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On the 1st – 2nd of December 2018, the I Latin American Conference in Chile, called by the Communist Party of Chile, was carried out successfully. The event has served to develop the debate concerning decisive points for the International Communist Movement, in the spirit of proletarian internationalism and of implacable struggle against revisionism of the old and the new type. We, the signatories of the present Declaration, extend our warm communist salutes to all the communists and revolutionaries of the World; to the heroic masses who give their lives in the people’s wars and armed struggles as well as in all the heroic struggles of the proletariat and the oppressed peoples against imperialism, reaction and revisionism. As a product of this successful event we publish the present Joint Declaration, summarizing the addressed issues.

The Communist Party of Chile, in the midst of difficulties and in spite of the complex situation it is going through, is advancing successfully in its reconstitution process, applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, and the universal contributions of Chairman Gonzalo, to the specific conditions of the Chilean revolution. Today, the Communist Party of Chile, proceeding from the Marxist-Leninist ideas of its founder Luis Emilio Recabarren, is assuming these tasks applying the proletarian principles: that only by defeating and crushing opposing and revisionist lines, and only struggling shoulder to shoulder with the masses, principally proletarian and peasant, can the Party apply the universal ideology, prepare and initiate the people’s war and in the midst of this struggle generate the guiding thought and the general political line necessary to guarantee the conquest of power in the whole country and the march until communism. Thus, during this process the PCC has waged and continues to wage hard struggles and rectification campaigns against the positions of new revisionism, which denies the reconstitution process, promotes conciliation instead of struggle, opposes bringing the ideological struggle to the masses and denies Chile’s semifeudal character and the existence of bureaucrat capitalism in the country, under the pretext of “lack of understanding”.

In Peru, the Communist Party of Peru and its Central Committee continue to all-embracingly lead the people’s war, maintaining the course of the revolution in the midst of the complex situation of the bend in the road and the dark work of the opposing lines: the revisionist and capitulationist ROL and the LOL with its armed revisionism. Struggling shoulder to shoulder with the masses, leading them in their struggles and incorporating them into the people’s war, the Party advances in retaking what has been lost to fulfill the plans established by our Great Leadership Chairman Gonzalo. At the same time, the Party continues to struggle as a red faction in the International Communist Movement and through its generated organ for the work abroad, the Peru People’s Movement, unmasking and crushing revisionism, mainly new revisionism with a “maoist” label, and every convergence with it; a revisionism that promotes capitulation, conciliation and opportunism in the organizations of the proletariat and presents the main danger and obstacle to the reunification of the communists on world level and the advance of the people’s wars.

Concerning the international situation, we the signatories take firm positions on the following points:

Imperialism today finds itself in its general and final crisis, and the world proletarian revolution is in its third and last moment, that of the strategic offensive of the world revolution. We reject and condemn every convergence with the revisionist thesis of the ROL in Peru, of the so-called “retreat of the world revolution”, a thesis that serves as a pretext for promoting capitulation, parliamentary cretinism, “peace accords” and the supposed “tactical alliances” with one or another imperialist superpower or power, as we have seen in the case of Prachanda’s revisionist treason in Nepal and the conciliation with it and with Avakian’s revisionism that continues to express itself within the ICM. We reaffirm ourselves in that all the imperialists and reactionaries are paper tigers, and the duty of the communists in each country is to base themselves on the immense masses of our class and of the oppressed peoples, define and combat the main imperialist enemy and ward off the actions of the other superpowers and powers until the final sweeping away of imperialism, reaction and revisionism off the face of the Earth within the 50-100 years.

The new imperialist redivision of the World is already under way. The three superpowers, Yankee imperialism, Chinese imperialism and Russian imperialism are fighting over the booty, which is the oppressed nations of the Third World, and for world hegemony. The other imperialist powers participate in the redivision to protect and expand their interests and in their eagerness to become superpowers. All the imperialists are preparing for a new, direct world war, which will start when the strategic superiority of one of the superpowers is defined. Facing this situation, the urgent task of the communists is to reconstitute or generate their Parties to prepare, initiate and develop the people’s war in each country, aiming at the world people’s war against the imperialist world war. We reject and condemn every convergence within our ranks with the reactionary thesis of the “multipolar world”, of a supposed “antiimperialist front” with imperialist superpowers or powers, presenting one single superpower as the only enemy of the peoples of the world, which is the case with those who put forward the United States as the only enemy and say nothing about Russian or Chinese imperialism.

