Dear comrades, the Maoist Communist Party of France salute your Conference which we regard as a contribution to the development of our movement and the reconstitution, the reorganisation of the ICM.

There is no eternal truth, no eternal dogma. Any theory is verified through practice. Any scientific theory is verified in the experimentation and its practical application. The theory grows rich again by new discoveries and so on. It is the same for the theory of the class struggle. Like any science, the theory is verified by the experimentation, practice.
The class struggle shows the role of violence in the history. No class gave up power like that. This said, the historical experiment showed and shows that the main thing is in which objective violence is used.
The revisionists and the opportunists deny this principle, originated from practice through the history. Of this practice the military theory of the proletariat was worked out. For the Communists, the politic command the gun who is only the means of achieving the revolutionary objective, the seizure of power by the proletariat and the construction of socialism in direction of Communism.
The Paris Commune showed that the proletariat could not seize the State power as it exists, but must destroy it entirely and build up dictatorship of the proletariat. The revisionists deny it.
The history of the working class movement, of the communist movement, is our history.
This experiment has principal stages : the Paris Commune, the October Revolution, the Chinese Revolution.
In a hundred years the proletariat, the Communists learnt much, as well in the field of the construction of socialism, of the struggle against revisionism, on the military questions. Errors due mainly to the lack of preliminary experiences were made on the economic, ideological or political fields. Nevertheless these hundred years of struggles, victories and defeats, are an invaluable heritage for the development of the revolutionary new wave initiated after the death of Mao Zedong by the Communist Party of Peru.
The CPP adopted and made the International Communist Movement adopt, Maoism as the third stage of the Marxism, by showing the universal contributions of the thought of Mao Zedong who was not only any more regarded as the application of the Marxism-Leninism to the conditions of China.
Which are the principal contributions of the Maoism? Positive contributions of the People’s Commune on the economic plan, in the resolution of contradictions in the field of the ideological struggle, in the reinforcement of dictatorship of the proletariat by the Cultural revolution in the field of the struggle against the revisionism, by the People’s War on the military field.
On this question, the two lines struggle was initiated by the CPP which extended the application of the Maoism at the universal level, in the oppressed countries and the imperialist countries by taking account of the concrete conditions of each country, thesis which we make ours.
The People’s War is distinguished from the armed struggle in general. The People’s War is led by the Communist Party which leads the uninterrupted and by stages revolution, the democratic stage which is built during the People’s War and the socialist stage once power has been taken, leading to the two forms of the dictatorship of the proletariat : associating several classes in the oppressed countries and the proletariat and the popular strata in the imperialist countries.
We must support the Maoist Parties engaged in the People’s War, those who fight against the reaction even when criticisms are emitted on their strategy for the total capture of power. We must, while carrying out the line struggle, practice proletarian internationalism with the Maoist Parties, if not we are likely to throw the baby with the water of the bath. For as much we could not adopt “universal” theses like the so-called theory “of the democracy of the 21st century”.
We must fight the “patranas” of ROL, but also all the false reports, handling, the lies, the operations of all kinds, which want to sow the disorder within the Communists Maoists, among the masses who support them or adopt a friendly attitude towards them. These operations are those of the reaction and the imperialist secret services. We must denounce them.
We must develop the broadest possible support for the People’s War in India, which is of great importance for the world proletarian revolution, compared to the extent of the territory, of the very important population of this country, and its influence on the whole of the continent of Asia, where, in the cradle of the Maoism, China, was reversed dictatorship of the proletariat and restored capitalism.
The proletarians, the people struck by the reorganisations of the imperialism on a worldwide scale and its consequences, resist, raise themselves in spite of the operations of the revisionists, the social democrats, the conciliators and other opportunist.
In France the workers struggles are multiplying in spite of the conciliating policy of the trade-union directions. We can quote those of Continental, Philips, Molex, Simantex, etc, those of the immigrants without-papers, against the rise of modern Fascism (campaign on the national identity, on the burqa), against the police State and its interventions (particularly in the suburbs). That requires the reinforcement of the unity at the base against bosses, the State apparatus, and its revisionists, social democratic and opportunist watchdogs.
Today the situation is favorable to the rebuilding of the international communist movement.
The reorganisation of the working class movement is in priority to reinforce, build in each country the Maoist parties, a vital need for the reorganisation of the International Communist Movement in order to widen the resistance of the international proletariat, to gather the popular masses in an United front against capitalism and imperialism, to develop the People’s Wae, to pass from the phase of resistance or organisation of the strength to strategic balance, then to an offensive more and more stronger and increasingly broad against capitalism and imperialism at a planetary level.