During the big protests against the “G8 summit” in Rostock, Germany, the magazine Red Sun received photos and a press note from the comrades of the Campaign “It is Right to Rebel”, who had participated successfully in these protests. Like Chairman Gonzalo teaches us, we have to see the great importance of the struggles in Europe, including armed struggles, and analyze them, drawing lessons to serve the reconstitution of the Communist Parties. And, as we have addressed in several articles in our magazine, the class struggles in Europe in the last few years, like the struggles in the proletarian neighborhoods in France and other countries, and the great protests against imperialism, express that there is a revolutionary situation in uneven development in Europe. The press note says:

“The Campaign “It is Right to Rebel” has participated successfully in the big demonstration of June 2nd in Rostock against the summit of the so-called G8, as well as in the struggles in connection to it. Firm in our decision to fight for placing Maoism as the sole command and guide of the world proletarian revolution, we have participated actively and independently in the different struggles prior to this big march; just to mention one example, we can mention the march in Hamburg on June 28th. It is important to point out that it is a people’s struggle against imperialism. Another thing is that all kinds of opportunists and revisionists try to peddle with the struggle of the masses.”

And it continues:

“These struggles are being carried out in the context of a more and more intense attack from the imperialist German state against the proletariat and against the people, against the few rights and benefits of the masses that were conquered at the cost of their precious blood. The armed struggle is on the agenda in Germany; among a sector that is growing wider and wider, the discussion is not about whether one should make revolutionary war or not, but about HOW to do it. So, it is one more expression of the revolutionary situation, in uneven but growing development, that exists in this country.”

Thus, we can see that there are good conditions for the revolution in Europe – but what is missing is proletarian leadership, i.e. Communist Parties. Therefore, all the experiences of these struggles must serve precisely the process of the reconstitution of the militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Parties in these countries – Communist Parties that apply our ideology to the conditions of each country in order to lead the initiation and development of the people’s war, building new power and taking the power in the whole country, to march together with the peoples of the world towards our final goal Communism.

“In the photos, that we enclose, one can see our fluttering red banner, proud and defiant, with the slogan “Unite under Maoism”!, on June 2nd in Rostock.”

The note continues:

“We also want to mention the comrades of the Association New Democracy, who during the march sold a large number of their bulletin “Neues Peru” [New Peru, transl.] and in different ways gave information about Chairman Gonzalo, the PCP and the people’s war to a large number of people. It is also worth mentioning, that during all of these struggles we have worked closely with the Maoist and progressive Parties and organizations; thus, in the midst of the struggle, it has been a great expression of proletarian internationalism. We also want to mention here our class solidarity with all the fighters arrested and wounded in the struggle to defend the march against the vile attack from the shock forces of German imperialism. Combat Imperialism, Reaction and Revisionism Inseparably and Relentlessly! Unite under Maoism! It is Right to Rebel!”

We express our joy for the successful action of the comrades in Rostock, that has shown that the red banner of our class, of the people’s war, of Maoism, is fluttering defiantly in Europe, as one more example of the revolutionary situation in uneven development and of the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution, which fills us with optimism concerning the revolution in Europe.



"Unite under Maoism - our banner
in the first row of the march