The contradiction between imperialism and the oppressed nations continues to be the principal contradiction in the world today, and the Third World is the base of the world revolution. The heroic people’s wars and armed struggles under the banner of Maoism, in Peru, in India, in Philippines and other places, are the highest expression of this truth, and therefore it is even more urgent to develop the struggle against revisionism, particularly in those Parties that lead people’s wars. In the oppressed nations the communists have to unite all the classes of the people under the leadership of the proletariat to sweep away – with people’s war – the three mountains, imperialism, bureaucrat capitalism and semifeudalism. In the democratic revolution, the United Front under certain conditions must include the middle or national bourgeoisie, but under no circumstances can the proletariat and the people form an alliance with the big bourgeoisie or the landlords and their states, which are enemies and targets of the revolution. We reject those positions which define some reactionary governments as “antiimperialist regimes”, when in reality they are governments of the ruling classes that use the “antiimperialist” or “revolutionary” demagogy in their attempts to restructure their states and save bureaucrat capitalism through corporativism and/or a “change of master”, as in the case of the fascist government of Venezuela. We communists support every national liberation movement against imperialism, but we reject and condemn every false national liberation movement that, under the pretext of “tactics” sell themselves to one or another superpower or power as a chess piece in the new redivision of the world.

In the imperialist countries, the task of the communists is to unite the proletariat and the people, basing themselves on the deepest and most profound masses, against the bourgeoisie and its imperialist state, rejecting and condemning the social-chauvinist politics of uniting with one’s “own” imperialist bourgeoisie against one or another superpower, a politics that serves to make the class and the people tail after the bourgeoisie, in the service of the new redivision and the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. The current heroic and just struggles of the masses in the imperialist countries, like we now see in France, are a powerful expression of the growing revolutionary situation in uneven development that exists in the world, and of the urgent need for proletarian leadership to crush the reaction’s attempts to divert the struggles through fascism and revisionism. It is the duty of the communists in these countries to reconstitute or generate their Parties as militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties to prepare, initiate and develop the people´s war and thus carry out the socialist revolution. As a part of this process, mobilize the masses against imperialism and in support of the people’s wars and armed struggles of national liberation in the oppressed countries, keeping in mind that the main form of this support is to unfold the revolution in one’s own country, in the belly of the beast.

All the imperialists today apply more and more fascism to different degrees and in different forms, in combination with liberalism and social/chauvinist revisionism, to strengthen the rear serving the new redivision. They intensify the repression, racism and counterrevolutionary violence and mobilize sections of the people in corporative ways; all this as part of their politics to avoid that the intensified exploitation and the imperialist wars generate more resistance and more revolution. Facing this situation, the communists have to reject the revisionist politics of a supposed “antifascist front” with the bourgeoisie or with their liberal or revisionist lackeys, which serves as a pretext to tail after the bourgeoisie in defense of “democracy” and “human rights” – in reality of the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. The only way to combat fascism is under the leadership of the proletariat and as a part of the struggle against the whole imperialist system of exploitation and oppression. Likewise, we emphasize the need to develop the proletarian women’s movement, which not only has to struggle against patriarchy and mobilize women in the revolution, but also has to unmask and combat bourgeois and petty bourgeois feminism, which serve to mobilize the female masses in the service of imperialism and counterrevolution.

We, the signatories of this Declaration, call the left of all the Communist Parties and revolutionary organizations in Latin America and the whole world to reject conciliation and wage the implacable two line struggle – with rectification campaigns – against the right, against revisionism, mainly new revisionism with a “maoist” label. Likewise, all the Parties must take position for the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution and apply its lessons, bombarding the headquarters of revisionism in each country. We reaffirm ourselves in our promise to give our lives to impose Maoism as the only command and guide of the world revolution and unite the communists on world level around a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, principally Maoist general line, which must be specified in each country, generating the Great Leadership of its respective revolution. A process that will not be possible through conciliation, but only through struggle. Reject the revisionist thesis that “two unite into one”, uphold and apply the Marxist truth that “one divides into two”.


Communist Party of Chile

Peru People’s Movement

December 2018


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