From the coming English issue of the magazine Red Sun #36:


It is with pride and great proletarian optimism that we present this new issue of our magazine Red Sun, because its publication represents one more victory for our Party against the plans of imperialism, reaction and revisionism. In a delicate situation – where the class enemy continues to launch hoaxes and attacks, as part of its counterrevolutionary plan, fomenting and nursing lines and grouplets opposed to the revolution in their intention to divide the Party – the Party once more shows its firmness in unbreakably maintaining the course of the revolution, upholding, defending and applying the red line of Chairman Gonzalo, the BUP [Basis of Party Unity] established by our I Congress and all that was established by our Great Leadership in his Speech. The Party and all its committees, united under the leadership of its Central Committee and its whole system of Party leadership, continue to develop the people’s war under the conditions of this bend, uniting it with the heroic struggles of the masses for their demands, and it has not been stopped even for a minute. We assume the call of the Party to Defend Chairman Gonzalo’s Life and Combat and Crush the new ”Left” Opportunist Line and close ranks around the Central Committee and the whole system of Party Leadership. Thus we are armed to combat all the counterrevolutionary plans and all the black grouplets and individuals who serve these plans in Peru as well as abroad.

We reaffirm ourselves in the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo thought, mainly Gonzalo thought principle of developing people’s war serving the World revolution. We have the duty to give our support to all the revolutionaries and communists of the world – and this necessarily means to insist in the struggle against revisionism, today new revisionism, and insist in defending the red line not only in our country but in all countries. Today, concretely, it means to combat the global plan of imperialism, reaction and revisionism of converting every popular struggle, mainly the people’s wars and armed struggles led by Communist Parties, into sold-out struggles, adjusted to the interests of imperialism. Struggles that are not for crushing and sweeping away the imperialist states, not for installing the New Democracy and without interruption continue with the socialist revolution until communism, but for the bourgeois dictatorship under the cloak of ”socialism in the 21st century” or bourgeois democracy. This is the plan of  ”peace accords”, of capitulation and amnesty, of parliamentary cretinism, that they now spread with the help of new revisionism, i.e. a revisionism to fulfill the role of installing ”Maoist parties” in name only. Accordingly, we insist in the decisive questions at this moment of the class struggle on world level, because it is precisely against these questions that the imperialist plan aims. The question of the Power, that is the fundamental point of Maoism, i.e. that a people’s war is a war that not only destroys, but principally builds New Power, and that has the goal of crushing and sweeping away the old reactionary state, and only in that way can the New State be established in the whole country. The question of New Democracy, i.e. New Democracy as established by Chairman Mao for the countries of the Third World; a joint dictatorship of the revolutionary classes, that once the democratic revolution has been culminated, must go on to the dictatorship of the proletariat in order to build socialism and advance on the march until Communism.


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