Message to the International Conference in Hamburg from the
comrades of the CLP "Manolo Bello" and from Correo Vermello


Greetings message to the International Conference in Hamburg


We wish to transmit our “red greetings” to all the participants in the International Conference in Hamburg organised by the People’s Movement in Peru. We welcome the actions taken by the EPL-PCP in the last days in the VRAE.

The issues programmed for the Conference are of great importance for the International Communist Movement (ICM) and for the World Proletarian Revolution and the way they are addressed is a big responsibility for all communists.

In the same way that in year 92 after President Gonzalo’s arrest we denounced and fought against all the plots set up by the bourgeoise and the renegades of the LOD, today the revolutionary forces in Nepal have to confront an important crossroads as some comrades in the executive of the CPN (M) are being influenced by the bourgeoise. There is a big struggle to carry on against opportunism.

It is not our objective in this document to analyse in depth the contradictions of the revolutionary process in Nepal but it is so to point out its elements. Today we know according to the documents and articles written by the members of the Central Comitee of the CPN (M) that there is a struggle between lines that is confronting the real Maoists with those who pretend to end the revolutionary character of the Party and to turn it into an appendix of the democratic bourgeoise. We hear arguments as the theory of “the development of productive forces”, calling it “economic revolution”. They have powerful friends: the Indian and Chinese imperialists.

We must adopt a decisive position as communists in favour of the revolutionary line supported by important leaders in the Party and the masses. It would be a great mistake not to support them. Our position which was established 2 years ago follows four points:

The CPN (M) under the direction of President Prachanda has put forward a powerful revolutionary and democratic movement among the People which has accomplished many victories but has not yet concluded.

Within the Party as we know by dialectics there are two positions according to the classes that are in society and this means many mistakes can happen. There can be a struggle between two lines if mistakes are not corrected in Nepal or in any other place.

The position of communists at an international level should be to support the CPN (M). We must also study the development of the revolutionary process using criticism as an instrument of unity and struggle in favour of revolutionaries in Nepal. We must be careful not to judgetoo quickly or support reactionaries and provokers.
The ways of revolution are very diverse and some of them we still do not know. We should oppose the dogmatic unilateralism which is a metaphysical enemy amongst our people.

We believe it necessary that the RIM and its Comité take a public position regarding these events, the same as it did in 1993 about the situation in Peru.

We know the comrades of the PPM criticize the positions of the CoRIM but we consider it necessary to work for the unity and not for the separation of the RIM. Criticism must lead to a greater unity and to make our people better.

Today when the great imperialist crisis is opening new battle fronts it is more important to unite the maoists internationally with our successes and our failures to fight for the World Proletarian Revolution.
We wish great success to the work of this International Conference. We are sure the dabates will be deep and that decisions will be made in order to advance through th bright path to Revolution.

All the best to the International Conference!

Galiza, October 2008

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