who publicly speculate about the "death of Chairman Gonzalo" are doing a favor to imperialism, reaction and revisionism. The enemy wants to assassinate our Chairman, that's beyond all doubt. What has stopped them is the struggle of the PCP and the Peruvian people, through People's War as the main form of struggle, and the support that they have received from the Communist Parties, the revolutionary organizations, the international proletariat and the peoples of the world. The IEC has, particularly during the first years after the detention of Chairman Gonzalo, played an important part. It is that struggle that has stopped imperialism, reaction and revisionism from carrying out their diabolic plan. But how can you mobilize to defend a dead man? To go on speaking about defending the life of Chairman Gonzalo would be meaningless if he were already dead. So, to what does the quackery about "Chairman Gonzalo's death" serve? Only to what the enemy seeks, that is, to liquidate the struggle to defend his life and demoralize the proletariat and the people. It is not a coincidence that the one who has assumed the dirty work of acting as a "black herald" who proclaims the "the death of Chairman Gonzalo" is a certain second rate journalist in Belgium. That awful individual has, during the last years, offered his services to the old Peruvian state in hope of absolution for once having worked in the revolutionary press, and to get a well paid mercenary employment as an odd-job man and soldier for the reaction. Once upon a time he wanted to present himself as the paladin of the Party in the world, who went off to combat all the monsters in defence of Chairman Gonzalo, the Party and the People's War, and who was about to unite "the international support work for the People's War in Peru and the International Communist Movement" around his own unipersonal leadership. But since many years he stands out as what he really is, a simple charlatan who makes money, solely and exclusively for his own personal gain, on what the Party once gave him: the honor of participating in the interview with Chairman Gonzalo. Now he seeks enlistment in the service of the old state, he wants to go back to Peru and have a career as a "senderologist", hence his new attacks on Chairman Gonzalo, the Party and the People's War.

We demand that Chairman Gonzalo be presented live and directly in public before the national and international media and make a pronouncement!

The demand raised by the PCP that Chairman Gonzalo be presented before national and international media on live TV and make a public pronouncement, a demand which has been taken up by the Peruvian people and by those abroad who support the People's War, among which the most appropriate to mention is the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, in this situation, every day more and more stands out as just. There is nothing that can justify that he is prevented from having contact with the outside world, and even more so, when the representatives of the old state and imperialism, in cooperation with the rats of ROL, in unison proclaim the hoax about "peace accords" there is no reasonable motive for them to deny that Chairman Gonzalo should freely pronounce himself. No, the only reason why they do everything to oppose this just demand is that they can not let him pronounce himself because he has nothing to do with their hoaxes.

Let us develop the support of the political prisioners and the prisoners of war who continue fighting in the Shining Trenches of combat!

As we mentioned earlier the old Peruvian state, represented first by the fascist, genocidal and country-selling Fujimori regime and today by the reactionary Toledo regime, has been spreading claims that Chairman Gonzalo should desire a "peace accord", which is nothing else than total capitulation to domestic reaction and internationally to imperialism. These hoaxes they cooked up in cooperation with some repulsive traitors who previously had ties to PCP in different manners but who sold out for a plate of beans, all of this under the leadership of the CIA of the Yankee-imperialism. The rats of the rol, with assistance from the old state, have tried to appear as if they represent a majority of the members of the Party, the combatants and the masses. Firstly this is an impossibility since upholding the rol in itself means that one has nothing to do with the Party anymore; secondly it is absolutely false that the rol would have won a majority of the Party members, combatants and masses and made them abandon the Party, the rol never succeeded to win one single leading apparatus in the Party, this due to how the Party masterfully handled the Two Line Struggle and with blood and fire turned their filthy attempts to nothing. How far from reality those claims are can easily be seen if we take a look at the situation in the prisons, the places where the rol was structured and the only places where they could put up a relative numeric force, largely by, in collaboration with the torturers who act as prison guards, forcing some imprisoned masses to submission.

