Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!


We call all the communists and revolutionaries, all the Parties and organizations of the International Communist Movement, to participate in the International Conference in Madrid, Spain on the 19th of October 2013.

We find ourselves today in a situation when the millions of working masses on world level clamor for revolution. In the oppressed countries of the Third World as well as in the imperialist countries, the masses express their class hatred against the imperialist system, develop their spontaneous struggles and struggles for their daily demands in a violent and powerful way, while imperialism continues to sink in its general and final crisis. But without proletarian leadership, without the concrete application of the universal ideology of the international proletariat - Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, without organizations superior to those of the enemy, the struggles of the masses will be crushed or sent off course every time - with repression and genocide or with sugar-coated bullets - and exploitation and oppression will be prolonged. Every day, the imperialist genocide continues, and the blood suckers, in collusion and struggle, prepare themselves for the Third World War of plunder. The people's wars and armed struggles under the banner of Maoism, in Peru, India and other places, serve as examples for the peoples; but while we struggle for supporting them and upholding them - in the midst of an implacable struggle against revisionism - imperialism, reaction and revisionism struggle to crush them, not only with reactionary violence, but also with their sugar-coated bullets to strip them of their proletarian leadership and their proletarian principles, to tame them and integrate them into their system of exploitation and oppression. Applying their experiences from Nicaragua, South Africa, Ireland, Palestine, Kurdistan and other places, the imperialists are trying to realize, in every country where there is a revolutionary movement, their plan of "peace accords" and capitulation, like they have already done in Nepal - and there, like in all these cases, they have done so in collaboration with the revisionist and opportunist heads and in struggle to the death against the communists and revolutionaries that defend and apply the principles of the world proletarian revolution. The "peace accords" always come accompanied by the genocide against the people and the communists, and amnesty for the perpetrators of genocide.

That is to say, the unification of the communists on world level, the reconstitution of the Communist Parties and the initiation and development of the people's war in every country are urgent tasks, and every communist and revolutionary must unmask and reject the revisionists thesis of "accumulation of forces" and "peaceful transition". We reaffirm ourselves in the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist principle that unity is reached not with conciliation, but in implacable struggle against revisionism and in defense of Marxism. Today we confront the new revisionism, i.e. revisionism masked as "Maoism". Its most shameless expression is the so-called "new synthesis" of the RCP (USA) and its head Bob Avakian, but similar positions are expressed in our ranks all over the world: on the pretext of combating "dogmatism" and presenting something supposedly "new", they spread the hoaxes of the reaction and all the theses of the revisionists from Bernstein and Kautsky to Khrushchev and Teng. They take the restoration of capitalism in the USSR and China, as well as the complex situation of the people's war in Peru, to claim that "Marxism has failed", "Maoism has failed", "Gonzalo thought has failed", and to thus abandon the principles of Marxism. This is precisely one of the reactionary tasks of the imperialist plan, because as the reaction itself recognizes, "when the communists thoroughly apply their principles they will almost certainly win, but when they deviate from them they are defeated".

In order to uphold, defend and apply the principles of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, to unite the ICM and assume the responsibility of the Communist Parties, we must develop the two line struggle within the Parties and organizations as well as on world level. It is not enough to simply dismiss and/or reject the revisionist heads, without deepening the ideological struggle against their positions within our ranks. The opportunists use the "support" for the people's wars and revolutionary struggles to  ride on the backs of the masses who give their lives on the battlefield, and thus they take advantage of any Party or movement that at a given moment is the most successful one or gets the most publicity in order to promote themselves - like some have done with the support for the people's war in Peru, and then with Nepal. We communists carry out our support to all the people's wars and revolutionary struggles based on the principles of our class, and in the midst of an implacable two line struggle against revisionism and opportunism, in defense of the principles of the class and the people's war.

In order to uphold, defend and apply the principles of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and apply them to the present situation in the world and the concrete conditions of each country, we need two line struggle, correctly handled and without the intrigues and dirty struggles of the bourgeois and petty bourgeois intellectuals. We assume the call of the Communist Party of Peru to struggle for the evaluation of the application of Maoism and develop the struggle against new revisionism, against the capitulation and against the imperialist plan of "peace accords", and with this purpose we invite to this International Conference. We put forward the following objectives for the Conference:

1. Lay the foundations for the regrouping of the Communist Parties and revolutionary organizations
2. Generate the conditions for an evaluation of the application of Maoism.
3. Reach the signing of a revolutionary letter to the International Communist Movement.

And in order to serve these objectives, we consider it decisive to debate the following points:

  • The imperialist plan of "peace accords" and its application in Peru, Nepal and other places.
  • The struggle to impose Maoism as the only command and guide of the proletarian world revolution, Maoism as third, new and higher stage of Marxism.
  • The need to apply Maoism to the concrete conditions of each revolution. The need for guiding thought and Great leadership of the revolution.
  • The universal validity of the people's war as the highest military theory and strategy of the proletariat, to be applied to the concrete conditions of each country, imperialist countries as well as the oppressed countries of the Third World. People's war until Communism.
  • The role and character of the Communist Party as proletarian vanguard, as a Party built to initiate and develop people's war. The militarization and concentrical construction of the Communist Parties, as application of Lenin's Marxist thesis about the Party of a new type.
  • The United Front, the joint dictatorship and the dictatorship of the proletariat. The defense and application of Chairman Mao's thesis on New Democracy, against the revisionist distortion of the same and against parliamentary cretinism.
  • The responsibility of the communists before the growing revolutionary situation in uneven development in the world, in the imperialist countries as well as in the oppressed countries.
  • The historical trajectory of the RIM and the two line struggle within it. The dark role of the RCP (USA) and the revisionist plan to isolate the PCP, and the role of Chairman Gonzalo and the Communist Party of Peru as red faction in the ICM.
  • Other points that the participants of the Conference may consider important.


Peru People's Movement Reconstruction Committee, Communist Party of Ecuador

September 2013


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