Let us take a look at the data that has been circulating in the reactionary Peruvian press, as for example in the before mentioned magazine Caretas where, referring to the "hunger strike" it is said: "... 700 prisoners around the country are participating. 85% of them are senderists, the rest of them are from the MRTA. Those terrorist prisoners who didn't join the hunger strike is about 1600". To illustrate we take this example to show how absurd are the claims that a "majority of the prisoners support the rol": 85% of 700 is 595; 595 + 1600 makes 2195, 595 is 27% of 2195; so according to the reaction's own data 73% of the prisoners who the reactionaries calls "senderists" rejects the hoax about "peace accord", and its continuation with the "hunger strike" and with that the rol as a whole (note that the figure 27% is calculated based upon 2300 prisoners, the real number is much higher which means that the percentage who supports the rol in reality is even lower). According to reaction's own data an overwhelming majority close ranks around Chairman Gonzalo, the Party and the People's War! These are our comrades, these are the political prisoners and the revolutionary prisoners of war!

According to the laws of the old state "apology for terrorism" is a crime. This means that every expression of opinion that points to the justness of, or in any way shows solidarity with, the struggle of the Peruvian people under the leadership of the PCP, is forbidden and punishable. This shows clearly that all talk about freedom of opinion and speech is in Peru a cheap joke. In the old state only the ruling classes, the bureaucrat bourgeoisie and the landowners, have the right to express their opinion. The new law that they call "the law against vandals" and which they use to revoke the freedom of demonstration is another development in their repressive campaign to try to suppress the growing struggle of the masses. This means that it is very hard to get information about what is going on in the prisons, especially since the current Toledo regime constantly try to hide its genocidal pro-imperialist essence behind all sorts of "humanist" oral diarrhea. One example of how they act is that it is impossible to get an exact figure about how many the imprisoned for "terrorism" are, in the example quoted above is mentioned 2300, on other occasions they say 3000, earlier 5000 etc. The rules that they say apply to those sentenced for "terrorism/ treason against the fatherland" are being applied in a very arbitrary manner; since the prisoners that belong to the rol are given advantages (better food, time together, they are not tortured, and so on) as a reward for their treason; to those prisoners who close ranks around Chairman Gonzalo, the Party and the People's War, as we have mentioned before this is the overwhelming majority, the prisons of reaction are purely concentration camps: they are subjected to systematic torture (both physical an psychological), unsuitable alimentation, they are gathered in minimal cells with bunks without covers and without access to installed water or appropriate sanitary installments, they are not given the medical treatment that they need and so forth, on the top of this their relatives are being harassed and their possibilities to communicate with the outside world are greatly restrained. But the comrades implacably continue to combat imperialism, revisionism and reaction and through their struggle they transform the black dungeons of reaction into Shining Trenches of Combat, they do not kneel down before the genocidal politics of reaction but hold high the ardent red banner of Chairman Gonzalo.

The political prisoners and prisoners of war stay firm in Chairman Gonzalo as the Great Leader of the Party and the Revolution; precisely as he represents and leads the Party and the Revolution as a whole, he also leads and represents them and their struggle; hence a defence of Chairman Gonzalo is a defence of all the political prisoners and the prisoners of war, thus defending them becomes a part of the struggle to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo.

Let us continue to develop the campaign to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo!

Everyone who supports the Peruvian revolution and the world proletarian revolution upholding the principle that it is right to rebel have to speak out and assume the responsibility to Defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo. The International Emergency Committee to defend his life has to be fully reactivated and new work be opened in all the places where it still does not exist. Solely through struggle the life of Chairman Gonzalo has been defended until today, mainly through the struggle waged by the PCP with People's War as the main form of struggle and also through the struggle waged by the international proletariat and the peoples of the world. Solely with continuous implacable struggle against imperialism, reaction and revisionism can we continue defending his life; here today we reaffirm ourselves one more time in our solemn pledge to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo whatever the cost might be. We urge all to do the same.




April 2002

Peru People's Movement (MPP)

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